I just came back from a trip to China with a Grandmaster of Qigong. He was trained in Wudang, and after reaching the highest level of mastery, he left to Los Angeles to share the knowledge with the Western world. He didn’t have any money and didn’t speak any English. He still doesn’t speak any English. This requires a lot of courage. Still to this day, most people think he’s a fraud, yet he’s there for the sole purpose of teaching what he knows. He’s very well known in China, and his purpose is elsewhere. He wants to help bridge the gap between the East and the West.

The way Master Zhou looks at things is very simple; so simple that he doesn’t understand where I’m coming from with most of my questions. He works with the Chinese elements: Wood, Fire, Metal, Earth and Water. He connects to the Earth, activates his lower dantian, draws up Yang Fire energy from the Earth and heats up a towel to ebullition point. He connects to the Earth, activates his lower dantian, draws up Yang Metal energy from the Earth and breaks a chop-stick against the soft spot of his throat. It really is that simple: mastery of the basics.

So we went up to the Wudang Mountains, the birthplace of Tai Chi and Taoism. What did I find there? …

13-foot high statues, giant 90-ton stone tablets and pyramids on surrounding mountains. The Chinese have hundreds of Gods. I now believe these so-called Gods are in fact highly-evolved spiritual beings from another planet. This is where the Chinese ancient knowledge comes from. I did have very interesting conversations with many spiritual beings inhabiting the various places we visited.

There are also very interesting advanced technologies that have been built in the 5th density beneath China. At the Great Wall of China, there are 3 generators that create a powerful defensive shield. It generates some kind of gravitational field which is applied in a very special way for defense. It is EXTREMELY effective. It wasn’t just built to protect the borders, it was built to protect an empire. We’re currently reprogramming those generators. I believe these were built by the so-called “Chinese Gods”.

Then, the Forbidden City was very interesting. I thought it was a city lost in a remote mountain, and that’s not the case. It’s in the middle of Beijing. It appears everything forbidden is VERY crowded. It was the private house of the Emperor from 1420 until 1912. The energy under the throne is ridiculously powerful!! There was a spiritual being still inhabiting the palace: a 150-foot-high giant who I believe was the emperor or some other planet. Someone else later shared that he was perhaps the emperor of the first inhabited planet in the Universe, and his planet and solar system don’t exist anymore. He’s an extremely powerful being; don’t mess with him.


Finally we got to Shanghai. Something is strange about this city. Half of the city has Western architecture like Budapest, while the other half across the river has a very futuristic skyline which they are very proud of. They also have the 2nd tallest building in the world. Poverty appears to be almost non-existent in this city. Almost nobody rents apartments, everybody is buying it, and the price is $20k per square meter! There is something electrifying about the energy of the city, especially the futuristic part of it. What’s even more strange: the population’s root chakra expands on average to the sky! Their other chakras are very weak in comparison. I looked deeper and saw a “root chakra generator” beneath the city. The energy is strongest around the City Bank building on the left, and on the tallest building on the right. I spoke with the spiritual beings who built it. These are very real and powerful technologies!

I realized that this root chakra generator completely neutralizes and pulverizes the negative energetic grid rooted around Cancun and in North America. The two energies are completely incompatible and cannot co-exist on the same ground. All of the spiritual beings I met during the trip got together and we’ve built one such root chakra generator beneath Cancun, where the Draconian energetic grid has been rooted for millenniums. Because it is built in the 5th density, the Dracos cannot touch or access it in any way. Thanks to unprecedented cooperation between many angelic beings, we’ve been able to build it within a few days, and they’ve built it twice bigger. I watched them build it and it is very complex. It is now active and is working extremely well, pulverizing the negative grid and drastically shifting the energy of North America. It runs on a very slow gear and feels like grinding glass. They told me there are 6 such generators in China, 2 in Russia; and now a larger one in North America. It is some kind of zero-point energy generator that tunes into the purity of a crystal and then draws and amplify energy from that void.

There is so much to say about this trip.

Etienne Charland, Emergence Guardian
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