I’ve been busy in China studying Wushu / Tai Chi / Gigong, trying to understand the Daoist philosophy and background, and trying to recover some memories of ancient Chinese history. I haven’t posted in a while because there was a lot going on. They don’t actually teach Daoist Alchemy at the school I’m at in Wudang (or at most of the other schools), which is actually a good thing. I’ve been getting into a lot of clashes with other Daoists, and it took me a while to figure out why. I joined a Facebook group on Daoist Alchemy and most were attacking me saying everything I do is BS, although I did get a lot of good information from them.

The one person in the group who really knows what he’s talking about (vibration of 8000), practicing Daoism according to ancient Wudang traditions, wanted to teach me, but instead blocked me from Facebook. I read his website, pointed out a few things that were inaccurate, he said that doing astral travels and working in higher planes was causing my Qi to leak and thus I shouldn’t do it. I said there’s a war going on in the higher planes and lots of other beings who rely on my presence, stopping to do my work up there is simply not an option. We just parted ways and he blocked me. It took me a while to figure out what actually happened there. Most of the information in this page comes from psychic observations and recovered soul memories.

There’s a LOT to talk about so I’m not sure where to start. How about this. If you want to understand the Dao, the first thing you must understand is that Daoists are energy-sensitive Atheists. The concept of God, or guiding Light, doesn’t exist in their paradigm. This means the foundation is fundamentally flawed. The Tao cannot be described… because it is missing critical pieces. Everybody is interpreting things differently because everybody is trying to fill the gaps in their own ways. Furthermore, the vibration of Daoist Alchemy is… -94000 on the Hawkins scale!?? Something definitely went wrong. What happened?

I did quite a bit of work scanning the timeline doing readings at various points in time. Looking at the vibration of Taoism, between 11000 and 6000 years ago, it was fluctuating between 5000 and 25000. Then, the ancient civilizations got destroyed 6000 years ago and memories were sealed, so things got more chaotic. Xung Wu was without his memories, and the Jade Emperor chose him for his virtues and excellency to be under his right wing, forming a synergistic relationship. Xung Wu went to cultivate himself in Wudang to reach the “way”, and then came back to subdue the demons that were clouding the heavens. However, he did not leave any teachings for the people to use themselves, and instead left them with nothing more than the idea of worshiping  him to solve their problems. Worshiping is a way of avoiding personal responsibility. This resulted in a frenzy of worshiping that went out of control, and the frequency of Daoism gradually slided all the way down to -93 million by the time Laozi was born. Then, Daoism was stabilized at around 500 for the following 2000 years until the cultural revolution of 1950, where it gradually started sliding down again. In 1994, it went from 200 to -93000!! What happened that year? Wudang was declared a UNESCO World Heritage. Daoism turned into a form of spiritual elitism, and the few who still had the knowledge became proud protectors of the absolute truth, convinced that everybody else is wrong. That’s where we’re at today. However, very few actually practice Daoist Alchemy. Most masters only teach the forms, and the vibration of Daoism void of its essence is around 500, which is good. It is only the real practitioners of Daoist Alchemy that have a very low vibration of -94000.

What is the actual practice of Daoist Alchemy? First you shut the door to God and then work your way back up. While most spiritualists and healers in the West have an energy field that looks like a reverse pyramid, Taoists have an energy field that looks like a spade (cards), with the root shrank below a large base, and a narrow top. To have a better look at the result, let’s look at the energy field of the master who blocked me from Facebook, who is the embodiement of Taoism at its best. (doing soul alignment reading like this)

Overall, he has 3.6% alignment of actions, 3.5% alignment of being, 99.99982% commitment to his soul’s path, and 25.8% resistance to the vortex of ascension. His vibration is 8000 and has access to 2.8% of his soul powers and 0.5% of his soul memories.

Format: % alignment of actions, % alignment of being, % commitment to his soul’s path, % resistance to the vortex of ascension.

Chakra 1 (root): 4.6%, 2.5%, 98.2%, 25.8%
Chakra 2 (sexual): 4.2%, 3.4%, 98.2%, 25.3%
Chakra 3 (solar plexus): 4.2%, 3.4%, 94.6%, 25.3%
Chakra 4 (heart): 4.2%, 3.4%, 94.6%, 25.4%
Chakra 5 (throat): 4.2%, 3.4%, 94.4%, 25.3%
Chakra 6 (third eye): 4.2%, 3.4%, 94.2%, 25.3%
Chakra 7 (crown): 4.2%, 3.4%, 94.2%, 25.4%

Main thing is he operates within the “personal bubble” paradigm, as a result of which his alignment can’t go beyond 4.2%. His energy field does have the shape of a spade but it doesn’t affect his alignment. Let’s look at it differently.

Chakra 1 expands to the stars.
Chakra 2 expands 16.2 feet.
Chakra 3 expands 13.4 feet.
Chakra 4 expands 11.4 feet.
Chakra 5 expands 10.2 feet.
Chakra 6 expands 9.2 feet.
Chakra 7 expands 7.2 feet.
… going above the head
Chakra 8 expands 6.5 feet.
Chakra 9 expands 5.4 feet.
Chakra 10 expands 5.0 feet.
Chakra 11 expands 4.6 feet.
Chakra 12 expands 4.4 feet.
Chakra 13 expands 4.2 feet.
Chakra 14 expands 4.0 feet.
Chakra 15 expands 0 feet.
You won’t get to chakra 999 this way.

