In the article The Mystery of Sexual Polarity, I raised some very interesting questions in regards to sexual polarity. As I’m getting ready to produce the Force of Life Blueprint, I have to reach a higher level of mastery on these topics.

I can use clairvoyance perceptions to read someone’s energy in different ways. With the Sexual Polarity reading, I read a person’s Masculine/Feminine Physical/Emotional/Spiritual energies in the solar plexus. Now, this is a type of reading where people rank in very funny (and fuzzy) ways. One of the reasons people rank so weird in this reading is because those who spend a lot of time improving themselves usually focus on one of two areas while mostly overlooking other areas. There are also several common beliefs that get in the way of properly developing these polarity energies.

Here are 2 very interesting observations I made:
– Women have no physical masculine energy, and men have no physical feminine energy!
– Masculine Emotional is the only of these 6 types of energy for which I don’t know any perfect model! Tom Cruise extends to the moon. Obama extends almost to the moon. Hans Zimmer extends to the cosmos. None of them extend to the stars.

Here are the sexual polarity readings of some famous people. The wider it expands, the better it is.
To the sky (100km) = Expert
To the moon = Mastery
To the cosmos = Semi-Enlightened
To the stars = Enlightened

David Hawkins (when he was alive)
Physical: Masculine 80km. Feminine none.
Emotional: Masculine to the sky. Feminine 80km.
Spiritual: Masculine to the cosmos. Feminine to the moon.

David Neagle
Physical: Masculine to the moon. Feminine none.
Emotional: Masculine 60km. Feminine 40km.
Spiritual: Masculine almost to the stars. Feminine beyond the sky.

Physical: Feminine to the sky. Masculine none.
Emotional: Feminine to the sky. Masculine beyond the sky.
Spiritual: Feminine beyond the sky. Masculine to the moon.

Jesus (at the peak of his life)
Physical: Masculine to the sky. Feminine none.
Emotional: Masculine to the moon. Feminine 80km.
Spiritual: Masculine to the stars. Feminine to the stars.

My own reading 2 week ago
Physical: Masculine to the moon. Feminine none.
Emotional: Masculine to the sky. Feminine 90km.
Spiritual: Masculine to the stars. Feminine to the stars.

My alchemy teacher was also low on his emotional energy although his physical and spiritual layers were perfect. He’s very open to feedback and very quick to act on imperfection. As I have to reach a higher level of mastery on these polarity readings, he did some energy healing on both of us and now my energy extends to the stars on all except Feminine Emotional which still needs a bit more work. I have to fully embody these 5 energy types, otherwise it’s like asking a caterpillar what it’s like to be a butterfly!

I was wondering about what the power of sexual polarity really was, and why a strong feminine presence draws out the masculine. Now it’s getting clearer. The power of polarity doesn’t lie in its ability to draw out the opposite polarity. Its power lies in what this energy represents in and of itself! It’s a power even the best teachers really haven’t tapped into. Each of these energies can draw these powers out of others through the Law of Resonance. Only the physical polarity energy draws out the opposite polarity, for the simple reason that you can’t draw out Feminine Physical energy out of a man so the Feminine Physical instead draws the opposite polarity still using the same Law of Resonance!

Here’s what each of these 6 energies represent
Masculine Physical: Strength and raw sexual attraction.
Masculine Emotional: Leadership and enrollment.
Masculine Spiritual: Creating energy structure in higher planes.
Feminine Physical: Sensuality and raw sexual attraction.
Feminine Emotional: Trust and intimacy.
Feminine Spiritual: Divine alignment and support from the Universe.

There’s a LOT more to talk about here, and I will go much more in-depth in the Force of Life Blueprint, and before leaving you, I also want to share 2 of the most common beliefs getting people disconnected from these powers.

1. The Myth of Self-Control. The way self-control is currently being taught in the self-development world is to control your emotions with your thoughts, which restricts the flow of life-force energy and essentially gets you to control your femininity with your masculinity. I talked extensively about this in the Force of Life FREE Training (I’ll be hosting this training again soon, updated and upgraded).

2. The Myth of Sexual Equality. There is a common belief that men and women are energetically the same. This can only become true if you repress the physical energy, which is what generally happens in the Western culture. You can’t fully reconnect with your body while carrying this belief, because the gender difference lies in the physical energy layer.

We’re just scratching the surface, and it’s very exciting what doors this opens up. What are your thoughts about these Sexual Polarity powers?

Etienne Charland, Soul Foundation Architect
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