There’s only 5 days left to sign up for the God & Money Masterclass. Some people said they’d do it later, and some said they have no money at all. After this program, I’m going to do another program in a similar experiential format for Royal Alchemy. Then, I probably won’t repeat these 2 until next year. You really have to ask yourself: what is the cost of inaction? And then, who could you borrow you the money you need?

Now, I’ve seen interesting patterns emerge as I’m talking about the God & Money Masterclass, so I will share 5 patterns that are keeping people financially broke that I’ve been observing.

Note that these patterns aren’t specific to spiritual people but apply to the general population. What I mean by spiritual people isn’t necessarily people who have been studying healing and spirituality from various teachers, but rather, people who are born with a deeper knowing within their soul, that they may or may not have access to.

The Hamster: Some people are just busy taking action to try to make things happen. If it works, then great. When it doesn’t work as desired, they do not take the time to look at the underlying causes of the challenges and solve that. They just keep spinning their wheels hoping to get a different result. One of the best advice I got (at a temple) was “When the sky is clear, things work no matter what, but when the sky is cluttered, things won’t work no matter how much you try.” What happens energetically is the cause of everything that happens on a physical level. It determines the actions you take, but also, dictates the outcome of everything else that happens on a larger scale. If you’re energetically stuck in a swamp, no amount of action is going to fix that without doing the inner work.

Shiny Object: Some people are constantly looking for opportunities to improve their financial situation. They try one approach, then right when it gets challenging, they find a better and easier approach, and then try to mix it with yet another approach since they know so much. Of course, their knowledge is useless since none of the approaches will work if you mix them and switch to avoid facing internal resistance. Many also seek the easiest promises or the magic pill that will give them wealth without doing hard work. Of course, they fall into scams.

Low-Value: Some people trade their time for money and charge very little for it. Thus, they can work very hard for years without getting ahead at all. It gives a false sense of satisfaction because all that hard work is wasted years of cruising by. Nothing gets solved and nothing really changes. Most of the energy healing industry is based on low-value time trading at $80-150 per single session, adding up to $300 or $1000 per month if you’re lucky. It’s a dead-end. One excellent advice given to me by friends is: “Either give your time for free, or charge a lot for it, but never give it for cheap.”

No Money: Some people have their financial barometer set right about 0. They earn just enough to get by, and they spend everything that comes in every month. If more comes in, they’ll spend it too to maintain their threshold. This is very common in 2nd and 3rd world countries where credit is hard to obtain, and they live paycheck to paycheck. The concept of saving doesn’t exist. The concept of building larger projects doesn’t exist, or if they do, it’s built on a flawed foundation that will crack. Yet, they’re not starving. Why? Because if your consciousness is just above the survival level, God will always provide you with what you need. If you need money for an opportunity that God is pushing you towards, the money also needs to be there, because the internal desire and the external means are one and the same. Who can borrow you the money you need?

Linear Path: Some people have an approach to live and do the internal and external work required to move forward. They keep growing over their existing foundation of beliefs and values, without really looking at that foundation. Because nobody has a perfect foundation, there’s only so far you can do that way, and sooner or later, the foundation will crack. Yet, that’s what most people are doing, both inside and outside the spiritual communities. They keep looking for more knowledge, more wisdom, and more support that matches their current beliefs to grow more of the same. You can call it a Linear Path. I’ll call it a Time Bomb.

Do you see how your mindset is directly determining your financial reality? We’ll do a lot of work on your mindset and money consciousness in the God & Money Masterclass.

However, the approach we’ll take is not in building a positive mindset, but rather, in unprogramming dysfunctional ones, and then unmanifesting the reality associated with those dysfunctions. It’s a very powerful approach. Then, things flow so naturally and you’ll wonder what the problem was all along.

Finally, one of the areas that gave huge results is the way we’re setting goals to manifest. That’s also an area where most had a lot of difficulties getting in touch with their desires! We’ll be doing specific meditations to assist with this process because although it’s very simple, it’s also difficult and showed insane results.

We’ll also do group healing meditations during the 10 Q/A calls throughout the program.

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Etienne Charland, Emergence Guardian
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