The Ascension process has officially begun. There is a giant vortex of light that is currently affecting 87% of the population and 58% of global energies. I’m told 97% of global energies may be affected within a matter of days.

As Corey Goode recently revealed in Cosmic Disclosure on Gaia TV, the last time he met face-to-face with the Avians, they had a long discussion. One of the things the Avians said is that there were currently 300000 people on Earth ready for ascension, which shocked both Corey Goode and David Wilcock, and which was met with some fear and a lot of denial from their viewers.

The number seems accurate to me. What they didn’t tell Corey is that out of these 300000 people, only 25 are in North America. When we say “ready for ascension”, all that means really is that they’ll be moving upwards. The rest will tumble down the stairs at first, which is why what we’re going through is called a backwards ascension: people falling down as the staircase opens.

I think the actual number is more 327000 people who are ready for ascension. 8 currently located in Canada, 15 in United States, 2 in Mexico, 7 in Central America, 15 in South America, 4 in Western Europe, 4 in Eastern Europe, 41 in Africa, 16 in Australia, 42 in New Zealand, and 1 in Antarctica. 162000 in China (only 42 of which in Hong Kong, mostly concentrated in certain locations and subcultures), 58000 in Russia, 42000 in India, 17000 in Thailand, 13000 in Philippines, 15000 in Vietnam, 1580 in South Korea, 12000 in Japan, and this leaves ~6500 in all other Asian countries.

It’s too late for warnings. I’m not giving any warning about this, but am simply observing and reporting what is currently happening.

I believe the vortex of light will greatly intensify over the next 3 months up until mid-January, and this will set the constant climate of changes for the following 18 months before the storm starts to calm down and start to find a new balance.

Spiritual denial, as well as other forms of denial, are what will draw the most challenges.

We’re now entered a new phase.

I also expect more people to be ready to read my upcoming book The History of the Universe now that their realities are crumbling.

We’re entering a 100-year cycle of evolution where the world will split into two parallel societies. We are constantly being given guidance, but no advanced species will provide us with advanced technologies beyond our state of consciousness because we would self-destruct ourselves with it. None of them can also reveal themselves at this point because the shift would be perceived as a New World Order take-over and the majority of the population would fight back instead of focusing on themselves. Thus, a lot of information is being made available, and the integration into the cosmic families will only be possible after this 100-year cycle is over, we’ve exhausted our conflicts of beliefs and values, have become conscious of what we are creating and have learnt how to create a better reality.

There are definitely fun times ahead!

Accuracy check: 100% on the meaning, 98.2% on the ascension numbers.

Etienne Charland, Soul Foundation Architect
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