This message is from Metatron, Senior of the Archangels. The main problem we face today is not the shadow government but, ironically, the current spiritual leadership on Earth. Your spiritual leaders are colliding with the energies of Heaven, alongside all their followers. The Archangels, the Avians, and many other spiritual beings gave repeated opportunities on a silver platter to invite them to step into full alignment. We were faced only with rebuttal, denial and insults.

Because thousands of timelines are merging on a daily basis, we must take control of the collective field of consciousness and time is running out. If we don’t, very nasty surprises may appear into our timeline that can greatly challenge our evolution. For this reason, we have to move to Plan B.

If we can’t get the current spiritual and conscious business leadership to fall into full alignment with God, instead of trying to make God fit within their business and market, then we must cut the flawed roots of the current spiritual leadership so that they step aside and leave space for a new generation of spiritual leaders to emerge. This process has already started and it will intensify over the next 24-48 hours.

One thing we have learned from Etienne is that things work a lot better when we just get things done without seeking approval and without sugar-coating it. All the Archangels and Avians will put a lot less sugar in their communications, even at the risk of sounding crude.

As Etienne pointed out, there is an obsession about a love that is of a vibration of only 500 on the Hawkins Scale. In order to move up in consciousness, you must let go of both positive and negative emotions to get into a state of peace, enlightenment and purpose. Thus, without letting go of the need to exchange with love at a frequency of 500, it is impossible to reach a higher state of consciousness.

With energies shifting drastically, Americans in general are integrating the changes relatively well after Trump got elected, and knowing or feeling what is about to hit America. Those who are integrating the least, however, are the spiritual people, and especially the spiritual leaders, because they believe they already possess the greater truth and they hold onto it.

We will be cutting the roots of the flawed spiritual and conscious business leadership so that new leaders can emerge, and we will be removing the sugarcoating. Welcome to the Age of Ascension! -Metatron

Etienne Charland, Emergence Guardian
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