Here are some updates. Up until now, I only organized small intimate events with 6 or 7 clients for a powerful transformation experience. 4 of the 6 people who fled from United States, Denmark and Sweden to the live event in Medellin in Colombia are also coming to the Montreal event, which is great. The focus of the Montreal event has shifted to help people awaken their inner powers from a higher perspective, to step into their life purpose in a way that can earn them good money. So far there are 10 people confirmed for the event with a few more that are not yet confirmed. Yet, there is only a single person from Montreal joining, and a single woman. This makes it the largest event I ever organized, and this event will be an intimate group of probably around 15 people which will allow us to work specifically on the situations of every attendees. This is great for me, and great for you.

This new approach to self-transformation definitely addresses a huge need. There are so many people in spirituality who want to make a positive difference in the world yet have no clue how to make money from their ideas… and traditional business approaches often DO NOT WORK for spirituality-oriented projects and businesses. That being said, my approach is not for everybody. What I teach is for spiritually-conscious people, especially men, who respect and honor the feminine energy and who are serious about taking bold actions to achieve what they are meant to do. The last few weeks have been very revealing about whom this is for and who this isn’t for.

As an Alchemist, I make good use of feminine energy for its powerful transmutation and healing power. Although 70% of people in spirituality are women, what I came to realize is that most women have strong resistance to the feminine energy, even those in spirituality, although I do not yet understand why there is such resistance in the first place (this is something I’m still investigating). Because of the intense energy work I will do, I simply cannot work with women who do not respect and honor the feminine energy.

Also, most people are used to mind-based self-development with NLP, Mind Mapping, Holosync and other mind-based technologies. I work from a completely different perspective. No amount of natural supplements can fix a broken heart. No amount of positive thinking and affirmations can fix a broken heart. No amount of NLP or other mind-based work can fix a broken heart, because the issue of a broken heart is on an emotional and energetic level within your body. I work from a perspective of energies, emotions, universal laws and consciousness. Miracles are simply about coming into alignment with the universal laws of life and of the Universe.

What would your life be like if you could do what you are most passionate about and be well paid for it? What would your life be like if you didn’t have to worry about money anymore? What would your life be like if you made in a month what you currently earn in a year? What would your life be like if you had great inner power and self-confidence? What would your life be like if you had a fine-tuned intuition to guide you through life?

Since I did a promotion to many people in Montreal, many people asked me whether I could provide content in French. Ironically, none of the people from Montreal I spoke with so far were a good match for the event, except the one guy from Montreal who was signed up since the very beginning. That is why I work in English.

This is the only event I will be holding in Montreal for a long time as I will keep traveling to other countries, and I do not plan on hosting this Purpose and Prosperity event again for at least a year. If I do host it again, it will either be at a higher price or in a larger group. If you’re not yet living the life you want to live and if you’ve been procrastinating enough, this is a truly unique opportunity to align your mindset, energy, emotions and actions with what you truly want to live, in a small intimate setting. Everything you desire is already there. You just have to tune into it.

I had several great coaches guiding me recently and there has been various people trying to pull me in all kinds of various directions. One was telling me to focus less on what I offer and go towards traditional people who just want to make more money. Another one was telling me to change my message to gradually open people up to the concepts I teach… but I couldn’t nearly provide the same level of transformation if I did that. Others told me to adapt it to the self-development and business scene of Montreal. There have also been some very interesting and surprising turns of events along the way. As my mentor Max Simon said, I have to remain true to myself and to my message, and to talk directly to the people I’m meant to serve. I am aware that my approach turns away rational people, women who view femininity as weak and those who are not serious about living a bigger vision of their lives. It does however allow me to maintain the intensity and depth of the transformation experience I provide, by only working with people who are willing to go fully in that direction.

If you are an indigo child, a star child, an old soul, or are simply highly interested in spirituality, awakening your inner powers and connecting with others around you, your heart has a burning desire. You know you are meant to do something important on this planet. The wave of the 2012 energy shift is about to reach its peak. Isn’t it time to start doing what you feel you should be doing, in a powerful way?

If this resonates with you, contact me. There are only two weeks left before the Purpose and Prosperity Live Event and I can still take a few more people. In the same way that the Medellin event was a legendary transformational experience for everybody involved including me, the Montreal event will push things forward to new heights. Are you in?

Etienne Charland, Emergence Guardian
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