There is an astral field inter-connecting everything in the world, and the movements of energy within that plane affect your thoughts and behaviors in many ways. The concept of psychic attack happens whenever someone projects negativity onto you. If your intuitive perceptions are open and someone in a different country gets angry at you, you can literally feel the aggressiveness affecting your state in the moment. This brings a new dimension to the old debate as to whether emotions come from thoughts or thoughts come from e-motions (energies in motion).

Now, the concept of psychic attacks from dark forces is a topic very few people and even teachers talk about. Some say it’s nothing more than your own excuses manifesting externally – which is true in many cases. Others say that dark forces are part of duality which is an illusion, and dark forces should not be a reality. Theories are nice, and this is where we have to make the difference between theory and reality.

The reality is that various high-conscious people who are playing a big game such as myself, Kevin Trudeau of the Global Information Network, my Alchemy teacher Jacques Tombazian and many other Alchemists, are dealing with psychic attacks from dark forces on a regular basis. In extreme cases, Jacques once had a psychic attack that paralyzed half of his body for months, for me it once turned into a physical attack from a random guy of the Montreal Chinese mafia right when I got into a bar, and for Kevin Trudeau, the US government is literally trying to silence him and get him into prison, while dark forces also manipulate people’s minds into building him a bad reputation. Why? Because we are a threat to established forces. In other cases, it can literally lead to demonic possessions and that kind of stuff when it goes out of control.

Everything that happens in the physical world is a reflection of the energetic world. If your energy is clean around you, nobody will be able to stop you. If you have blocked energy around you, you will face problems and challenges seemingly popping out of nowhere. Dark forces are nothing more than conflicting intentions.

Why do some people get attacked while others don’t really face that problem? Lightworkers generally are a beacon to dark forces because they threaten corrupt entities and established forces on an energetic level; yet I know lightworkers who are not facing such challenges. Another factor is your level of energetic vulnerability. You become more vulnerable once your intuitive perceptions open up because this is the door through which they can affect you, so it is important for your energy field to be balanced and grounded, and to heal energetic vulnerabilities allowing your energy to leak.

Lately, I got tired of playing defensive with conflicting forces and took a much more pro-active stance to dissolve whatever conflict gets in my way. Love can literally be channeled into a high-voltage lightning storm that destroys any conflict and illusion in its path.

Dark forces haven’t been attacking me much lately. However, yesterday I realized that these dark forces had been attacking my tribe (you) instead! There was a huge mass of negative energy built up which could infuse you doubts, fears, confusion and lack of trust to prevent you from stepping into your light and power. Some of these attacks are too intense for me to deal with on my own so I get additional support from my alchemy teacher to work on the planetary and collective consciousness. We have done intensive work to remove that mass of energy around my tribe yesterday, so you might have felt something such as a heavy veil being lifted or your mind and even sight getting clearer, if this was affecting you.

The sneaky thing about these psychic attacks is that they are like a thick cloud of darkness. You often don’t realize when you drift into that hypnotic state and from there you can hardly see the light, it can literally lead into depression and it’s hard to get out of there from that lower vibration. It’s like trying to get out of a swamp.

So, psychic attacks from dark forces are a reality. What should you do about it?

1. Recognize that this is happening right away. I scan my energy field on a daily basis to remove anything that might clog onto it. I’ve made the mistake of drifting into confusion for months before realizing how bad it had become; don’t make that mistake.

2. Sometimes it can be your own fears trying to stop you, and sometimes it can be external forces crushing you. Either way, don’t let it stop you and do whatever it takes to snap out of that state.

3. If you are getting serious attacks, seek professional support. I often need my Alchemy teacher to deal with heavy attacks I can’t handle on my own, and he’s in regular contact with one of his old-time students to help him when he’s getting attacked (he doesn’t know anyone else at his level). Every serious light-worker who experiences such attacks needs someone he can rely on when needed.

Again, some people seem to experience this problem while others don’t. My current belief is that this happens when your soul’s purpose is to play a big game conflicting with established forces and established collective beliefs, while others don’t face this issue much.

What can you do on your own to protect yourself?

1. Heal your energy leaks, especially implants connecting you to the collective consciousness and portals allowing negativity to soak into your energy field. When I do the Energy Tune-Up (which comes with the Force of Life Blueprint), I remove these implants and portals from your energy field.

2. Remove from your environment what drags you down and put yourself in an environment that keeps you feeling good and inspired.

3. When you start drifting into confusion and depression, see it right away before it gets too far.

4. Although there is a whole advanced science behind energetic protection, and basic techniques won’t be effective for heavy attacks, there are simple techniques you can use for light attacks. Visualizing a golden flame is effective for energetic protection. You can visualize a pillar of intense golden flame going 360° all around you and cutting any negative attachments or attacks, and feel any dark energy within burning with the golden flame (not the violet flame). Or, you can visualize a cylinder of golden flame falling down around you and cutting every negative connection. You can visualize a shield of golden flame around you to protect yourself, and although it’s better to dissolve negativity than to feed duality, you can visualize a mirror in your energy field that bounces back any negativity being protected to you. I found the mirror to be effective when nothing else works.

5. Use my latest Energy Healing video where I am channeling very high voltage of light energy and direct that energy with your consciousness with the intention of dissolving the negativity and lifting you out of the hypnotic confused state.

I’m working with a whole other level of energies in that video and there is so much more to it which can’t be covered in an article. The main thing is that if you’re stepping up to play a big game and are facing these issues, make sure to have an advanced healer who can help you whenever you need it. These days, my Alchemy teacher is doing distance healing on me twice a day to make sure my energy remains clean and centered.

Have you experience any of these issues? Has this article been helpful? Post your comments below.

Etienne Charland, Soul Foundation Architect
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