Years ago, most channelers would channel 14% of messages, whatever fit their paradigms. Things are a lot worse today. I’ve seen a lot of misleading channeling lately, enough to address the topic.

First, of all the channeling being published online, 76.6% has a negative intent, 95.3% has less than 80% accuracy, and 96.8% is highly biased towards the White Light of Oneness, ignoring the Red Light of Creation, thus in the best case scenario, off-balance, delusional and disconnected from reality.

That would be enough to discard channeling altogether, but if you do come across channeled messages, here are some red flags.

Red Flag #1: “From the Galactic Federation.” The Galactic Federation had its administrative center in Andromedia and completely collapsed. There are other federations, but they do not call themselves “Galactic Federation”. If you see a message from them, it’s most likely an impostor. There are tons of impostors in the higher realms passing corrupted messages.

Red Flag #2: “Free Energy.” We have a consciousness problem, and a massive high-dimensional war. We do NOT have a technological problem, and anyone claiming that technology is the solution is delusional or ill-intended. Those things will come in time, but it’s not a priority. The Dark Forces will try to give you bits and pieces of advanced techs in order to gain even more control.

Red Flag #3: Victims & Saviors. Be wary of anything that promotes the victims & saviors mentality. Such as “the Galactic Federation is in its final phase of saving us”.

Red Flag #4: Over-emphasis on the White Light of Oneness (upper chakras), and discarding the Red Light of Creation. They put you in wishful thinking while giving away your earthy powers. Note that the Law of One material came from Thoth.

Red Flag #5: Millions of followers. Genuine messages do not go viral, as only 0.3% of Lightworkers are ready to hear them. What we’ve observed: the more corrupt a spiritual teacher is, the more popular he is. People become super popular when demons support them instead of blocking them. Also, people do not want to hear the truth. They want to hear constant reassurance that what they believe is true.

I can think of one exception to #5: Corey Goode. He’s been very active lately and warning against those disinformation campaigns going on in the community, confirming that the entire community is extremely corrupted. Most of what he says is great and accurate…. BUT…

Corey Goode still doesn’t understand the difference between high-dimensional beings (immortal beings in the higher realms) and extraterrestrials (incarnated beings born elsewhere). If he doesn’t understand that difference, that means he has no clue as to what’s going on in the higher dimensions, and he really has no clue what’s truly going on, because that’s the base of the current war: an assault from demons from higher Universes. He also still has no clue that one way those extra-terrestrials help us is by incarnating among us. Thus, he’s one of the extremely few good sources, but do take him with a grain of salt. As for David Wilcock, he also got corrupted like most others.

Channeling is extremely difficult in the current context, with all the high-dimensional fuckery going on. The demons have a thousand ways to create illusions and distortions, and some of those methods are extremely hard to detect. Even I got fooled several times in a row.

If you do some channeling, here’s a trick to help you. Visualize a dark blue screen. Whoever wants to send a message to you, ask him to pass through the dark blue screen. If he’s good, he’ll pass, but if he’s corrupt, he won’t be able to pass. Make sure that they’re not trying to cheat and glitch their way around the dark blue screen. Also, the message that they give to you, you can try to pass the message through the dark blue screen.

Also, when communicating with impostors, it often feels foggy and distant. You can feel them, but cannot see them clearly. This “fog of war” is a red flag that you may be dealing with an impostor.

Finally, the most important skill to have is muscle-testing. Here’s a guide explaining how to measure the accuracy of information. In the current context, it is difficult to get accurate readings without distortion, so one has to be clear of energetic corruption before it works. We have a P2P Kinesiology Readings online group where you can get peer-to-peer support in validating information and fine-tuning your skills.

Accuracy check on this article: 99.88% (distortion 0.24%, cross-distortion 0.11%)

Etienne Charland, Emergence Guardian
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