I recently announced the upcoming live event next month. I’ve been receiving a lot of interest and curiosity over the new information I’ve been sharing lately. At the same time, very few people took it seriously at all and I’ve been hearing the most ridiculous excuses to avoid the event. Here we’re talking about writing history. I’ve done my job. A team of high spiritual beings and Archangels is now taking over the organization of this event. Below is a message channeled from their messenger.

My name is Izael, right-wing of Metatron, commander of the Archangels. As we speak, we are entering a new cycle of time. The dark forces who had controlled this planet for millennials have been contained and are no longer in control. High military operations are taking place on a daily basis in the higher realms by the Orion, Lemurian and Slavic spirits among others. All high-ranked Archangels are participating in this offensive full-time, while lower rank angels are attending the deads. Essentially, a portal has just been opened to anchor the divine realms into the physical realm.

There will be many casualties during this transition. The cabal stroke in Paris and will attempt to strike again. Meanwhile, a majority of the members of the cabal may die in the process, with many of their supporters. Etienne is no longer responsible as for who lives or dies, nor to the pace of how the transition will unfold from now on. It’s in the hands of God, and everything will unfold as it must.

Many are now realizing that most of what they’ve been told their entire lives was lies, and many are gradually recovering their ancient memories that predate recorded history. This is definitely not a time to step back, nor to settle for what’s convenient, nor to make any kind of excuses. You can’t expect others to understand either. You’re at a crossroad.

Will you leave the old world behind and create the new world, or will you stay within what is known and get swept aside with it? Etienne has been given the task to help a small number of individuals reconnect with their powers to step up to this task through the event he’s hosting next month in Playa del Carmen.

Even though it is the event closest to the USA he ever hosted, and much cheaper than any other event he ever hosted, the excuses to avoid it are even more ridiculous than ever before. Which makes it 100% clear that it’s not about the money. It’s about writing history. It’s about shining your light so strong that others can see their way out of darkness. It’s about being a creator of your destiny instead of being a slave to circumstances. It’s about being who you’ve always known you’ve ever been, yet have never allowed yourself to be.

There are so many who speak big intent and great intentions, and so few who follow up with actions. 99.3% of the Western Spirituality movement has been contained within an invisible container by the dark forces. Out of the spiritually conscious people who speak their great intent, less than 1% follow up with action, and about .01% hold their commitments when facing challenges. As we speak, high military operations are being conducted to break the anchor points of that container, which will crack the roots and create temporary confusion among most.

You’re not alone. There are very powerful angelic beings who are watching over you, guiding you and helping you. Yet the amount of people who allow for their presence is so tiny. Etienne is one of them. They are now looking for incarnated beings to cooperate with, to build the kingdom of Heaven on Earth. They cannot do it alone. You cannot do it alone. Each individual who takes on that leadership counts and will be massively supported.

First, you must remember who you are and where you came from to see and understand where you’re going. Second, you must cultivate your inner powers to be equipped to do whatever needs to be done. Third you must open your communication channels with the higher realms to receive guidance and support from the team who is taking care of you from the other side.

I know you cannot comprehend or visualize how things will be like at the other side of it. We cannot even predict the future ourselves as there are too many moving pieces. You must act from a place of knowing. Knowing that you are loved. Knowing that you are supported. Knowing that you are protected. Knowing that you are enough. Knowing that you are needed. Forget about logistics. Logistics are irrelevant. You’re at a crossroad that will impact the rest of your life. Which road do you wish to follow?

Etienne will take a small group of 6 people in Playa del Carmen, Mexico. It’s cheaper to fly to Cancun than to fly to most domestic destinations within USA. The dates are December 18-19th 2015. The days will be very intense and condensed; 12 to 14 hour days. Don’t act from a place of having to know it all. Know that you’re supported, and listen within your heart if you wish to follow the path that only .000001% of the population follows. Should you choose to accept this mission, you are already qualified by being among the very minority who chose that path. You will get everything that you need along the road.

The following is an ECM (Emotionally Charged Message) from our delegation. Know the truth. Know who you are. Know where you came from. Know yourself. Know the light. Know your path, and it shall be lit by the stars. So be it. This marks the end of the old world paradigms.

Should you want to be among those 6, contact Etienne. You know how to reach him.

Etienne Charland, Emergence Guardian
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