This is a topic that opened a can of worms and triggered a lot of ugly energies, so I’ll address it here directly. Also, there are many spiritual people who would like to improve their financial situation but can’t stand the vibe of this whole thing, let’s dig deeper into that.

First, I want to address a question I received. “I am not sure if I am a good fit for it… I feel lost and disconnected, with no sense of direction, vision or any goals. I lack motivation and don’t feel aligned with my spirit. I could be due to the fact that I have not been on my spiritual journey long… Do you think I will benefit from the God & Money Masterclass?”

If you have no direction or vision, then at least, you’re not holding onto anything, and thus you’re open to receiving anything. That’s a good place to start. Clarifying the goals and vision has however been the biggest block during the beta run, and those who did it saw great results, and those who half-did it saw half-great results. Clarifying goals and desires is a very critical piece, and I’m now uncovering a whole new meditation to open those with Royal Alchemy. This was not done in the beta run, and this will make a huge difference. The Temple of the Soul, responsible for the God Connection, is completely destroyed for most people, and the House of Desires is also completely destroyed for most people, leaving only a shadow. All the social engineering and manipulation of desires also show up in that building. These are 2 critical meditations on inner buildings that are completely wiped out for almost everyone.

Another person said: “I realized I kept blocking myself with my story and limiting beliefs and finally stepped outside my comfort zone to ask for help, which given how destitute my finances have been I was certain 😉 it wouldn’t work. Man oh Man! Was I wrong. I decided to ask a really close friend who I just had coffee with if he would consider loaning me the money to take the God & Money Masterclass. He said YES! and offered very low monthly payments.” Awesome! Yes, you just have to get out of your own stories. $297 or $497 really isn’t a lot of money at all. You could ask for $8k just in the same way if you really need it.

Now, back to the main topic. On a few occasions, I was contacted by heart-centered healers. Some criticized not feeling any love from me, and some started attacking me very viciously. What’s going on here?

I posted this video a while ago about heart-centered vs spirit-centered souls.

With this video, I’ve had spirit-centered people tell me they highly resonated with it, and I’ve had heart-centered people reject the message altogether.

In many cases, heart-centered people are unable to feel the love from spirit-centered guardians. It’s like if they’re seeking for a specific frequency and God energy is out of range and thus can’t be detected.

The energy coming out of heart-centered spiritual people is often “obey my every wounded need or else you’re a…”

Someone in that energy won’t be able to connect with the energy of the God & Money Masterclass. Furthermore, from my perspective, these people create a HUGE amount of energetic interference so I stay far away from them. For example, Bali is one of these places with a lot of “spiritual” people but where the energy is terrible. Pai in Northern Thailand, not far from where I’m at, also has a lot of those wounded spiritual hippies, and thus I don’t go there.

I’ll leave it at that. I know this topic will open a huge can of worms.

Etienne Charland, Soul Foundation Architect
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