December 21st 2012 was the end of the Mayan Calendar and was supposed to mark the transition into a new age. The magical cosmic orgasm and instant mass enlightenment that some expected was a fantasy and did not happen. Where are we 18 months later? There are definitely big things boiling and shaking worldwide. The intention of this article is to prepare you for the times to come as we are entering a period of turmoil.

To understand the nature of the changes that are happening, it is important to understand the concept of Holographic Universe. Scientific researchers state that “The holographic principle suggests that, like the security chip on your credit card, there is a two-dimensional surface that contains all the information needed to describe a three-dimensional object – which in this case is our universe.” In other words, our physical world is a holographic projection of the data contained in the energetic etheric planes.

The 2012 consciousness shift is an energetic shift that first happens in the energetic planes, which then alters the events and circumstances of our physical world. What happens in the energetic plane is the cause of any effect that happens in the physical world. Thus, to understand what happened, what is currently happening and what is going to happen, we must look at the cause side of things in the energetic plane, and this requires an understanding of the Holographic Universe.

Major events have been happening lately, including a war between IMF and BRICS central banking systems, as whoever controls money controls the world. Neither side will win and this will lead to disintegrating central powers and reverting back to gold exchange, as nobody can control, fake or print gold.

On June 21st 2014, during the summer solstice, the Children of the Sun Foundation organized a group meditation to open 44 portals of light on the largest hubs of financial power. Over 9000 people participated in this meditation! It was a huge success. A new energetic financial grid has been activated around the planet. This marks the defeat of the New World Order and the collapse of their paradigm. Once the data shifts on the cause side of things (energetic plane), it’s only a matter of time until the changes reflect into the physical world, and there is no way to prevent that. Following that, on June 23rd, I felt a MASSIVE crack in the social matrix, the illusion most people call reality. Simultaneously, an 8.9 earthquake was felt off the coast of Alaska (right between USA and Russia).

The collapse of the New World Order, Federal Reserve and IMF, the activation of a new financial grid and the cracking of the social matrix are absolutely major developments. However, the transition may not be as pretty as we may be hoping for. I received new information about the times to come, and this is what I want to share with you so that you can prepare accordingly.

The energetic frequency of the planet is rising. The paradigm we live in is collapsing. However, not everybody is going to accept those changes. Two new paradigms will emerge, and the world will further polarize itself (for the next 100 years or so) as some will need to go through another cycle of lessons to awaken. Those who are not ready or reject the changes will fall deeper into chaos. If you are a light worker, it is imperative to accept the fact that the world will split into two polarities. Only focus on building the new paradigm of light. Otherwise, you will not be able to move forward.

What is this new paradigm going to look like? First, the energetic and physical planes are getting closer together, which explains why psychic and intuitive perceptions are awakening exponentially around the planet. It also means that white magic, as well as dark magic, are going to become a common reality. Magic is nothing more than altering the energetic plane to affect the physical world, such as during the Solstice Activation.

Second, we’re going to internally align with the spiritual laws of life and start living in a more inter-connected way. The walls between individuals will fade away, empathy and love will increase, and this will deeply alter the way we relate with each other and live our lives.

Third, new systems will emerge that will allow certain societies to function in a way that is aligned with the spiritual laws of life. Central powers will dissolve, and various factions of power will emerge with greater autonomy, organizing themselves at various levels of consciousness.

Fourth, interactions with other forms of life in the cosmos will be common. In January 2014, Canada’s ex-Ministry of Defense Paul Hellyer went on TV explaining how governments have been in contact with various forms of aliens for a long time. Although Canada’s ex-Ministry of Defense is highly credible, many still won’t believe it. Whatever you think about it won’t change anything to the fact that these contacts are already happening, and can become public very quickly within a few short years.

Fifth, a new generation of technologies, including free energy, anti-gravity, as well as alien technologies, will start becoming available within 10 years; once our society is ready for these drastic changes.

So, the world is going through massive changes and we’re entering a period of turmoil while this transition happens. It may not all be pretty, and don’t pay attention to those who fall into chaos. Focus on your own spiritual growth, and focus on building the new paradigm of light and consciousness. If nothing else, your life’s purpose is to simply live in a new paradigm of truth and consciousness that will then spread.

With the kind of energy work I do, healing deep unworthiness or any “incurable” physical or mental disease is very easy, and it is becoming clear that I’m only meant to work with those who desire to lead the way into living a new paradigm of consciousness; mostly those who see and reject the social matrix we live in. The kind of energy work I do is growing too powerful to just heal one thing and expect to continue functioning in the same way within the matrix. The path ahead may not be easy, and the world needs leaders: people who see the illusions we live in, who are willing to take just one step in a better direction, and who are willing to do whatever it takes to make the next step after that. If you recognize yourself, let’s talk.

Etienne Charland, Soul Foundation Architect
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