This is a message prepared by the Avians; not only the elders, but almost 500 Avians have contributed to crafting this message of great importance in today’s context. I will relay to you what they have prepared.

Greeting from the Avians. Some of you have heard of us, some of you do not know who we are. We have been protecting this galaxy for tens of thousands of years and shared our knowledge with your people at various points throughout history. Our appearance in Egypt is the most well-known as tall bird-like creatures. Unfortunately, we shared our knowledge 3 times and it was distorted for power and control 3 times. We came back again to share the message of peace and harmony and took special care to avoid such distortion, and this time the message of peace and harmony got distorted into denial of taking responsibility for creating a better world. This fourth failure has brought us together to discuss a change of course towards a different strategy.

Over the past two days we got into an energetic dead-end. Bubbles of death rose from many cities while many died from flu. Massive energetic wildfires forced us to bring back giant spheres around the planet to diffuse the energies. In the past two days, 171 souls of Orion and just around 11000 people died. The cord of life of many individuals who were holding old paradigms rooted had to be cut to prevent even more deaths. It really is a great failure from our part to get to a place where we have to play with life and death to move forward.

Many are being visited during the night by us the Avians and also by the Orion souls. These visitations will intensify. We just had a meeting with Buddha the Emperor of Orion, Etienne the First Commander of Orion, Laura his old Lumerian ex-wife, and 30 members of the High Counsel of the Avians Federation. Our challenge is that we’re trying to impart knowledge from the outside without awareness of the reality on the ground. Etienne being the only one of us who is incarnated into the physical plane of Earth, and considering his energy is fully aligned with God and is flowing wherever the path leads, it was decided that his energy will be used to determine what is aligned or not. He has no control over where his energy flows and it is a reflection of the emergence of higher conscious energies that we’re all part of.

Then the concern is that there is no group on Earth who is more than 40% aligned with his energy! This is where the old and emerging energies met into a dead-end where many perished. These are not bad people, these are just individuals who failed to adapt to an emerging reality. Thanks to Etienne’s feedback, it came to our awareness that our soft and loving voice can easily be distorted through channeling. We will make efforts to speak in a clear and concise way to reduce distortions when we communicate. As for visitations, they need to intensity to avoid a worse disaster. Most people are not ready yet they must wake up anyway.

We have taken the time to analyze the situation. The rest of this message will go into specifics of misalignment with specific groups of individuals. To bring the people together, it’s not only about us sharing knowledge and wisdom. Our message must connect with several groups exactly at where they’re at. We also will have a lot more focus on energetically restoring that alignment, leaving the message itself in second place.

First let’s look at communities of healers worldwide. They are on average in 31% alignment with Etienne’s energy. Although there is good focus on love and consciousness, taking responsibility to create a better physical reality is missing. Escaping reality to reconnect with source is one thing, yet you can only be truly conscious when you’re fully grounded into reality and pro-actively creating it — something that even us the Avians are in the process of learning. There is also too much focus on trying to improve reality on the same old foundation, and the risk is that they’ll get destroyed with the rest when the old world break down. For that reason, we asked Etienne to go gentle with the corrupt government until there are enough healers and leaders to hold a different ground.

Then the people on Etienne’s mailing list are on average at 15% alignment with his energy. There is an interest for a better world but too must fear and paralysis to do anything constructive. Many have been beaten up badly by dark forces, and will remain stuck until they gather the courage to strengthen themselves. There is also a great sense of financial lack and limitation that comes as a result of the fear paralysis. Yet the finances are the reflect in the mirror, and making decisions based on what you see in the mirror will always keep you stuck. You can never beat the mirror at that game. Thus there must come a point where you ask yourself this question: what is truly important in my life? What am I willing to fight for and die for? There is no guarantee for anything but that your actions will always produce the fruits of the seeds you plant.

Then look at Eiji Morishita, one of Etienne’s mentors. His personal energy is in 64% alignment. Great vision to help leaders and entrepreneurs impact the world in a positive way, yet too bound to the restrictions of the physical reality to truly serve God in the purest form. His tribe is in 41% alignment. These are individuals who will fight for their truth and who won’t put the sword down until they achieve victory of the light. Yet at the same time they live within an American social matrix and an exceptionalism that disconnects them from their true human nature and humbleness.

Another of Etienne’s past mentors is Max Simons. His personal energy is in 61% alignment. He’s greatly developed physically, emotionally and spiritually, yet is too deeply rooted within the healers and New Age movement to see beyond their illusions and delusions. Jeffrey Van Dyk, who works with him, is in 41% alignment with Etienne’s energy. The difference is in that he has more focus on the feminine laws and embodies less of a masculine presence, and he’s even more anchored into the existing movement of healers. Their tribe on average in 21% alignment. Healers and coaches who want to make the world a better place while building upon the existing reality, and their reality will collapse at the same time as everything else because the foundation was built to be broken.

Another of Etienne’s past mentors is David Neagle. His personal energy is in 41% alignment. Great mastery of business, money and the masculine laws of the Universe. However, his system requires to disconnect from the feminine laws to function within the social matrix instead of clashing against it. Thus, although he tried to reform the way of life in a more conscious way, he also re-enforces the American social matrix. His tribe is in 15% alignment because they are too caught up in their worldly desires of fame and power to create a different world. These are leaders who will move into the new paradigms once the marketplace will have first shifted over.

