I want to talk about some of the ancient civilizations that were here on Earth. Why should you care? Because we’re not empowered to create our future unless we have an accurate understanding of our past. I also want to make the point that everything that was available back then, including the knowledge, technology and wisdom, is still available to us today. Which brings us to the idea that, contrary to what we’ve been thought, evolution isn’t linear but cyclical. You can quantum-leap by connecting back to the previous cycle. The objective of this article isn’t to bring solid proofs to convince skeptics, but rather, to bring enough solid pointers to stimulate your own memories if you have past lives in those areas so that you can access your own wisdom and knowledge.

Everybody heard of Atlantis. Most believe it is a myth, while the most famous philosophers in history believe it is real. Many have glimpses of past life memories in Atlantis. Where was it located? Right here: Fingal’s Cave in Scotland. These pillars of vitrified rock were the foundation. The foundation stones extend from the Hebrides all the way to County Antirm in Northern Ireland, where they appropriately refer to the formations as “Causeway of the Giants”.

Here’s some information about vitrified rocks. Modern science cannot yet reproduce this type of architecture, which you also see in Cuzco(Peru) and Giza(Egypt). If you have past lives in Atlantis, then you may have feelings or images by tuning into this place. A lot of sadness as it was all blasted away.

There was another civilization in Northern Egypt. Everybody knows of the pyramids of Egypt that nobody can explain. Modern science cannot even replicate a tiny version of it. Northern Africa is covered by a HUGE desert like you don’t see anywhere else on Earth. Some people suggest that the entire area was destroyed with laser blasts. I do believe this theory, although I do not yet know much about this civilization.

NorthAfrica This article was just published this morning: Vast underground river system discovered in once-vibrant Western Sahara. Scientists now believe there was a sudden climate change around 5000 years ago. This fits with the theory that the area was destroyed 6200 years ago.

Then there are the bases in Eastern Mexico, which I know more about since I’m currently living here right now. There were Orion and Lumerian bases built in this whole area. It was laser blasted with a Hydron Collider particle accelerator technology. Some ancient texts, such as the Mahabharata written between 200-500 BC, talk about a nuclear war between 3 great cities. It also talks about the people of Orion 12000 years ago. However, it has all the references mixed up. The particle accelerator laser beam definitely could classify as an atomic weapon so I suppose it could emit radiations. The cities were not destroyed during a war with each other, that I can say for certain. They also were not destroyed with hand held nukes. If you look at the map of Eastern Mexico, the area was clearly blasted from the sky, leaving 6 round holes forming the Gulf of Mexico and Caribbean Sea. It was destroyed by the Dracos.


I talked about who are the Dracos here. They have been in control of this planet for the past 6200 years, after having destroyed the home planet of the people of Orion 11200 years ago when we evacuated here. There are 102000 Orion souls currently on this planet, about half of which are incarnated into physical bodies. Most are not aware of it as our memories were sealed for our protection. The people of Orion and Lumeria have been separated and isolated ever since, up until now.

A lot of the information about UFOs is old and it has always been the same discourse: “oh what’s what in the sky” while the media says “it’s a missile, nothing to look at” and everybody moves on to business as usual. This story is getting old. It’s time to change the discourse and step it up to another level. Here’s some very recent developments to prove the fact that the technology is still available today.

A few days ago, the spirit of my Lemurian ex-wife found me back after 6200 years. She still hasn’t told me what she has gone through during that time. She’s not incarnated into a physical body but I could definitely feel her strong presence and communicate. She started doing very intense energy healing on me; that woman is powerful. That same night, an UFO showed up over Los Angeles and was visible throughout California. It was my wife commanding the crew of the Lumerian ship. Cloaking down, no weapons. That woman is a mad bitch on a rampage. She sent a clear and direct official warning to US cabal forces to step down immediately. They answered with a missile. The lights in the footage are when the missile hit the force field. You just don’t take down a Lumerian ship with conventional missiles, and you don’t mess with that woman. Her specialty is explosives.

She destroyed the Five Eyes surveillance agency so the cabal officially went blind. She destroyed the FBI’s New Age Propaganda department. She gave them 30 minutes to evacuate one of their main bases before blasting it off with explosives. The cabal, or Illuminatis, are controlled by the Dracos. There were 3 Draconian Nest on this planet: one under Riviera Maya which I had dealt with recently, one in Scotland near Atlantis and a very large one in the middle of the Pacific. That is the roots of their power and control. Explaining what a Draconian Nest would be very complex, and I’ll just say that these are extremely nasty and hard to get rid of. In the beginning of their book “Illuminatis”, they mention a secret island in the Pacific where the top world leaders would meet to discuss their agenda. I had no idea this place existed for real, but it does (did) and it is a very large Draconian Nest that corrupts and controls the mind of anyone going there. The Nest in Riviera Maya was destroyed while I was in China. The Nests in Scotland and in the Pacific have now been destroyed thanks to great coordinated work. She really blasted it off with explosives, but the challenge is that those nests cannot be destroyed as long as they keep feeding from the souls they are plugged into. I also mentioned that 16% of Orion souls were disabled. Tens of thousands of souls were trapped and tortured inside the nest. Horrific scene. That’s why we needed to hide for thousands of years. There are 56 world leaders and their empires commanded by that nest.

To get into a more specific understanding of what happened, I asked the Lumerian library terminal about the bombs my wife has been using to pulverize the bases of the cabal. “C4 bombs: Lumerian technology. Extremely lethal”. How does it work? “Light energy is compressed to an extreme degree into a confined space. Upon release, it pulverizes anything in its area of blast.” What effect does it have on physical matter to apply a bomb on the energetic level? “You know how sometimes objects break and fail with specific timing? Physical stuff, without its energetic structure, starts breaking and failing.” What effect does such bombs have on the mental level? “All thoughts processes involved in the area of blast are suspended. Mental activities become dysfunctional and get into a halt.” What effect does such bombs have on infrastructures and organizations? “The cohesion and communication between members breaks, and chaos emerges with every individual going on their own.” What effect does a bomb of light energy have on people with good intentions caught in its blast? “It can cause severe energetic fractures and fragmentation. It can be repaired, but don’t get caught in its blast.” Thank you. End of session.

We have the knowledge. We have the technology. We have the people. The souls just have to awaken from their shells.

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Etienne Charland, Soul Foundation Architect
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