Someone asked me a few questions, and in case you’re asking yourself similar questions, here are some answers to these doubts.

First, here’s what Greg has to say about our 1-on-1 work
“My experience working with Etienne has been great. Over the last few months, I’ve been able to overcome the worst kind of crippling social anxiety, which was holding me back in virtually every part of my life. Because I’ve never sought this particular kind of help (when it comes to personal development), I had to suspend a bit of disbelief and commit myself to the process, but the results were profound. I don’t think I could have experienced such a massive weight off my shoulders by any other means in such a short period of time. Even for someone like me who was skeptical and resistant to the process, the shifts that were made were undeniably huge. I no longer feel that deep longing for emotional support from others, nor the overwhelming need to micromanage people’s perceptions of me.
With the huge progress I’ve made in a short time, and with the tools I’ve been given to push my development even further, I’m glad that I made the decision to get coaching with Etienne. His methods are unconventional, but very potent, and above all, the results are concrete. If I was offered triple the money I invested in this process to go back to how I felt months ago, I wouldn’t take it.”

Q: I have doubt the Force of Life Blueprint is worth so much.

It’s really about your life. Is your life worth a few hundred dollars? Greg paid me $2500 to work 1-on-1 and although he was very skeptical about it, now he says “If I was offered triple the money I invested in this process to go back to how I felt months ago, I wouldn’t take it.”

Q: How could I close my portals and fix problems with implants? I even don’t know what are implants.

Implants are energetic connections connecting you to collective consciousness and preventing you from thinking freely and independently. Portals are holes in your energy field allowing negativity to soak into your energy field. These are the two most important types of energy leaks and the first thing to heal. I heal those through distance healing which comes as a bonus with the Force of Life Blueprint. However, the person who wrote me this has between 15-30 portals and between 30-60 implants so although I can remove most of it through distance healing, this will require more maintenance to do a proper job. Option A is to work 1-on-1 to get it resolved fast. Option B is to follow the instructions in the Alchemy book I give out as an extra bonus to work on these implants.

Q: And what can I do with pain memories stored in my physical body?

That’s pretty much the same question as Greg who wondered how to deal with the worst kind of crippling social anxiety. Now it’s gone.

Q: My friend wrote me if I couldn’t develop, my soul will manifest my death because my life is waste of time.

So basically you’re not sure your life is worth $297? If it’s your whole life that is at stake, what you need is direct 1-on-1 coaching. First get the program and from there we will talk about what specifically needs to be solved and how to solve it.

Q: I use “the healing code” method by Alexander Loyd and Ben Johnson but it works very slowly in my case.

If that’s working very slowly, then it’s time to try something new. Just today another 1-on-1 client, Rhett, wrote me this
“I’ll admit I’ve been a skeptic, but an open-minded one. But not anymore. What you do works where every other method falls short.”

I have been working on some of the most difficult kinds of anxiety issues and my success rate is 100%. Every single client I worked privately with got their problem totally resolved within 3 sessions.

It’s time to put your doubts aside and start taking serious actions.

Although this really answers specific questions I received, chances are some of it will also concern you in some way.

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Etienne Charland, Emergence Guardian
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