I haven’t written much lately. I felt like everything that had to be said had already been said. Plus, I’ve been taking some time off while letting the chaos unfold and keeping my energy clear while moving through an energy deadlock.

First, the good news: the Cabal is just about dead. 85% of their remaining forces are in China, and they’ll get wiped out of there just as soon as things heat up. There are very powerful psychic forces well established into that area that has been the main superpower for most of history except in recent years. The Cabal now controls none of the 3 major armies.

Now, I want to talk about the energetic deadlock, the state of the world, and where things are heading. Spirituality and consciousness has been in a complete deadlock for over 2 years. The way it is evolving, everybody is falling back stronger onto their beliefs, and the people, even spiritual people, would rather die than wake up. California is generally a good indication of where the rest of Canada and USA are heading, and the consciousness is heading into very bad directions.

So, who are on both sides of the energetic deadlock? On one side, you have all those who are bridging Heaven and Earth, but not those who are bringing Heaven principles into their Earthly paradigms. Behind those are all the psychic and heavenly forces assisting the planet in the transition, and massive waves of high-vibration energies bombarding the planet, and behind those, God, and the primordial force of creation.

On the other side, Cabal forces represent only 8% of the deadlock. Spiritual BS represents 52% of the deadlock. Those bringing heaven principles into their Earthly paradigms represent an additional 27% by trying to reinforce what no longer needs to be and by preventing a fundamental paradigm shift. Rising demonic forces represent 14%, out of which 4% isn’t already counted. Various forces working on taking control represent the last 9% of the deadlock.

I’ve said it many times and will repeat again: the main problem we face is the lack of real spiritual leadership. The whole spiritual movement is in a deadlock with Heaven energies for over 2 years, and people would rather die than wake up. This has shown no sign of improving. The whole movement started off the wrong foundation. We’ll need a major catalyst event to cause a reset and start the movement over.

From God’s point of view, that is the reason for the current drastic escalation of events, and it has been in the making for many years. My life is pretty good right now, but I can’t move forward until this major catalyst event takes place to unblock the deadlock.

The next challenge is that without the Cabal and without a strong and united spiritual leadership, everybody is pulling into a direction direction to create raw chaos. What will the new political system of the world look like? Over 100 different groups are arming themselves to secure their position and claim control. There is a power vacuum and many are ready to fight with their own agendas. Remember the movie The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies? The dragon in the mountain full of gold was killed, and all the armies came to fight against each other to secure this highly strategic location. It will be that, but on steroids. Call it the battle of 100 armies, ranging from rogue hackers to North Korean nukes to Turkish-based caliphate.

For genuine lightworkers who are feeling this deadlock, it might be tempting to want to stay out and not get involved. If you step down, you’ll get crushed and it will have disastrous consequences both on yourself and on those around you, and it can take years to recover.

During this critical period of chaos, it is extremely important that you keep your energy clear, strong and protected no matter what. In doing so, you will shape the catalyst events that are about to take place, and it will have a deterministic impact on the energetic landscape of tomorrow. For as long as our energies remain strong and clear throughout the storm, the outcome will be in God’s hands. Shall you refuse to do so, God will respect free will and not intervene. I repeat. In this period, it is absolutely critical for lightworkers to keep their energy field clear and protected with continual healing. The next 2 years will shape the landscape of the next century, and you must not fail to take this window of opportunity.

A Juggernaut is starting to form. God’s creation energy is concentrating into a tunnel point — the greatest force of nature. I expect the Juggernaut to collide into the deadlock in 4 days. You can expect all political and relational forces to crash head to head, as a start.

That is all for now. I will update later.

Etienne Charland, Emergence Guardian
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