Update: The full story of the Orion Federation and how we ended up here is described in my new book The History of the Universe, and the Psychic War of End Times.

I am now authorized to publicly share information that I couldn’t before. There are security protocols to follow, and the threats are gone. Several people, lately, looked into my eyes and asked bluntly “what planet are you from?” A few others recognized me. My physical body? From this planet. My soul? From a planet of the Orion Belt that no longer exists. We were 13 feet high giants with advanced spiritual and technological knowledge.

When I went to China in Wudang Mountains, at the birthplace of Taoism, what did I find? 13 feet high statues of Gods, 90 ton stone tablets on a turtle, and pyramids on surrounding mountains. Plus giant coffins in a museum. I could feel a strong energy of Orion, and could speak with the spirits living in those temples, many of whom recognized me. The Chinese ancient knowledge comes from Orion! The reason they had hundreds of “Gods” is because those were the people of Orion who came from the sky. We were originally 13 feet high and could live hundreds of years. Then we re-incarnated into physical bodies that were sized for this planet.

I could tell the 90 ton stone tablets were much older than they thought. However, the writing has been replaced by an emperor who conquered the area. There are imitation of these stone tablets in Beijin built by an emperor, and those are smaller, more flawed and in much worse condition. Those in Wudang are intact, similar to the architecture you find in Egypt or in Cuzco, Peru. I could tune into the energy of the stone to feel what was originally written on it, but there was a lot of distortion. Instead, I read the energy of those tablets 9000 years into the past when they were fresh and clean. China mostly has recorded history of the past 2000 years, and has records going down 5000 years, so this is way before recorded history. Here is my translation of the 90 ton tablets I found in Wudang. It was written in a symbolic language that no longer exists. Keep in mind that I’m translation the intent into English, while it was written in a very different language in the context of 9000 years ago. The two first ones were at a first temple on each side of the main passage, and the 3rd one (picture on the left) was at a different location in the mountains. The 3rd one recounts the story of Orion.

Tablet 1: At a temple on the left side of the road.

“This is the story of Osiris.

Osiris was the king, the mighty one. Bearer of the light, seeker of truth. Through his knowledge, he helped shape society. In a distant land, grand pyramids of light have emerged to establish the kingdom of heaven on earth.

Osiris The Great has but one purpose: freedom for all. For you know you have found it when your mind sees no limits.”

Tablet 2: At a temple on the right side of the road.

“The 7 Commandments

The path to salvation evolves around following these divine laws.

1. I shall not steal.
2. I shall honor my ancestors and God.
3. I shall respect the nature and rhythm of everything and everyone.
4. I shall not envy the possessions of others.
5. I shall not envy the husband and wife of others, as what I truly seek is already within.
6. I shall revere the beauty of life and speak with pure intent.
7. I shall remember the pure nature of where I came from.

The path to salvation is available to everyone following those laws. You are a descendant of God and a true creator of life. Always remember that.”

Tablet 3: Along an ancient path somewhere else.

“The Lost Civilization of Orion

Here is the story of our home world, Orion. We lived in peace and harmony with nature, with tremendous spiritual and technological knowledge. Our world was destroyed in the blink of an eye by the wrath of a dragon. The entire solar system was swallowed by darkness. Of the many who lived, very few survived. (deep sorrow) We came from the sky, bringing torrents of rain.

We sought help from the turtle beings of the Earth, who were very grateful for our arrival. We helped each other grow, and out of that alliance was born a civilization. The rest of the story has yet to be written.”

So what happened? The “dragon” is a Draco spaceship that destroyed our planet with a plasma beam. We did not see them coming. The technology used to destroy our planet is what they are reconstructing at the CERN Hydron Collider. It was followed by a huge swarm of Dracos that swallowed the entire solar system into darkness. This was 11300 years ago. The Dracos had also been in control of this planet for the past few thousand years, up until now. I do not yet know (or remember) who the “turtle beings” are.

When our ship came into this solar system through a wormhole, the blast of the explosion also passed through the wormhole and wiped out the atmosphere of Mars. The water fell down on Earth and created Noah’s deluge in the Bible. The reason we have so much water on Earth is because we also have Mars’ water! It was only bad people living on Mars anyway.

