Someone asked me a question which is worth answering in details.

“When you left Canada and moved to Spain did you worked there as a programmer, didn’t you?  How did you changed from a programmer job to be a coach? Did you start it next to your job and then quit from your job, or you quit from your job and then started to work on your coaching business? When did you realize that you want to be a coach? I’d just like to see some real example how one changes.” – Enikö

Excellent question. When I left Canada to move to Spain, yes, I got a job as a computer programmer. I have been working for many companies around the world including L’Oreal in Paris and CGI in Montreal. That paid very well: $2000 every single week. The job in Paris paid even more. So you may be wondering why and how I made that switch. Excellent question.

Back then, I was studying from Rion Freeberg as my first mentor. After working a year in Paris, I went 9 months in Thailand as I could pay a round-trip ticket and live a whole year there for $10k everything included. I met with Rion Freeberg, and as we were talking about dating, sexuality and feminine energy while riding an elephant, he made me realize that I was saying things that he never said and that none of the other teachers in the industry ever said. He made me realize that if I didn’t start teaching it, nobody would. There was no other option than to start down that road. That was 6 years ago.

I started slowly while taking other jobs on the side. I went back to Montreal and worked there for over a year. My last ever job was especially stressful, working in a strict grey office where I was being given all the responsibilities for a project that was late on schedule because of stupidly badly done design and planning on their part. I wanted to attend CEO Space in Las Vegas. They needed me to stay to work on the project. This event in Las Vegas was more important than the job, but going there meant I had to give up on the job. They hired 3 other programmers to replace me. Since then, I gave up on the programming world because although I get job offers every week, I couldn’t find any job that can integrate with my lifestyle, which means a job I could do from home at my own rhythm, as I can work at 4-6x times the speed but not full-time.

Now, I’m putting my programmer’s skills to good use once again to build a Natural Grounding Player. This application totally rocks and would cost any business over $50k to produce, not counting the sophisticated consciousness technologies behind it to fine-tune your state of consciousness.

If I were to start this transition over, there are a few things I would have done differently based on my experience. If you are thinking of making a big transition, here are 7 tips that will save you lots of hassles and empower you throughout the process.

1. Don’t underestimate the time it takes to build a business. 90% of businesses fail within 2 years, and it often takes 2-3 years before generating solid income. I’ve been doing this for over 5 years and although I now sometimes get close to my previous salary, it is still challenging because this income is not stable and because expenses are much higher. David Wilcock is someone I admire because he’s talking about extremely “out there” stuff that nobody else talks about, even if he’s putting his life at risk and getting lots of people angry. He now has several TV shows and books out and his business is really taking off. BUT, he’s been doing this for 10 years!! As a rule of thumb, the greater your vision, the longer it takes to manifest, and the more rewarding it is.

2. Start from a solid ground. Building a business is expensive, costs more than expected and takes longer than expected. You need something to sustain you while you grow. Some people keep their full-time job until their business income is stable enough. They keep their job for way too long because of their need for stability and that is slowing them down tremendously. That’s not what I recommend, although having a cash cushion definitely helps. One of the best ways I found to build a secondary income is Karatbars, which not only gives a high financial return for the time invested and organically grows fast, but also energetically detaches you from the Federal Reserve system so that you can “own” money instead of borrowing it from the central banks. I cannot underestimate the effects it had on the energetic level alone. Having two sources where money can flow from definitely strengthened my roots. However, you have to start from the right foot by getting support from those who have built a huge downline by working on it full-time and follow their instructions as to what works best. The other great thing about any multi-level marketing business is that you can often get great coaching for free from people in your up-line as your success will benefit them. You want to follow the steps of those who are working on it full-time, and once you’ve built a proper income, it will keep growing on its own even if you don’t touch it. Perfect for supporting another business without monopolizing your time.

3. Invest to work with the best. The life-coaching industry is saturated with “more of the same”. When I get in coaching mastermind groups, most people are struggling with how to differentiate themselves from others who are doing something similar. I have the very opposite challenge: how to communicate what I do in a way that connects in some way to what currently exists out there. It’s a high-quality problem to have. If you work with affordable average coaches, you’ll end up an average entrepreneur/coach and end up in the “more of the same” boat. Why don’t you want to be in that boat? Because the top 1% in any industry earns 50% of the income while the other 99% share the other 50%. You want to be at the top, and to get there you want to work with the very best coaches you can find. I have worked not just with one but with many of the greatest coaches on the planet, and I continue to do so. I always have at least 2 coaches to support me. One on the energetic level, and one on the business level. Not counting other events I attend.

4. Don’t be afraid of debts. This is where many stop before even getting started. I honestly don’t know a single person who earns a 6-figure income doing what they love most who didn’t get into at least $40k of debts at some point. To be at the top and live the greatest expression of your soul, you have to be willing to do whatever it takes to get there. It may take years, it may take sweat and tears, but when your soul is calling you forward, there is no other way. When you have happiness, you don’t need the path to be easy. In fact, the turbulence along the road is what allows you to grow and outgrow any challenge you may face.

5. Don’t rely on freeby-seekers for your survival. When you run any business, you continually have a high cash-flow. Lots of money coming in and lots of money going out. You need steady income to support you along the road. If you market to freeby-seekers, they will kill you, literally. Worst of all, they won’t do anything with what you give them. You absolutely 100% have to market to people who are hungry for what you have to offer and who are willing to pay for it. You have to work with people who have a higher level of standards and who have a vision for their lives. Earn your money from those who have it and give to those who don’t. Don’t try the other way around.

6. Think outside the box. There are TONS of coaches out there. Is it the only way to bring your contribution into the world? Absolutely not. Max Simons had a great coaching business helping consciousness entrepreneurs build their businesses, and now he’s exploring another business model with SkyBrite. He’s building a platform where anyone can gain access to TONS of self-development programs that are usually sold anywhere between $97 to $997 each, from many of the most famous authors, and users get access to all that for only $10 per month. That’s a business model that will allow reaching millions of people.

7. Make decisions from your greater self. We all have at least 2 personalities: a greater self and a wounded child. Your greater self want to live its greatest expression, to be free, empowered and to have a positive impact in the world. It wants to stretch and grow, even though the road is not always pretty or easy. Your wounded child wants to feel safe and preserve the reality you have always known. It wants to protect you from insecurity and instability so that you can survive. It does its job well. Whenever you make a decision based on your greater self, your energy field expands. Whenever you make a decision based on your wounded child, your energy field contracts. It’s that simple. You get to chose who you listen to. Whoever you listen to shows up in two places: in your schedule and in your wallet. Take a honest inventory of where your time and money is currently going.

The main thing is, start where you are and do something now. The two biggest problems people do is to try to start somewhere they’re not, or to postpone their dreams into the future and never take serious action. Now is the only time you can create your future because now is the only time that exists. Don’t let time, money or anything else feed your wounded child to generate credible excuses to postpone what you truly want to do. Take some action now, and follow these 7 tips to make the path easier.

Etienne Charland, Soul Foundation Architect
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