10 years ago, the whole media and information industry was totally centralized. You got fed the information others wanted you to believe. When Facebook and YouTube came out, it changed the game by decentralizing the way information is being shared. Now it is us who decide what information, products and services get out there, because we share good experiences as well as bad experiences, and by creating ripples, it affects lots of people.

However, the wealth being generated from it is still totally centralized. Companies like Google, Facebook, Twitter, Pandora, Angry Birds and others who built or leveraged a social grid grew to ridiculous proportions in the Billions of dollars each. Why do the benefits of it have to be so centralized? After all, you’re the one making these companies grow by sharing.

Well… someone got tired of Angry Birds making billions off the back of those making the company grow, and believed the ripple effects he caused were valuable, and decided to build a new social sharing platform. The idea is very simple, yet very profound: giving the financial outcome of these ripples back to those who caused them to begin with! Social media provide a way of decentralizing the way information is being shared. Decentralizing the way wealth is being distributed is the next logical step.

It looks like this is striking a deep cord. The system has NOT been released to the public yet and there’s already over a million people into it, and I spoke with several random people who are already in it! Talk about spreading fast; wait until it’s actually released.

It’s not about the system or about the application. It’s really about voting for a shift in philosophy. There’s no reason why wealth should be so centralized into companies growing into the multi-billions when you’re the ones making them grow. It’s about decentralizing information. It’s about decentralizing power. It’s about decentralizing wealth. Back into your hands.

Sounds like a good idea? Use this link to join Rippln — Link Expired

You need a direct invitation to join. Contact us to get a direct invitation.

Once you’re in, click the “Videos” tab and watch the videos “Rippln Follow Up” and “The Wealth Revolution”. It will give you a better idea of what the system and vision really is. Now is the perfect time to join because we’re at the very beginning of a huge project and as it keeps spreading virally, others will be joining under you.

Etienne Charland, Emergence Guardian
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