I was meditating on a value conflict between being humble and equal to my peers, and standing in my greatness. A value conflict is where there are two things you value that appear to conflict with each other, and you must reach a higher level of awareness where both aspects can work in harmony. Such value conflict cannot be solved just by merging the energies. There is a lesson that must be learnt first.

Many coaches say that you are the average of your 5 closest friends in every aspect, and that you should be very careful as to who you surround yourself with. Does that mean one should live secluded and aloof from his environment to stand in his own greatness? Then those very same people will go to Africa to help them and they’ll be very open to everyone, where they hold a special status. Why should one be aloof in one environment and open in another? I feel there’s more to explore in that topic, and that nobody ever brought a satisfactory answer to it.

To find answers, let’s go to my favorite place: cosmic libraries. Here’s a channeled summary of a book I wrote in a distant past life as first commander of Orion. The original text vibrates at 807000.

Friends & Boundaries, a Cosmic Perspective (summary translated to English and transmitted by Metatron)

Many leaders stumble upon a very common issue: how to relate to their environment in their daily lives. Let’s take a military general. In duty, he needs to focus on his tasks, and have every ounce of his energy and attention dedicated to watching over his troops and surveying the situation [through meditative attention and clairvoyance]. This leaves little room for chit-chatting with the common people who understand nothing of his work, and any leak of attention is like a hole in a boat, leaking vital energy awaiting for trouble. A true servant of God must maintain his focus whole and complete while on duty.

Off-duty, things are quite different. While someone else is fulfilling his functions, he is free to roam around, relax, travel, and enjoy his time whichever way he wants. It is the best time to relax and replenish his batteries while preparing for what’s to come.

One common problem is when a general is unable to detach from his duty, or when circumstances don’t allow him to do so, such as in times of war [such is the case today]. In that case, his focus must remain whole and complete at all times, and doesn’t get the chance to roam about. There are various perspectives from which to look at this, and here let’s focus on the impact on friends and relationships.


They say you are the average of the 3 persons closest to you. When performing any great work, those 3 people are generally others achieving great things in the same industry who you can rely on for support. When aspiring to do great work, those 3 people are generally others aspiring for accomplishments if you’re moving forward, or others with no such aspiration if you’re not progressing. If doing anything out of the ordinary, your family will rarely be part of your support team, as they want you to remain the way they’ve always known you.

Thus, for the accomplishment of any great work, one must pass through a few phases. First, he must detach from friends and family who keep him the way he has always been. Then he must seek mentors and others who will support him in his journey. During this phase, the pull towards mediocrity is very strong so it is better to just cut the people off and keep it at that. As one grows into a new image and identity that is aligned with his higher self, he goes through a phase of social re-integration. This phase often comes with confusion as it is very unfamiliar water and completely counter-intuitive.

The first phase of social reintegration is to recognize one’s own greatness. Without this, you have no foundation, nothing to stand on. Your greatness and your highest potential are the base for everything else, the lens through which to filter everything else in or out your life. The second phase is to recognize that you are creating your environment, or selecting which aspects of your environment you relate with. In a crowd of a thousand people, each people will connect to different people and have a completely different experience. You must own that power and responsibility.

The third is to keep your core intent in every social interaction. If your intent is to become a military general [which was one of the highest ranks for spiritual warriors], and you’re taking drugs with bummers who have never done anything right in their lives, then that’s not going to work. If you’re maintaining your frequency in alignment with your desire, you will not be on the same frequency as the common folks and will not meet them at their level. [If you’re walking along people in Africa who are actively seeking solutions to their problems, then they are meeting you at your level and you can connect.]

This thus leads to a difficult dilemma: the higher is the integrity of your intent, the less people you’ll resonate with. We all have this innate need to connect and socialize, and this brings a tremendous pull back that prevents most from breaking through into manifesting their highest intent, as their intent and power of manifestation gets diluted by the people around them.

The fourth step is to carefully analyze each and every social interaction you have, to determine at which frequencies the connections happen and how the interactions are framed. You must declare boldly: I will NOT connect with the common folks at their level, I will ONLY invite them to meet me at my higher state. You must scan every social interaction to detach or transmute any point of contact that is not in harmony with your core intent. This work is often done with the assistance of a qualified practitioner.

[as I’m writing this, only 13% of my social contacts are in harmony with my core intent, so I must bring that up to 100% through precise energetic surgery]

By going through this process, you will find that the world is a lot simpler than you thought. Problems suddenly fade away. Complications and stories disappear. You’re left with a clear open space from which you can bloom like a flower.

Yet old relationships often keep lingering in the back of your head, your old self, old image and old life wants to pull you back. The fifth step is the death of the ego. You must burn your ego at the stake, leaving nothing of it left. This is often done as an initiation ritual to enter the military of the Higher Heavens. Once you have gone through this stage, there is no turning back.

The path to Heaven cannot be walked in group, it must be walked alone, but not by yourself. You must find the right guides and support along the way who will show you the path at every stage. And, once you get to the other side, after destroying your false ego to let your true self shine, you will find that the world isn’t such a lonely place after all. You will feel connected with nature, you will feel connected with the sun, you will feel connected with your friends, and you will feel connected with the communities around you. Just like the sun, you become a shining light that penetrates everything, and that everybody wants to be around. Just like the sun, nothing can take away the purity and integrity of your core intent, and you’re so overflowing with light that nobody can chip any of it away from you.

The sixth phase is forging new alliances. Such alliances aren’t based on personal preferences or who you grew up with, but rather are based on alignment and complementarity of intents. You’re not joining hands because your egos like each other. You’re joining hands because you’re both embodying a greater truth and you can strengthen each other’s impact. Such relationship lasts just as long as it needs to, before you move on with your path. Such is the way of the cosmic light. No regret, no holding back, no attachment, only pure undisturbed presence and integrity of intent to serve a greater cause. You shine the light on everybody you cross, whether they like it or not, and whether you like them or not. You overflow through giving, and strengthen your image by purifying your core.


The book is a lot longer and this is just a summary of it. I measure this text at a frequency of 5700, with 95.6% accuracy of intent from the original text.

Etienne Charland, Emergence Guardian
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