I thought that the Hawkins Scale went up to 1000 which was perfect unity with the Universe. I was wrong. Our sun is 4 million on the Hawkins Scale, and the Central Galactic Sun is 87 billion. I guess I’ll have to rethink the way the scale works.

By the way, the 102000 souls of Orion on this planet have a soul structure that is on average in 8 to 15 densities, with several in the 20’s, and I’ve seen 2 at 61 densities, one at 69, and one at 114. In comparison, the Avians are 6th to 9th density beings, and the Archangels are 7th to 8th density beings. If the people in Orion were between 8th and 114th density and now mere 6th to 9th density beings are running the show, one might wonder how the planet ended up being destroyed. It was an intelligence deficiency. The defenses were not ready. In fact, the Empress saw it coming and the others wouldn’t listen to her. Now I’m also thinking that there was an Arch-Demon in that Draconian spaceship and they were doing mind-control to make sure the people kept their heads buried in the ground like an ostrich.

I recently unlocked a “Stone of Power” within me that was built in 24 densities which provided extreme power of transmutation. I asked what’s the difference and relationship between the Philosopher’s Stone and the Stone of Power. Here’s the answer I received. The Philosopher’s Stone has to do with the integration of the various planes into the physical body. There is no concept of densities at that level. In contrast, the Stone of Power has to do with the structure and shape of soul and consciousness. Most humans have a soul with an irregular shape in 3 densities. Its structure can be crystallized into geometric forms to provide soul strength and stability. The crystallization of the soul forms the Stone of Power, which may or may not be integrated into the physical body. There is no concept of physical body at that level.

Then some very high-dimensional beings upgraded my soul structure to 32 densities, and then a few days ago, to 75 densities, because I was ready for it after everything I’ve gone through, and because I was about to need it for what needs to be done. The DNA also had to be upgraded because it wasn’t designed to absorb that much light and would over-heat and disintegrate. My power of protection and transmutation is a LOT stronger and objects feel more transparent. I can eat microwave food without healing its energetic fragmentation and its structure gets automatically transmuted by my body. I also can also pass through immunity walls without needing to use the Philosopher’s Stone. It makes destroying Draconian spaceships easier.

Now I’ve upgraded my rings. The attached picture of my secondary ring is now attuned to 2 Universes above ours at a clean 3000 on the Hawkins Scale, and the stone is attuned to the Central Galactic Sun at a vibration of 17912.

So… now I have even more questions about the way the scale of vibrations work. So let’s ask this question: “Why does our sun have a vibration of 4 million?” Here’s the answer coming in as I write this: The sun is a portal through all worlds and Universes. Each Universe represents 1000 on the scale, so the Universe above us goes to 2000 while the Universe below us adds another 1000 below our scale. The sun is a hole through all these layers reaching out towards infinity on the Hawkins Scale. The bigger the sun, or the bigger the portal, the stronger it connects to infinity. We have an infinity of portals within our body but they are too small to emanate such light.

And there I was feeling content with playing in the 900-1000 range…

Etienne Charland, Emergence Guardian
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