It recently came to my attention that Gaia, and a few of my clients, are part of what’s called the Norse Gods. It’s a topic that is bringing up a lot of heat throughout the Galactic Federation and I’m being told to write about it. If you have additional intel on the topic, please let me know in the comments or write to me privately if it is too sensitive.

Who are the Norse Gods? They were the highest-level guardians of the Theta Universe, some of whom came from the 8th Universe above us. They are depicted in the Norse mythology, and in the movies about Thor, Loke and Asgard. One friend wielding a psychic hammer who destroys bad stuff faster than I could ever do, is definitely a Norse. Loke is one who turned to the dark side. We recently found him trapped inside a Saturn Cube we destroyed; then sealed him up again.

In the book The History of the Universe, I mention there were 3 starships that came from the Theta Universe. One is Atman’s ship. One is Buddha and the Empress of Orion. The third ship was the Norse who came to pursue Atman and the Arch-Demons.

Now here’s the current situation. We’ve eliminated the Dracos. We’ve eliminated the Arch-Demons. We’ve eliminated Atman. We’ve eliminated the Cyborgs. We’ve eliminated the Archons. The Theta Universe had to be frozen again because it’s still completely infested by Dracos and Arch-Demons and really bad stuff was leaking into our Universe. The only way we can hope to restore the Theta Universe is for this Universe to become a stable beacon of Light first.

Now, what is happening is drawing a lot of attention from other Universes, and there’s a lot of traffic in-between Universes. Since the big timeline shift of the past few weeks, there has been very high-level and highly sophisticated attacks we had to deal with, coming from higher Universes. We have to be really really careful with what’s coming from those upper Universes.

We’ve claimed our freedom, and in this post-Draco post-Atman era, we’re going to have to play King of the Hill for the next 5000 years, and the next 50 years will be the most intense. We’ve going to draw all the darkness from other Universes onto us, meaning we’re going to have to defend that freedom. Thus we need solid defense systems and need all the support we can get. That explains why I’ve been finding all these military bases lately that had been sealed for millions of years.

And that’s where the Norse come into play: they possess an immense power of transmutation and will be needed for the next phase. Thing is, there was a treaty with the Galactic Federation signed after the 2nd Great Antique War to keep the Norse suppressed to end the war. I don’t know what’s really going on but it is really stirring quite a fuss, and I get the feeling that the waves of attacks are really going to start coming in once the Nordes are woken up.

Tuning energetically into the Nordes (and excluding Loke), I get:
– Collective vibration: 25 million
– Collective core intent: 18 million
– Collective integrity level, personal: 15000, relational: 28000, towards society: 94 million

That alone is all I need to know in regards to the fears and accusations I’m hearing from the Galactic Federation.

Many more will come into incarnation soon.

If you have further intel on the topic, let me know. This topic is dynamite — stirring a lot of reactions from many sides across the multi-verse.

May the unsealing begin.

Etienne Charland, Emergence Guardian
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