The protective veil from the Avians that diffused the new cosmic energies is being lifted. A major storm is hitting the Eastern Coast of America at the exact same time. A few more waves will follow. On the second wave, people will go crazy and social structures will collapse. On the third wave, financial structures will collapse. On the fourth wave, the electric grid on the Eastern Coast may (or may not) go out. You’ll want to have currency-sized gold grams in your possession when this happens. Otherwise you’ll be caught up like those who didn’t have supply during the storm this week-end. Karatbars is the best option. 999.9% pure gold in 1g, 2.5g and 5g formats, certified, recognized and easy to trade. When the economy collapses, money will be of limited use, debts will be irrelevant and gold will retain its value. Plus you can generate an income, either in cash or in solid gold, by referring it to others. Learn more about Karatbars here. Perhaps more people will take this seriously after the 2nd wave.

I’m also restructuring the way I’m offering my work. Here’s the deal. For those who need support in getting their personal lives on-track and overcoming their self-sabotage, I have a very well-trained client who I’m sending clients to. He’ll work with you on a monthly basis for 6 months for only $1000, or 2 payments of $550.

As for my own work, I’m now looking to work with people who want to play at a higher level on all levels. This means receiving greater and deeper transformation and allowing themselves to receiving more, and give more. To increase the circulation of energies in their lives on all aspects. This is for those who want to accomplish their Great Work, the greater purpose their soul is here on Earth to accomplish. This will be a 6-months program for $10000, and for the 10 first clients in this coaching format, I give it for 3 payments of $2500 every 2 months. It includes monthly coaching calls with recordings to reconnect with your powers and teach you how to do the energy work yourself, distance healing work to keep your energy stable and grounded during the month, and on the 3rd month, instead of doing a coaching call, we do a full VIP day. I’ll be in Thailand this year, which means you’ll get to travel to the only territory on the planet that has never been conquered, a transformative environment with a very deep and rich culture. Since you’re traveling all the way there, we’ll take the most out of it and spend at least 12 hours together to integrate the transformation at the deepest level possible. Time just flies when we get into this work.

So far there are about 5 people who said they definitely wanted to do this and had to find a way to transition into playing at that level financially. Here’s a new addition to the offer. If you’re making the decision to do this, you can make that decision for $1000. I’ll start doing energy work on you to plug you into the new planetary infrastructure I’m building. We’ll do a very quick call to re-align your spirit and your divine desires and to integrate it with your heart and sexual energy. Then through that spiritual alignment, I’ll build an energetic immunity structure around you. It will keep you aligned, strong and protected. There is a massive energetic infrastructure we’ve built, and I will plug your energetic immunity to be fueled and sustained by that energetic fortress. You can’t get better protection than that. I’ll also put you on rotation for regular healing treatment on a healing technology. Plus, by making the decision to step into that direction, the Archangels and the Planetary Counsel of Light will be supporting you. This will make it a lot easier for you to make that transition. I’ll keep up with this energy work on you for up to 4 months. It won’t do things “for” you, but if you’re making the decision, it will make it a lot easier for you to follow through. Afterwards, you’ll get started with the real work by making a first payment of $2000, followed by 2 payments of $2500.

A question I’m hearing is: “If the financial system is about to collapse, why do I insist on taking such payments?” Excellent question. I’ll let Metatron answer it for me. “Money is a tool of exchange. It is a representation of the circulation of value. You must give out to create a space to receive. The greater you give, the greater you receive. Even if the currency system goes dysfunctional, these universal principles still apply. You must learn to create that circulation of value in your life without regards to circumstances around you. It’s called faith.”

After a friend asked me about the definition of “value” while insisting it was an illusion, I asked Metatron for his definition. His answer was stunningly simple: “A usage that responds to a need.”

How do you get started with this? The first step is to get an Energy Tune-Up so that I read your energy field. It will clearly show where you’re at. We’ll speak on the phone and see where you’re at and where you want to go, and from there determine the best possible course of action, whether it’s working with me or my client. If you already had the Energy Tune-Up, contact me directly. You know how to do that.

Alright, that’s it for now. I’m moving to Thailand on January 29th. I’m expecting another wave of changes to synchronize with this move.

Etienne Charland, Soul Foundation Architect
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