Here is why the consciousness dead-lock must be broken. That being said, Metatron just found a prophecy written in a very foreign language. Tracing back its origin, it appears to be coming from the future, and from the Theta Universe above our Universe. This one isn’t easy to translate but they’re translating it for me to channel here. I have absolutely no idea what’s contained within that text as of writing this. Take it for what it’s worth, with a dose of salt. Here we go. [the various parts of the texts are mixed together in their language which makes the translation hard to structure]

The calamities that precede the emergence of a new world.

The world was ruled by demons. The demons were vanquished. All that was left were the humans on their own. War robots sought to seize control within the power vacuum, but they also got exterminated down to the last one. This was the end of the Great Psychic War that saw the restoration of the Theta Universe, and the beginning of a new war. Humans come to face their greatest enemies: themselves and their own power of creation, left on their own.

39 calamities will occur over the course of 20 years. Few will survive who haven’t mastered the way of Tao. Many will be guided through trials and turbulence. For the path to salvation lies within realizing their own power of creation.

First will be a Great Flood. Golden steel will be carried by water. Few will die, but what’s most precious to them will be lost. For it is through detachment from pride and belongings that one can attain the Nirvana. Then will come the raging fire of a volcano. There will be more fear than casualties, and it will create havoc with transports and aviation. For it is through flexibility and adaptations that one can remain immutable in face of challenges.

The next five calamities will be deadly for those who have ignored the warning signs. Those who had their eyes open will see the warnings and be safe for the most part. Then will come a rotation of the axis of the Earth that will change the climate worldwide. Ice will be seen in equator and fire will be seen in Finland. It will be a great lesson for the impermanence of things and the need to change and adapt, for it is the only way out.

Leaders will emerge. A few will recover their powers and re-activate the collective consciousness of Orion on Earth. This will only be the beginning of greater calamities, for it is the will of the people that dictates reality and a higher consciousness cannot be imposed without them creating it themselves.

Shamans will be asked to take a greater role of leadership. They will be tested for their loyalty and alignment, for many have strayed aside into a web of entanglements. Their false steps will be brought up to the surface and they will be guided to the right path.

Businesses will crumble. Others will thrive. While in normal times of changes, those who know how to benefit from opportunities gain the greatest transfer of wealth. This time, however, the outcome of actions and events will also be dictated or influenced by the righteousness of the intentions. Some will make great gains just to lose it all.

Families will be broken. Social structures will disintegrate. From here on, there will be no turning back.

It is through fire and tribulations that the people of Earth will understand their power of creation. Many are aware that they have such power, but they do not know what they are creating. Once the imposed control structures will be taken away, they will get to realize what they have been planting and creating all along. The truth without masks is often ugly.

There will be a lot of denial for the first year. On the second year, there will be hope and support. On the third year, many will start taking leadership of their own lives, but there still will be a long road to undo the wrong-doings of centuries of abuse. Various stages of consciousness will fight with each other which will see a lot of pushing and pulling back and forth between states of reality. It will be confusing to follow, and many will wonder whether they are even progressing at all.

Many will create a different reality for themselves, but it won’t be until the tenth year that this new consciousness will take over the mainstream consciousness. From here on, society will clearly divide itself into two paths: those who follow the path of light and consciousness, and those who follow the path of material entanglement. This split will last for about a hundred years.

There will be wars, but local ones. There will be greater peace that will emerge out of it. They must learn that conflict can only create conflict, and that you cannot solve anything through killing and domination. There are better alternatives, but those alternatives require a different state of consciousness that must be cultivated from within.

There will be a second sun, but a small sun. It won’t be visible all the time, but it will bring hope and wisdom to guide the people through their darkest hours.

Denial will be absolute at first, until reality speaks for itself.

This is the prophecy of the emergence of a new world.

End of transmission.

Accuracy check: … unable to evaluate
Channeling distortion: 1.3%

Looking at this text, I’m wondering… why this title of “Demons and Immortals”? I’m not getting any answer to that.

Edit: I might have sent it myself through time from a very distant future! Accuracy check: 100% Apparently I completely forgot our language then.

Etienne Charland, Soul Foundation Architect
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