My intuition told me to give a few individuals a draft copy of the book The History of the Universe, and the Psychic War of End Times. The feedback is absolutely phenomenal.

Thank you for sharing this with me, Etienne. I’ve never read anything with such energetic power and carrying such truth.

I approached this reading from a standpoint of open-minded skepticism and come away 100% assured of the truth and awakening power of this book.

This clarifies a lot of what you’d been posting, which at times appeared disjointed or even contradictory. The message rings true, though I confirmed the distortion % you reported. I also confirmed this distortion in no way impacts the truth of the overall message or its awakening impact.

I’ve never seen pictorial representations emanate such pure energetic power.

If a reader consumes this with an open mind and clean energy, the reader will receive an awakening. I’m convinced of this. Whatever a person’s role is in the universe, this will awaken the reader to that mission.

On a more personal level, this helps explain the power of the crystal I have which contains a Lumerian soul and why it keeps telling me using it as a crystal, even a highly attuned crystal, is vastly underutilizing its power. Your book, and the wand, were manifested into my reality at this time for a reason – I’m being called to take on a MUCH larger role, and to bring strong conscious energy to every level of my expression. There is a very good reason why my energy vibration fluctuates.

I was buzzing and trembling from the energy as I began reading. I took regular breaks, as recommended. About halfway through, I felt some blocks clear and the energy became more solid and now it is vibrating and expanding through my chakra system and dimensions.

This has clarified a lot of partial-truths and areas where I felt I was on the right path but something was still not accurate in my thinking.

I’ll be spending a lot of time meditating and processing this, and re-reading and re-processing, so this is only my first take. I’ll also report any miracles or unusual manifestations if I’m called forth to produce them (interesting how once one receives such power one becomes keenly aware of the hazards of using such power without higher guidance).

Muscle tested, pendulum tested and used energetic weight testing throughout your book and this review and everything tests out as accurate.

Let me know if you have any specific questions regarding feedback so I can be of most service in this mission. -Rhett Bise

Now I need to come up with $5000 to publish a book that will sell for $1.

Furthermore, a whole new energetic path needs to open up in the collective consciousness in order to make it possible for the book to come out, which was the purpose of giving it to a few individuals.

The plans for publishing this book have been completely jammed lately. Here’s a plan B. How about crowdfunding the publishing of the book? After all, this must be a collective effort to shift the collective consciousness of the planet.

First, take a look at the content of this book.

The History of the Universe and the Psychic War of End Time

There is a long forgotten history to this Universe. This book will reveal the context under which this Universe got created, the mysteries of ancient civilizations and of the Orion Federation, explain the psychic war that has been unfolding for years after the end of the Great Cycle, and expose how this planet can finally break free of oppressive forces to be free to evolve and grow into prosperity. This will be the journey of a Universe through time, and guide your role in it to create the future. This book is entirely channeled from Metatron and will be an essential piece for the healing process of the Universe. It will help shift the way you create reality forever. A must read, and a must share.

Chapter 1: Foundational Principles of the Universe
Chapter 2: How This Relates With Other Material
Chapter 3: About the Author
Chapter 4: The Characters in this Book
Chapter 5: The Theta Universe
Chapter 6: The Orion Federation
Chapter 7: The Arrival to Earth
Chapter 8: The Second Destruction
Chapter 9: The Dracos
Chapter 10: The Psychic War of End Times
Chapter 11: The True Nature of Atman
Chapter 12: The Protection Dome of Thailand
Chapter 13: The Ancient Builders
Chapter 14: The Final Battle
Chapter 15: Lessons to Learn
Chapter 16: The Ergomenon Crystals
Chapter 17: What’s Next?
Chapter 18: Frequently Asked Questions

Now, here’s how YOU can help, and how you can get access to the book right now.

By making a donation of $27, you will get the draft copy of the book.

Here’s what the person helping me with the editing and publishing said after going through it.

I was shocked. I’ve gone through many channeled books before and they were not nearly as in good shape as this one. The editing required is very minor, it is in very good shape, even the grammar. There is no way you could have written it yourself as you don’t speak that way. -Shira

If 20 people contribute, this would give $540 to the publishing. We’d still be short $4460 but we’d be in the right direction. Plus this will help open up the energetic path.

If you want to contribute further, get some crystals activated which will help both funding the publishing and opening up the energetic path.

If you want to contribute even further, join us for the live event in Thailand to awaken and reconnect with your ancient memories and powers on June 16th and 17th.

Either way, here’s how YOU can make a difference.

First, get “The History of the Universe” for $27.

Second, when the book will be published, it will be released on Amazon. We will run a promotion day where you can purchase the book for $1 to try to get the best-seller status. Purchase it again on Amazon to support the campaign.

Third, when the book is published, leave a review on Amazon.

Fourth, let 2 people know about this book (especially once it is officially published). After going through it, it is something you’ll want to share.

I don’t know what else I can say. You can make a difference no matter where you’re at.

And I got the feeling this book will have more impact than an atomic bomb. Let’s get the genie out of the bottle.

>> Get your copy of the book now

Thanks for your support!

P.S. Don’t underestimate your contribution. Even if $27 itself won’t make much of a difference, the energetic effect WILL make a huge difference.

Etienne Charland, Soul Foundation Architect
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