Thousands of Norse are pouring in from upper Universes, with King Araghart at their lead. There is a major battle coming, of proportions that have never been seen before in this Universe. We’ve eliminated the Dracos, Archons, Arch-Demons, Cyborgs and Atman from this Universe. The Theta Universe above is frozen because it is completely infested with demons, Dracos and Arch-Demons. The 5th, 6th and 7th Universes above us are extremely dark, and those dark forces are being threatened by what’s happening here and are launching a full assault. They are the ones who completely destroyed the Theta Universe, and 1/3 of their forces are frozen there.

This whole Universe is going to turn into a bloody battlefield.

See The History of the Universe to understand the context. This may sound like science-fiction but it’s not, and many are feeling the chaos already.

They are targeting the gate-keepers first. The King 2 Universes above us who is guarding the gate to the Theta Universe has just fallen, and I snabbed him from under their grip and brought him here.

They will target Andromedia and the Galactic Federation first, to throw this Universe into total chaos. The Archives and Lemurian Crystals have been evacuated from Andromedia and brought here, and the Royal Family has been evacuated. If Andromedia gets destroyed, it will be mostly civilian death with no cascading effect on the Universe. The Galactic Federation has been disbanded until new orders.

We’re expecting the siege to begin in about 2 days.

Ancient military bases have been unsealed, and the Norse have brought a lot more ships, guns and defense systems with them. Earth has been fortified and is the safest place in all surrounding Universes right now.

Situation update: Earth is safe” – Hock Yeoh

We’re also in a time loop, and now it makes sense why. Running out of time to prepare? No problem, let’s loop time!

A lot of extreme measures are being taken right now to defend Earth and keep the other planets and civilizations out of the battlefield. The attacks are mostly coming from the 5th, 6th and 7th Universes above us, and we’re also getting maximum support from above Universes.

This is however a synchronized attack on all levels of Universes below them, an attempt for a complete take-over – but the epicenter of the battle is focused on Gaia and what’s emerging from here.

3 layers of military-grade Faraday cages have been deployed around Earth, and 2 layers around Saturn, to protect against psychic influence from the outside. I highly recommend not to astral-travel outside of those Faraday cages until the situation calms down, unless you really know what you’re doing. Also, if your energy extends beyond that, you may want to pull back your energy to it remains within the protected area. Keep your head low as things will get brutal – unless you’re ready to stand up and fight.

However, this is a battle for the Norse, 99% of you should stay out of the way.

As for the Cabal? They’ll get liquified on the sideline with the intensity of energies. They’re not a concern, and actually we’re fighting to protect them as well. There are 15 ships from the ICC near Jupiter that are trapped in-between dimensions, we may release them on the battlefield to join the fight if the need arises.

How long will this siege last? I’m getting anywhere from 10 to 50 years, but I don’t know how long the most intensive phase will last.

All the inner rivers of life are massively overflowing right now. Best you can do is pray and meditate, and integrate the higher energies to open yourself up.

Measure the accuracy yourself. I’m getting 99.92%

Etienne Charland, Emergence Guardian
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