All my predictions so far have been very accurate. Here’s what’s going to happen next and how to prepare for it.

In 2012, we transitioned into a new area of the Galaxy that has a much higher vibration. Because we weren’t ready for it, and to prevent a catastrophic collapse of society, the Avians have installed many thousands of spheres throughout the solar system to diffuse the tsunami of higher-vibration energies. Now the protective veil is being lifted since last Friday.

Immediately, a major snow storm hit the Eastern Coast of America killing 48 and affecting 80 million, a 7.1 earthquake hit Alaska and a 6.1 earthquake hit the South of Spain. These were pre-existing accumulated tensions that instantly released due to the increase of energy.

These events will intensity. The plan was for the Avians to ask Russia to use an EMP on the Eastern Coast of America to disable all electric systems. Nobody wants to do this. There may be an alternative, and this will be the backup plan.

The Washington-based American corporation has an iron grip over the world. This clashes with the new waves of cosmic energies and is already causing earthquakes and storms. To allow for the new energies to be integrated and avoid a disaster, now the plan is for me to create new energetic structures with enough intensity to disrupt and break the iron grip. The Avians want to know whether I can pull this off… I believe I can with the powers I have unlocked, the teams I have in place and the technological infrastructures that have been installed. I always get what I need when I need it, and can always grow to the challenge ahead. I’m specifically being told to not go gentle on this.

The Avians are calculating the Tension Index, where 100% represents a catastrophic breaking point of tensions where many millions would die. During the snow storm last week-end, the tension index was at 14%. Some tensions got released and now it’s building up again, currently at 15.6%, and we can expect the tensions to release again in the form of earthquakes, storm, volcanos or other events. If I fail to disrupt enough the economic, political and social systems, then after the 3rd major cataclysm of 100+ deads, or if the tension index goes above 90%, an EMP will have to be used to deactivate electric systems in parts of America.

We’re not heading towards a recession. We’re heading towards a system reset.

What are things you can do to prepare for this?

First, open yourself up wide open to receive these higher-vibration energies, and use that energy to strengthen yourself in your own healing and expansion. If 2% of the population of America and 0.6% of the world population puts themselves in a fully receptive state, not intellectual openness but true soul receptivity, it will be enough to prevent a catastrophic rupture point.

Second, be prepare with food and water to survive for at least a month. This will make the preparations easy.

Third, have $1000 or $2000 worth of gold to help you re-organize after the financial system reset. Karatbars is the best option for this. Government-issued gold/silver coins are useless because they don’t belong to you and they can recall them at any time.

If you have to choose between #2 and #3, you’re definitely better to reduce your dependency on necessities than to have currency, because even gold could make it hard to find necessities. Gold can serve as a resource to start implementing solutions.

Don’t say you haven’t been warned. I’m personally responsible for this phase of the energetic shift and will make sure it happens.

By the way, there was a major economic forum a few days ago and the Federal Reserve decided to inject again a massive amount of new money into the system to further delay the inevitable. I was feeling a big wheel rotating, the money printing machine. I took the energy of one of the top bankers responsible and placed it in the wheel to block it. His spine broke like a toothpick. The second banker too. After the 15th, it stopped and they looked very angry. I placed a solid bolt in it so it won’t move. Or perhaps they want to test my defense systems?

This will be my theme song for this next phase

Etienne Charland, Emergence Guardian
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