Then let’s look at some other individuals around Etienne who could be considered the most aligned.

Rion Kati is 100% aligned and his tribe is 14% aligned. Very similar to what was already said about Etienne’s tribe.

Dan Foster, the emotional intelligence and creativity coach, is 62% aligned. Just like Eiji Morishita, he’s very developed and grounded spiritually yet is also caught up with the business reality of the physical world. His tribe is 13% aligned. They are very achieved individuals who think they know a lot more than others. They are open to learn but only what complements their existing beliefs and values, which means that the more they learn, the more they strengthen their blind spots and their misalignment.

Joseph Ghabi, the numerologist, is 43% aligned. Great maturity and wisdom of the energetic planes, yet too much focus on information and knowledge and not enough focus on actions and emotions. His tribe is 8% aligned. Wounded healers who have a difficulty functioning into the physical world and who are too timid, and sometimes too arrogant, to seek help.

Destin Gerek, the masculine empowerment coach, is 4% aligned. Great knowledge and wisdom of masculinity and sexuality, yet clueless about the energetic dynamics of the spiritual planes. He has chosen the spiritual path of “thousand entanglements” where he puts his self under the control of a greater entity in exchange for its power, which can be considered a lazy path of Enlightenment with immediate results and considerable side effects. The rewards of such a path only last for so long, whether it is 5 years, 50 years, 500 years or 5000 years, and then they have to start their journey all over again. His tribe is also 4% aligned. Too much focus on the immediate fulfillment of their physical desires to serve their greater divine purpose.

Nicole Gayle, who was teaching about authentic feminine nature and who transitioned into business branding, is 6% aligned. She got caught up in worldly achievement within the social matrix and the comfort and luxuries within that matrix. Sometimes you need to reach the top to realize it’s empty, yet now we got to a point where we don’t have such time. Her tribe is 5% aligned. It’s a big mix of all the various dynamics already mentioned.

Kai Karrel, a great healer and one of the 8 Immortals of Ancient China, is in 66% alignment. He has great healing power and wisdom as well as material success, yet hasn’t recovered much of his authentic memories and powers to serve in his full capacity as a leader to change the course of the events that are unfolding worldwide. He’s very connected into the healing communities and they’re drawing him down to play too small. His tribe is in 16% alignment. The following aspect concerns almost all groups mentioned so far.

Most just want to fix their lives and make it better. Yet society is heading towards a precipice. If everybody keeps trying to fix their own individual lives while society falls into a precipice, reality will get much harder for everybody. If, on the other hand, you take responsibility for creating a better world, you are being taken of by God and will be provided all the resources you need along the way, whether financial, emotional or relational. When you serve God, God takes care of you, period. If you only take care of yourself, you’re heading towards serious troubles.

Then there is David Wilcock, author of several books for the disclosure of truth. His energy is 46% aligned. He has a deep desire for truth and freedom for all, and has a very positive attitude in everything he does. His main drawback is in the following that he’s attracting. His tribe is 21% aligned. They also have a deep desire for truth and freedom for all, yet they do not want to take responsibility for anything. They want to be saved by aliens and have advanced technologies to end their sufferings. However, all sufferings are their own creation and cannot be removed by technologies. In fact, giving technologies in the hands of individuals who don’t have the consciousness that goes with it can lead to disaster, and thus it was decided and no alien technology will be provided and the people of Earth must evolve and create their own technologies.

Corey Goode, who is producing the TV series Cosmic Dislosure with David Wilcock, is working with us. However, it recently came to our attention that his energy is in 14% alignment with Etienne’s energy which is very perplexing to us. It appears to come from the fact that his mind is set towards a path that is different than where the energies and the greater intelligence of God are leading. All the secret information must be disclosed, yet providing alien technologies won’t happen. All the information to build such technologies will be available and the people will have to organize themselves and take leadership to make some happen. The reason many futuristic inventions never saw the light is not because they were blocked but because their inventors lacked the business structure and vision to bring their ideas into practical fruition. There’s a LOT more to building technologies than having the blueprint for the technology, as the people of Earth will soon learn. Certain advanced technologies, especially Orion-type technologies, can only be built from the right state of consciousness.

There are individuals mentioned here who may not like what was just said, yet we’re at a point where we can’t afford to lose any more time. 11000 people died and unless we change course, the next collision will be much worse. The enemy is not the system. The enemy is not the corrupt government. The worse enemy at this point is ourselves.

In that vision of awakening memories and powers to take leadership to create a better world, Etienne’s upcoming event in Thailand will be an important pivotal point. To answer some questions, no it cannot be streamed online as it is a transformation. He and we will be working on you to repair your energetic circuits. This absolutely cannot be done by watching a video or reading a book.

The souls of Orion are the Elders of this Universe, and the Elders must lead the way. If they don’t, nobody else will. Eventually, everybody must take responsibility but the Elders must wake up and lead the way first.

To join Etienne, and also to join us and to joint the teams of Orion, you’ll have to travel to Thailand for his event. Everybody will be required to wake up anyway, and the event followed by the Summer Solstice will cause a ripple effect of mass awakening, yet leader the way is always a lot more rewarding than following the pack when the ground breaks down.

You can join Etienne in Thailand here.

From the Blue Avians, with love and sincerity.

Etienne Charland, Emergence Guardian
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