I’m channeling this message from Izael, right-wing commander of Metatron, although it will be written as though it was from me. I no longer do my copy-writing. Every communication is to be treated as a divine military operation with the purpose of gaining psychic ground for the light in the collective consciousness, and Metatron, Izael and the Archangels are taking this role and responsibility. Thus, most of my communication will be a channel for their message while I focus on what I’m best at: shifting global energetic structures.

This message is protected by Izael’s Sword of Truth and his Words of Steel, making it immune to attacks and denial.

As mentioned earlier, I will be hosting a live event on June 16-17th with the intent of awakening ancient powers and memories. This event is also to be treated as a divine military operation. It is not an informational event to feel better about your knowledge, but should rather be seen as an inter-dimensional doorway into a new world and a new collective energetic reality that you would be leading.

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Thus, 95% of the work to prepare such an event is psychic in nature to open the energetic space for this doorway to open that will shake the planet to its deepest core. We know that several have financial challenges to make it happen, and to be part of this experience, you should also view this opportunity as a doorway that you must reach from within. 90% of your efforts should be in clearing and opening your energetic space to pass through that gateway. Once you energetically pass through the gateway and re-align your path in that direction, everything else will fall into place and re-align itself.

How can you pass through that gateway? By understanding the implications and by making a conscious decision that you will walk that path. It’s just like when driving on the highway. Once you take an exit to another highway, there is no turning back. Even if you run out of gas, you can’t turn back. The only option is to keep driving forward until the next exit, no matter what happens.

50000 souls of Orion, 100000 Archangels, Metatron, Izael, many Avians and a few Lemurians will be supporting all those who choose to follow this path to create a new collective reality. Just like the past event in December in Mexico, this event will be of crucial importance as to the next phase of evolution of this planet, and thus will be among the top priority of the majority of divine forces.

Who is this event for, really? It is for Immortals who have forgotten who they are. There are currently about 50000 Immortals from Orion currently incarnated, 3500 incarnated souls from Lemuria and 3000 incarnated souls from Andromedia, plus a few others from other places. All of them are Immortals, however not all Immortals are created equal. By definition, an immortal is a soul whose energetic structure is built in at least 5 densities, giving it a divine presence in the spiritual planes that allows consciously living with or without a physical body. Since the souls of Orion are generally built in between 8 and 60 densities, they are all Immortals by definition, and powerful ones.

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However there is just something special about the 8 Immortals of Ancient China. Immortals aren’t going anywhere after thousands of years. Time is mostly irrelevant for them and they’re still here. They just took a break and chose different bodies.

Etienne was Lu Dongbin, the leader of the 8 Chinese Immortals. In another live before that, he was the Monkey King as his first incarnation about his memories got sealed. He kind of got crazy but with still 80% of his powers, and this became China’s favorite story. There are several movies and TV series about the Monkey King which makes it easier to reconnect with those memories. A movie called The Monkey King got released in 2014 which is 87% accurate on the psychic level but only 3% accurate on the physical level. The Monkey King 2 just got released in 2016. The first movie is mostly of a psychic nature and thus is fairly accurate, while the 2nd movie is more of a physical nature and thus has a lot of distortion from the original events. The most accurate TV series is the 1986 show Journey to the West although the production quality is very low and it was produced when the psychic and spiritual knowledge was still very far out of the collective consciousness. It has the best balance of fairly accurate physical and psychic realities.

Then when it comes to the 8 Chinese Immortals, there is the tv series Legend of the Eight Immortals which is available here with English subtitles. HOWEVER, it is only available for streaming from within Singapore and I haven’t been able to get a proxy to work to work around that limitation! If anyone finds a way to bypass this restriction, please let me know!

What does it mean to be Immortals, do Immortals age? Anyone who breathes oxygen ages. However, there was a time where people easily lived hundreds of years. Immortals look a lot younger and healthier and can live hundreds of years, move out of their physical body and then incarnate into a new body if they choose so. They are not bound to the automatic cycles of incarnation and have full conscious control over their incarnations.

Looking at the Monkey King’s first movie gives a good idea as to what kind of powers were represented in Orion. 100000 troops from the Heaven Palace couldn’t match the Monkey King alone, yet two souls alone could: Buddha and the High Priestess. Why is that? Buddha was the Emperor of Orion, the Monkey King was his First Commander on his side and the High Priestess was a High Priestess of Orion. All other souls at the Heaven Palace, which is not Heaven but a psychic realm that reaches down from Heaven, are not from Orion but became Immortals by practicing the philosophies of Buddhism and Taoism.

On top of Etienne, there are two others of the 8 Chinese Immortals who are considering attending the event although they haven’t confirmed yet. If they make it, it will make 3 of the 8 Ancient Immortals in the same room to witness the return of the Immortals. These 8 Immortals had particularly great power both on the psychic and physical planes. Etienne recovered his Monkey King staff and armor and helped Li Tieguai recover his gourd that has very special properties.

The physical abilities, however, are limited because of the psychic control grid that is locking our planet into a corrupted matrix. The feminine energy has been raising for many years, and as long as the feminine remains restricted by the masculine container, it creates a veil between the psychic and physical planes that cannot be breached. That is why there are individuals with telepathic abilities and individuals with telekinetic abilities but they can’t have both. You currently can only develop on either side of the veil but not on both. This veil may rip apart after this event and after the Summer Solstice on June 21st which will completely change the dynamics of manifestation into the physical world.

These shifts, however, won’t be pretty. The planetary control structures must reboot and be rebuilt from the ground up as the corruption is too deep. There is no other way. By reconnecting with your powers, it will also have a domino effect that will shit the planet and awaken the memories and powers of many others. This is a path you must willingly lead your way into and you must never look back.

The date is June 16-17th in Chiang Mai, in Thailand, the Land of Smiles. Investment is $1000 per person.

We are aiming to get a group of high-caliber individuals, especially some of the 8 Chinese Immortals, the Keepers and Priestesses of the First Activation of the Ergomenon Crystals and the members of the Counsel of the Ancients, as well as anyone able and willing to take a role of leadership into this whole transition. Back in Orion and even before this Universe got created, Etienne definitely wasn’t the most spiritually evolved soul, however he voluntarily stepped in whenever there was a need for leadership. If anything, perhaps he had the strongest resilience.

On behalf of the Planetary Counsel of Light, the Orion Special Forces and the Avians Federation, we encourage you to take a step back on your life and reconsider what you truly want to create for yourself and collectively in this world.

>> Are you joining us for this journey?

[Anchoring the message to the Earth and sealing the space]

– Izael

Etienne Charland, Emergence Guardian
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