Back in Orion, there were 65.2 billion souls on the planet, 15.3 million of which were incarnated into 13 feet high physical bodies. Out of that, only 102462 survived and came here (0.67% of incarnated bodies, and 0,00016% of souls), plus maybe 102 who were elsewhere and went elsewhere. Anyone on this planet who is from Orion was of the upper class and had a significant rank. The others are still floating in space to this day in a desolated area of the Universe. I was the First Commander, right by the Emperor who later incarnated as Buddha. It is becoming apparent that I’m mostly responsible for the Chinese and Taoist philosophies while the Emperor was mostly responsible for the Indian and Buddhist philosophies. That’s why it all feels so familiar! I found the Empress with who I am regularly communicating with, and the Emperor is not currently incarnated and is doing tremendous work from behind the veil.

In Thailand, there is the Golden Buddha. During the war, the Burmese armies were looting everything so the local people covered a golden statue with a shell of clay. One day, in 1954, they tried moving the statue, the ropes broke and the statue fell on the floor really hard and the shell chipped off. They realized this statue was 5.5 ton of gold! This is exactly what is happening right now with the people of Orion. Some may ask why we should care about our past identities instead of simply claiming our power back if our spiritual powers are universal energies. It’s exactly like the statue: it’s not that easy to build a 5.5 ton gold statue. You can try! No, an aragonite pendant doesn’t count.

Out of these 102462 Orion souls, 52% are currently incarnated (53280), 16% are inactive (don’t want anything to do with anything) and 32% are working from behind the veil. Most don’t know this about themselves. I personally only know about it since very recently, and recovered 67% of my powers and memories since the trip to China. Here’s where the incarnated Orion souls are spread around the world. They generally are the most spiritually evolved souls in this world, and tend to gather in the same environments.

China: 54.2%
USA: 17.8%
India: 7.9%
England: 3.9%
Canada: 3.8%
Rest of Asia: 3.2%
Western Europe: 2.3%
Eastern Europe: 1.7%
South America: 1.3%
Australia: 1.3%
Mexico: 1.1%
Central America: 0.8%
Russia: 0.4%
Africa: 0.3%

I am still confused as to the relationship/distinction between the Orion Empire, Orion Constellation, Orion Belt and the destroyed Orion planet. By searching online, at one place they said that about a third of the Universe was part of the Orion Empire. At another place they said 80% of the population on Earth was from Orion, and Orion is generally referred to as where the negative and aggressive energies came from. Here I’m talking about a very specific planet that doesn’t have a name in English because it was destroyed way before the English language ever existed, so it shouldn’t be confused with anything else.

When I visited the temple at the summit of the Wudang Mountains, where Taoist monks are still living today, there are millions of souls living in that mountain. Some of which recognized me. I heard voices in my head such as “we know who you are”, “how much do you remember?” and “how much power can you harness?”. Then at some point, they started spreading the word: “The Giants of Orion are back!” It’s kind of like in Chinese Kung Fu movies where when there is something happening in the village such as a master getting into a fight, the word spreads around very quick and everybody gathers around to watch. The ascended masters at the Wudang Summit have been helping me recover my memories from behind the veil.

I’m still integrating all of this, and perhaps these spirits in Wudang understand the significance of this more than myself.

Yesterday I got the message that every single one of my clients right now is from Orion. It is becoming clear that my task now is to bring the people of Orion back together, crack their shells to recover their memories and powers, and take back my role as a First Commander. The task ahead is huge, and since I’ve already done something similar a very long time ago to establish the foundation of China, I just have to do it again.

P.S. It also seems that the few artists in the West who have a special energy and who we’ve been using for Natural Grounding, including Alizée and INNA, are also from Orion. She may not be aware of it herself, but this song from INNA resonates with the memories of Orion. This song gets me in tears.

INNA: Take Me Higher

“Do you remember that summer we had it all
We spent our days in the ocean, under the sun
And when the night time was over
We’d just begun
You don’t know what’s forgotten until it’s gone
I know that we, we were on in a moment
How could this be, a woman
I should be free”

Etienne Charland, Emergence Guardian
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