I heard a lot of people talking about geo-engineering, but recently we installed many large metaphysical root chakra generators around the planet to unroot dark forces and allow the light to take roots. I was hesitant to do so because the previous generators caused very bad reactions from the population, but I was requested to do so by Source. The number of such generators went from 38 to 130 during the solar eclipse. When I did some large clearing work back in 2015, there were 3 large hurricanes in the Pacific simultaneously (5 worldwide at the same time).

These 130 generators have an energy output 32 times higher than our planetary electric consumption. These are expected side-effects. According to Fairsight Institude who use remote viewing to predict the major events of the upcoming month, Irma *will* hit America and will be worse than Katrina or Harvey.

Many ‘lightworkers’ are trying to calm the storm and fight against it. It will only make it worse. We’re dealing with an overflow of unintegrated high-vibration energies. You can’t avoid it by fighting against those unintegrated energies. You soften it by integrating them. Each individual can serve as a channel to integrate those into their environment and network. Many generators were installed into the oceans where energies can shift more fluidly, and thus America is being hit from the coasts. You’re seeing unintegrated energies showing up equally in all the elements: Air (hurricane), Water (flood), Fire (wildfires), Aether (psychic storms), and Earth (we’re expecting a volcano next). All 5 elements are equally unintegrated by the population who is fighting against them.

I channeled this message 18 months ago. Back then it didn’t make sense, but I re-read it again and was blown away. It fits exactly the context of today.

The Prophecy of Demons and Immortals

“First will be a Great Flood. Golden steel will be carried by water. Few will die, but what’s most precious to them will be lost. For it is through detachment from pride and belongings that one can attain the Nirvana.”

“Then will come the raging fire of a volcano. There will be more fear than casualties, and it will create havoc with transports and aviation. For it is through flexibility and adaptations that one can remain immutable in face of challenges.”

If we see a volcanic eruption next, then this needs to be taken more seriously — for the next events will be deadly to those who didn’t listen to the signs. There is nobody to blame but the population for what they are co-creating.

If you’re looking for energetic help in the middle of crazy psychic storms, I recommend Crystal Activations more than energy reading/healing. Crystal Activations will create a protection grid around you and off-load some of the energies away from your energy field, and they will work on a continual basis. And of course, I provide 1-on-1 mentorship, but it’s a serious investment and you have to be ready for that level of work. If you’re not sure, I’d recommend to stick around and listen to what I have to say first.

Etienne Charland, Soul Foundation Architect
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