What a year! We’ve been battling my shadow for months, Dark Sophia for months, Dark Lucifer for months, and then Thoth for months. I am pleased to announce that Thoth is officially dead across all timelines. On the exact same day as the Ukraine war escalated. Curious timing. There remains just a few tiny fragments roaming around, to keep a watch on. I get the bragging rights for killing Thoth, who was WAY above my level. It’s like playing a computer game and killing the lvl89 boss with a lvl25 character.

There remains my shadow (Satan), Lucifer’s shadow, and Sophia’s shadow to clear across all timelines. I worked the whole week to clear Sophia’s shadow on all levels, which is further causing a massive collapse of dark forces. I’m now working on my shadow below ground, as 85% of the aggressive energies in Mexico are my own soul energy.

This collapse of dark forces is causing timelines to collapse and merge, healing the timeline fragmentation. This means that you’ll be facing weird shadow versions of yourself merging with you, and it’s a fight for survival as to which version of yourself will survive. Many people are struggling with this. Honestly, the best support to deal with those merging timelines is to have stable anchor points with Juggernauts. Other than that we’re all on our own path. We had 48 billion timelines. It’s now at 200 million timelines. We’ll have 565000 timelines left within 2 months. Fasten your seat-belt.

My coaching practice is also full for at least a month, focusing on clearing Sophia’s shadow and my shadow, on all the Juggernaut Attunements, and on a new high-end client (I can only take 5 per year). For this month, I won’t take on any new attunements, but if you had the first level of attunement, you can purchase it again to get the level 2 attunement. New clients will have to wait until next month.

Other than that. The Orion Federation has opened a stable portal at my stronghold in Wudang China. Gaia got taken out; we’re now grounding to Earth through the Orion portal. Gaia will need to be replaced which will be very delicate surgery. The Orion expanded their presence to reach the Orizaba volcano in Mexico and other locations in the world. We’re thus partially stabilized the higher realms and lower realms.

The next step is to install pillars of Light at various locations. You can’t just plant a stick, in a single timeline, and call it a day. Here’s the protocol.

1. The upper and lower dimensions need to be stable. Coordinate with the Orion Federation to ensure it’s stable in the area of work.

2. Ask God for the exact location(s) to install, and the necessary diameter(s).

3. There are Physical, Emotional and Spiritual layers above and below. Start by placing the Spiritual pillar above, making it 100% solid for the desired diameter.

4. Clear “implants in subtle bodies” all around the pillar, and clear impurities.

5. Expand the Spiritual Pillar into all timelines.

6. Install the Spiritual Pillar below, rooting into the Red Light, across all timelines.

7. Continue expanding the pillar into the Emotional layer above, in all timelines, while clearing all implants in subtle bodies.

8. Repeat with the Physical Above, Emotional Below, and Physical Below.

I’ve been working on expanding one pillar in Playa del Carmen into the emotional layer and it’s extremely difficult. Wiped out the emotional plane of the entire planet, cleared 88% of demons globally, and still a lot of work to do to stabilize it. So expanding it had to be done step by step… seeing how much can be done and at what pace. Perhaps having it anchored into the physical layer isn’t realistic for a few years. But, do install the spiritual layer below, and you can start gradually working on the emotional layer.

To clarify. Having cut the head of the snake; we won on the long-run, but meanwhile, fasten your seat-belt. Meaning — the New World Order and the negative ETs still hold a lot of power and will still cause a lot of damage, but ultimately, their agendas are dead-ends.

99.7% of Lightworkers have been compromised and won’t be helping us. This leaves only 0.3% of Lightworkers to do the work, and this won’t be improving in the coming years. That’s what we got to work with. The power of creation of 99.7% of Lightworkers, and corrupted people in general, has been greatly reduced, while the 0.3% are getting downloads and activations. If you’re part of that 0.3%, your power of creation compared to those around you may become 800x stronger than it was. You got to be careful about what you create with your subconscious and with your shadow. We may also see unexpected alliances forming up. Like truckers coming to the rescue, and Corey Goode now working with the Holywood industry. We’ll be seeing more of those strange alliances.

What else? Ah yes. 98% of all Dark Forces that remain in the Ultraverse are currently in our Universe, 38% on Earth. To say that what is happening is historic is an understatement. Earth is the last battleground and all forces of Light and Dark are converging here. Why Earth? I got no clue. I thought perhaps due to Gaia’s origins, but even Gaia got taken out so that’s not it.

After successfully killing Thoth, the most powerful God of the entire Ultraverse, my blade is still hot. Who is the next target? The Black Sun Dracos volunteered. They crashed & burned in less than a day. The Chimeras tried to attack me with spiders and stuff, but their powers come from Thoth so they couldn’t do anything. I let them go and warned them not to cause any trouble. The Zetas have been attacking pretty hard. I took a day to mess them up big times. They had conquered the Orion colonies on Saturn’s moons, who are part of the Orion Federation and have been there for over 350 000 years. Nasty boys. Need to re-check the status of Saturn moons, and on the status of Zetas.

If one group in particular comes seeking trouble, do let me know and we’ll take care of it.

We may also be averting the California earthquake timeline, although it’s not confirmed yet. We’ll need to re-assess timelines after the bulk of the merges and after clearing the bulk of shadows.

Ah. While the Cabal says the Cvid has been cured by Ukraine, and while everybody has their guard down, they may release an even more dangerous virus. I’ll let other groups look into this.

One last thing. What % do the Dark Orions control of the Orion Constellation? 24.6%. The Orion Federation? 51.7%. There will be no direct confrontation, but things are stabilizing.

That’s plenty of updates for now. Been busy, and I’ll have a full month ahead.

Things appear to be accelerating, aren’t they? Such a thrilling time to be alive!

Etienne Charland, Emergence Guardian
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