Powerliminals Meditation Audios

Powerliminals are meditation audios containing very high energetic frequencies to transmute your live in various specialized areas.

There are 2 types of Powerliminals: Guided and Air. Guided meditations help reframe your conscious understanding to align with the natural laws of life. Air meditations are almost silent, yet contain the full energetic presence to attune to. Each has their benefits, but Air meditations can be combined and played in the background all day long, and thus can be the most powerful in that way.

The Powerliminals Player allows playing 10, 20 or even 30 Air audios at the same time and easily manage the volume and playback speed of each. You have more power with unique combinations of tracks (instead of repeating sounds), and thus, playing one track 5 times at 5 different speeds will be 10-12x more powerful than playing the audio alone. Additionally, such audios will keep affecting and healing your environment whether or not you're there, so you can keep them playing at home even while you're away, or while you're sleeping. This is one of my secret weapons: delegating some of the energy work to the computer.

Here is the list of available Powerliminals

From Etienne Charland

Non-Rivalry Powerlininals Pack

This is my personal pack of silent meditation audios to play in the background. The most useful is the Non-Rivalry meditation which neutralizes duality and disarms attacks, and the pack got complemented by many other Air audios. Many Crystal Air audios got added afterewards and bring the intensity and effectiveness to a whole new level.

From Rion Kati

Powerliminals heal deeper, subconscious and otherwise untouchable issues @ their CORE (like SEXUAL issues and anxiety) by engaging different RELEVANT areas of your conscious and subconsciousness and immersing it in spiritual logic and higher vibration (Truth will set you free / all problems can be resolved at a higher level of consciousness) so that your heart, sex and soul subconsciously Dissolves and resolves years of DYSFUNCTIONAL programs and conditioned values and relationships (about sex, beauty, confidence, attraction and worthiness) which are permanently keeping you from that greater empowerment and success no matter what other surface level work you do with visualization, affirmations even forms of meditation, etc. Powerliminals also include different transformational and healing, releasing modalities that are more direct and effective as you'll discover.

Crystal AIR 2, 3

Guided Yang Attunement 6: Sun/God

GYA4 & GYA5 + Crystal AIR 1

Guided Yang Attunement 3

Fearless Approach & Rejection Proof Man



Awakened Natural (+ Guided Goddess Attunement 1)

Dissolving Social Anxiety

Divine Abundance

Getting Physical + Hero + Emotional Healing 1

Attracting & Receiving Beauty (for single men)

Guided Yang Attunement 2 (gYa2) + SuperYang

From Morry Zelcovitch

Quantum Mind Power

These brainwave audios help specifically to stabilize, balance and clear the mind, and are the best I found in my research. Here's my full review of Quantum Mind Power.

The Vault Series

The Vault Series are the next best thing after a live event with Rion Kati and Etienne Charland. These are HD videos of Natural Grounding sessions recorded live with the Masters. Plenty of testimonials available below.

Vault 1

Vault 2

Vault 3

Vault 4

Vault 5

To your spiritual freedom