Thus, his root is the only chakra operating outside the personal field paradigm. He has the spade effect but also refills his root so his root is actually very strong.

Then the next question is if God as a guiding Light is missing from their paradigm, then what was the alignment with God through history, and when did it go south?

Scanning the timeline, before the Orion people arrived 12000 years ago, there was no such knowledge on the ground in China. As the Orions began teaching, Daoism had 84.2% alignment of actions and 25.3% alignment of being up until the destruction of ancient civilizations 6000 years ago. Then it went down to 25.2% alignment of actions and 34.6% alignment of being and fluctuated, and after Xuan Wu, went down to 13.4% alignment of actions and 12.4% alignment of being and gradually went down. After Laozi brought the Tao Te Ching, it went to 4.2% alignment of actions and 2.4% alignment of being for the simple reason that God is missing from the Tao Te Ching. The system is fundamentally broken. Taoists became energy-sensitive Atheists, shutting the door to God and then trying to propel their way back up without God — which is a futile game.

Tai Chi and Qigong are very useful practices to develop and strengthen the physical body to grow healthier and more flexible, which is great if you value the physical. Daoist Alchemists, however, view physical abilities as toys, so they don’t even value what they develop, and spend years trying to work their way back up. That’s where it gets into insanity. If you want to develop your immortal light body in the Heavens, then there are other approaches that can develop that very quickly without going through all the hoops. If you want to strengthen your roots and your physical body, then use these practices. Use the right tools for the right job. You just can’t use your sexual energy to pump your way into Heaven without acknowledging God — actually you can but it’s a very LONG road. The work of Alchemy I teach develops your light bodies a lot quicker, as we work directly with the forces of creation itself and with God in its purest form. To know more about that, start with the free Force of Life Training. Furthermore, most of you reading this already are Immortals, starseeds from a variety of star systems who came to Earth to assist in our ascension process, but your memories were sealed. You do NOT need to develop everything from scratch, all you need is to recover from amnesia — which is a very different perspective than Taoism.

Also what’s interesting is the objective of Daoist Alchemy is the complete opposite of the Alchemy work I teach. While I teach how to live the purpose of why you chose to incarnate on this plane, Daoists seek to reach a state of non-purpose where you don’t need to do anything. That’s why it is so difficult to speak with actual practitioners: they hold great knowledge, but their philosophy is the complete opposite.

I’ve already shared a lot, and still haven’t talked about the activation and operation going on in Wudang, which will be a story for another time.

Let’s finish with energy readings of a few historical incarnations of the same soul. Looking at the peak of their life. You can get your own reading here.

“First Master of China” (let’s read 8900 years ago, undocumented history)
Alignment of actions: 99.99999897%
Alignment of being: 99.999982%
Vibration: 15318
Root chakra expands to the stars
Solar plexus expands to the stars
Crown chakra expands to the stars
37th chakra expands to the stars

Osiris (maybe 7500 years ago?)
Alignment of actions: 99.9998%
Alignment of being: 25.6%
Vibration: 8940
Root chakra expands to the stars
Crown chakra expands to the stars
37th chakra expands to the stars

Xung Wu (4500 years ago) — Journey to the North
Alignment of actions: 25.6%
Alignment of being: 35.7%
Vibration: 512
Root chakra expands 6 feet
Solar plexus expands 24 feet
Crown chakra expands 12 feet
37th chakra expands 1 feet
* ONLY!?? Energy field has the clear spade shape, so that practice already existed back then.
** The Immortals of the Heaven Palace generally don’t come down to teach, but Xung Wu got his training from the Heaven Palace immortals. It’s very possible the “spade effect” practice wasn’t present at that time and only spread later — but it’s interesting to note this is the ONLY incarnation where he has that effect.

Monkey King (1500 years ago) — Journey to the West
Alignment of actions: 25.6%
Alignment of being: 13.7%
Vibration: 15310
Root chakra expands to the stars
Solar plexus expands to the stars and beyond
Crown chakra expands to the stars and beyond
37th chakra expands to the stars
* The Drunken Jedi…

Lu Donbgin (1200 years ago) — Journey to the East
Alignment of actions: 13.6%
Alignment of being: 25.3%
Vibration: 2513
Root chakra expands 16 feet
Solar plexus expands 34 feet
Crown chakra expands 16 feet
37th chakra expands 16 feet
* He doesn’t have the spade shape effect, but he was operating mostly from the personal field paradigm

That’s a bit disappointing to be honest… It does put things into perspective.

If you do want to learn about Taoism, I’ve done measurements on all kind resources and have found 2 books that look really good.

First is Original Tao, Inward Training from Harold D. Roth which you can download here. Vibration: 2048, accuracy: 95.8%. Alignment with God in today’s context, 93.8% alignment of actions, 35.8% alignment of being. This old book was written before Tao Te Ching, doesn’t have all kinds of distortions that were added more recently, and is free from a lot of dogmas that are present in most other Taoist books.

Second is Daoist Alchemy: Nei Gong & Wei Gong Training. This book is $150 for ebook and $200 for print version, but includes knowledge those paying a whole lot more to travel across Asia to meet masters don’t even get. He wrote many other books you can get for cheap, but this one is the core piece and he’s not giving that one away for free. It’s definitely not for beginners. Vibration: 2814, accuracy: 92.9%. Alignment with God in today’s context, 95.6% alignment of actions, 35.9% alignment of being.

Article accuracy check: 99.74% (measure it yourself)

Etienne Charland, Soul Foundation Architect
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