I’m not paying too much attention to chaotic events going on around the world, which I warned about for years. However, I’m taking this one more personal. I’m very busy preparing for the launch of the God & Money Masterclass but have to take a break to look into this.

You’ve probably heard of the Coronavirus outbreak in China. It appeared in Wuhan, very close to the Wudang mountains where I was last year. The energy of the quartz mountains area is rising and someone isn’t liking this. The virus is an attempt to bring the energy of the area back down.

There is nothing natural about this outbreak. Some people claimed China did this to control its own people. This is not true. First, they do not need permission to incarcerate or control people. Second, while the Dracos thrive in chaos and destructions, the CCP values social order above all else. They take care of their own people as long as they’re obedient. A virus outbreak like this is absolutely not how the Chinese government operates.

This is not coming from the Deep State either. It is coming from a group of Greys, one of the negative ET races. I’m not seeing any association between those Greys and any power structure on Earth. They do have several underground bases, and if the energy vibration gets too high, they won’t be able to handle it.

Right now, we’re working on neutralizing that group of Greys, and disintegrating the virus. I think things will calm down within 2 to 3 weeks. It leaves a toxin in the body that takes a few weeks to release.

This has been going on non-stop lately, negative ET groups coming one after the other to cause trouble. We really need to fill this power vacuum by having some Lightworkers step up their game.

Wudangshan is in the Hubei province, and Wuhan is the capital of Hubei. No coincidence there.

Let me try to go a step further… where are their bases located? 3 bases on Earth, 2 in China. One below Chongqing, close to Hubei. These are the ones not liking the energy raising. There is another base in Anhui province. Also close to Hubei, not liking it either. The 3rd base is somewhere in Russia but these are not as negative. The 2 bases in China should be destroyed, and they will be dealt with.

The virus’s source of power is the greys, and thus the virus won’t disappear until the greys are dealt with. In fact, the way to create such a psychically powerful virus is by creating the virus as an expansion of themselves. Also, those bases have very sophisticated defense systems. Several groups will plan a physical offensive but will need a few days of planning and preparation. The Federation of Light has approved a full offensive and complete destruction.

Accuracy check: 98.1%. Measure it yourself.

Etienne Charland, Emergence Guardian
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