This is a general broadcast to be sent telepathically to all nations in the Universe. Andromedia, and the Galactic Federation, have just fallen under the Arch-Demons. 35% of the Universe has been frozen to avoid propagation of damage. ** We may be able to recover the situation, see update at the very end.

This broadcast is to lay out the facts exactly as the events unfolded to avoid rumors and speculations, and for it to be a unifying force to propel us forward instead of creating chaos that further feeds the Arch-Demons.

As I just wrote about in The Battle of Araghart, we cleared from our Universe the Dracos, the Archons, the Cyborgs and Atman. As our Universe was about to enjoy its new-found freedom, it is threatening the dark forces in the upper universes and we are under full assault by the dark forces of the 5th, 6th and 7th Universes above us.

Up until now, we cleared about 12 Arch-Demons from our Universe. They have thousands of Arch-Demons in those upper universes, and their energetic skills are of extremely high levels that completely bypass my immunity and are far beyond my own skills.

Many Universes have fallen before us. The 2nd Universe above is completely frozen because it is completely overtaken by dark forces. The 4th is 62% frozen. The 5th is 12% frozen. The 6th is 72% frozen (varies daily due to heavy offensive against them). The 8th is 25% frozen. I’m a Theta soul which gives me a definite edge in this Universe. What happens in those upper universes is a whole other league. These demons should not be underestimated under any circumstances.

The Theta Universe above us fell to those same dark forces right when they thought they had won, and thus you shall never put your guard down against them.

Thousands of Norse Gods have been pouring in from the 8th Universe to help us down here on Earth for this battle. At first they attacked us in fake Universes, and as the fake Universe collapsed on them, they kept pouring 98% their troops in. They lost 35% of their forces from the 5th Universe right there. However, they are done playing stupid, and are now operating in much more intelligent ways. Our Universe has been turned into a maze with the fabric of time and space constantly rotating, with many other fake Universes, to loose their track and give us an advantage. This definitely gave us an edge in battle.

They suffered heavy losses with the troops they sent our way, the 6th Universe was frozen to disrupt communication between the 5th and 7th Universe, and the dark forces in the 7th Universe has been under heavy assault from the upper Universes. They lost 50.4% of their forces in the 5th Universe, 52.6% of their forces in the 6th Universe, and 57.8% of their forces in the 7th Universe.

As for Andromedia, I viewed them as a direct target to destabilize this Universe. They failed to recognize the threat, failed to prepare, and were behaving strangely. I was the last to speak in the Assembly Hall before it was destroyed. I warned them that the last time I saw security forces in a strange hypnotic state and refusing to listen to warnings was right before the destruction of Orion. As I was speaking, dark forces were crawling everywhere in the assembly hall and something was sucking the souls out of the attendees and manipulating their minds. I told them Andromedia was in danger of being destroyed, and to evacuate the Lemurian Crystals, the Archives and the Royal Family to draw less interest upon themselves. Upon seeing the attack that was happening in the Assembly Hall, they finally listened and evacuated those at the last minute. The Lemurian Crystals, the Archives and the Royal Family are in safe locations.

An ancient Lemurian shield was activated around Andromedia. However, it did not prevent an Arch-Demon from crawling in with his personal team, but it did prevent us from intervening. An Arch-Demon roamed freely in the core of Andromedia with no response from the security forces. Luckily, he did not find the Crystals nor the Archives, but he did plant a virus in the crystalline core of Andromedia. At first, it was a powerful dark mass of energy, then it grew into sucking the life force out of a third of the Universe, then it turned into complete mind-control of the entire Federation. At around 7am UTC on June 23rd 2019, we had to immediately intervene to avoid propagation of the mind virus. That sector of the Universe had to be frozen. Nothing else we can do here.

Keep in mind: a single Arch-Demon did that. Only 4 Arch-Demons have been frozen in this operation. We are facing hundreds if not thousands of them. This could definitely have been avoided with greater collaboration and communication between all Federations and Universes.

Now that the threat is being recognized, we repeat the request: we must establish a general security counsel between all Federations across all 10 lower Universes to better coordinate our efforts and have faster emergency interventions. Working together is the only way to defeat this global threat.

Furthermore, now that all 3 main Federations of this Universe have fallen (Draco, Orion and Galactic Federation), this requires us to really step up our game. The gate-keeper of the door to the Theta Universe in the 3rd Universe has fallen and is with us on Earth now. There are not many strongholds left in these lower Universes. There is the Andromedian and Lemurian empire in the 3rd Universe, there is a solid stronghold in the 5th Universe, and the Light Forces in the 10th Universe are very solid. Beyond that, there isn’t much left standing besides us.

This will require us to really step up our game to a whole new level. The attacks from these demons happen between densities 70 and 550, way beyond the level of development of most anyone here, which is why it is so dangerous and effective and which is why the Norse Gods came down here to assist us. My energetic immunity only covers the 8 lower density levels and is thus useless against them.

For that reason, we are also looping time, which is allowing us to gain time. We’ve gone through this thousands of times already, and every time, everybody is a little more awakened and stronger, and every time we’re doing a little bit better. This is thus creating thousands of merging timelines that each should use to their advantage. We really need to collectively up-level our game to the needed level, and looping time is the only way of doing so in such a short period of time.

We also tried a few timelines where we could save Andromedia, but it came at the cost of great sacrifices that were unacceptable. We ended up having the federation against us for our drastic unwanted intervention. Not good. Try again.

For now, the Galactic Federation is frozen. After we go through our ascension process on Earth and are on stable ground, we’ll be able to unfreeze the Federation in about 15 years. The Arch-Demon will immediately destroy Andromedia, but the rest can be recovered. I don’t know the details, but I’ve been right too many times. See updates at the end.

This freezing of 35% of the Universe also results in time being slowed by 35%, so everything will feel as if in slow-motion.

For now, you need to integrate this merging of looping timelines, and we need to establish the security counsel ASAP.

As for the Orion planets, most went back into quarantine, with civilians inside the dome and security forces outside. They came out mostly unscratched. I feel they’ve been making great use of looping timelines to prepare and optimize their defenses.

We will succeed, I have no doubt about that, but it may take 50 years to stabilize this Universe. The only way to put an end to the Arch-Demons is to subdue them, trap them, and bring them all at the same place to undo the ritual that created them. Completing this mission may take a while.

For now, the battles are focused on the suns, as they are trying to corrupt our suns and sun rays, in the network of portals to secure transportation lines, and in deep space to control the fabric of time and space. We’ve done great strides in repelling the attacks.

UPDATE: Right before publishing this report, one of the Norse incarnated on Earth managed to alter the frozen energies to remove a lot of the darkness. We may be able to reduce the frozen energies from 35% to 12%, or even 8%. The core of the virus, however, is an Arch-Demon itself and thus can’t be destroyed. ** He just successfully took out the 4 Arch-Demons, meaning the situation will be back under control soon.

I feel the overall situation will be unfolding very quickly from now on.

This is Hanuman, Commander in Chief of the Orion Federation.

Do an accuracy check on this. I measure 100% — perhaps 95% with the intervention.

Etienne Charland, Emergence Guardian
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