In the article 21 Traits of an Awakening Soul, many commentators of the original article mentioned that they had difficulty with money. One of the main reason they mentioned is that Awakening Souls tend to see money as dirty, corrupt and useless. Yet, this poor relationship with money brings a lot of suffering. Let’s explore 7 reasons why money is important for awakening souls. If you don’t value money in itself, you must at least value the outcome it brings into your life.

1. Money is power, and you cannot do good without power

Let’s face it. Money gives you access to resources and access to people. It allows you to get, have or achieve anything you want or anything you need, especially since you can always hire others to do what you can’t do on your own. If you want to help orphan children, for example, perhaps you can help 2, 5 or even 10 children on your own, but you will need money to give support on any significant scale.

Money is power, and is neither good nor bad. It’s what you do with it that makes it either good or bad, and you need it to have a significant positive impact in your community or in the world. Also, here’s the reason charitable organizations fail to improve the state of the world. They provide value out of donations, and can only do so much until they run out of money. It is not scalable. If, however, they could solve specific problems while generating a profit at the same time, then it can be scaled and duplicated, potentially in every city around the world. The only way a charitable organization can scale up to truly change the world is by generating profit on the service it provides. It would then become a consciousness-driven business.

2. Lack of money brings suffering

A poor relationship with money leads to accumulating debts and playing small, or perhaps even living with your parents. How does that feel to not be able to pay your bills? How does it feel to not have autonomy and to depend on others? How does it feel to play much smaller than what your soul is capable of? How does it feel to not be able to invest in what you want to invest?

The lack of money brings stress, drains your energy and even isolate you because you can’t participate in many social activities. You want God to be in control of your life, but really, money is in control of your life, as every decision you make is based on the lack of money. And when money goes before God when it comes to making decisions (whether lack or greed), bad things happen.

God didn’t wait for water to be on sale before building the Grand Canyon. The source consciousness doesn’t make decisions based on money.

3. You need money live the way you truly want

You have goals, dreams and desires, whether it’s to travel the world, have a luxurious home or help those in need. You cannot make those dreams a living breathing physical reality without money. Money allows to free up your time. Money allows to free up your mind (if you are detached from it). Money allows to free up your creativity.

If you had all the money in the world, and money wasn’t an issue, how would you want to live your life? What would your days look like? How would you spend your vacations? What would you eat? Where would you eat? Which car would you drive? If you are connected to your higher spirit, you would get bored not contributing anything with your skills and talents, so what would you want to achieve with your life?

4. You need money to play a bigger game

With little money, there is only so much you can achieve or contribute into this world. God didn’t create the Universe based on lack. Any lack or limitation is man-made. Living an opulent life means opening up the flow of money flowing in and out of you, to earn more, live more and spend more. As you spend more, you allow others to live a higher quality of life, and you empower them to achieve more with their lives.

You are meant to enjoy a lifestyle that is not constrained by money. You are also meant to achieve a greater purpose that is not constrained by money. Yet, for both the lifestyle and purpose, you need access to resources and access to people in a flexible and scalable way, and this is what money allows.

5. Society cannot thrive without money

There is an idea that has been flourishing in the minds of many Awakening Souls to create a moneyless society. Although the idea seems great, it really is coming from a dysfunctional place, cannot be implemented and leads to various problems. Here’s why.

The only alternatives are bartering, or giving freely. If you give freely, then you don’t have what you had anymore, and there is no way to scale that in any way. It would be like giving each other eggs without having any chicken; we would all starve sooner or later. If you barter, what happens if the person owning the food doesn’t need what you have? You starve.

From a more modern perspective, the main problem with bartering is that you are mostly limited to what you can produce with your own hands. What if you want a computer that has highly-advanced components coming from 12 different countries, and each of these components required teams of thousands of people and years of research to produce? Nobody is going to produce that with their own hands, and it would be impossible to have an iPhone through bartering. Someone has to produce it, and it requires a very organized flow of resources between a wide range of individuals to accomplish. That’s what money allows.

From a more philosophical perspective, the desire for a moneyless society really is coming from a desire to not deal with money, and from a place of lack and scarcity. Perhaps in the future it would be possible to live like in Star Trek without money, and for this to happen all the people involved first have to live from an abundance consciousness. Such a society cannot be created from the scarcity consciousness we currently live in.

6. Awakening Souls must create a new paradigm of life

The current paradigm of life and business has destroyed our planet, and perhaps you have a bad relationship with power and money because of this. As Awakening Souls, it is our responsibility to create a new paradigm of life that is aligned with the spiritual laws of life. A system that is rooted in harmony with nature, harmony with each other, and abundance, where each individual can live at their full potential. Change happens in the consciousness first, and must then be applied into the physical world through action.

7. The Power of Money Has to Come Into Clean Hands

There are people who are hungry for power. There are others in power who are careless about the impact they have in the world. There are others who have a negative impact on the environment because they are restrained by the laws of the system in which they function. They are operating from human laws, not from spiritual laws. The power of money has to flow into the hands of those who hold the power of source consciousness and who can bring the spiritual laws of life into the physical world, altering the way business is done and reshaping our system.

We’re at a transition point between an old paradigm and a new paradigm, and one of the major problems is that 95% of the money flows into the old paradigm, and the ecosystem of the new consciousness paradigm has very little money flowing in it. In order to truly change the world, money has to flow into the new paradigm, and into your hands, so that you can do something different with it.

Finally, I would like to add this on a more structural side of things. You have to make the distinction between the source consciousness money energy, and the paper bill that represents it. The reason the world is so much in debt (to who?) is because money is printed out of thin air by the central bank, who then charges interest. This means the money owed is increasingly greater than the amount of money in circulation. This means it is impossible to ever pay it back, and this means the debts become an increasing burden up to the point where it cannot be sustained anymore, and we’re getting to that point. This was done by design. The only solution is a regime change, followed by a change to the structure of the central banking system. There are also more millionaires than ever before, who learnt how to live from an abundance consciousness, but this cannot solve the economic problems of the country.

The transfer of power happens in the mind and in the consciousness. By owning the power of money in your own consciousness, instead of being a slave to it, you will contribute to transfer the power into a new paradigm of reality.

Etienne Charland, Emergence Guardian
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