I just came back from a week-end in Ohio with a dozen people of the World Information Network. A LOT is happening these days, no matter where we look. I’m going to have an invitation-only high-level small event in Playa del Carmen, Mexico, next month. Then the World Information Network is hosting a mastermind event in Akumal Bay right next to my home, and I’ll be taking part of creating the experience.

One thing that I keep hearing left and right lately, is that almost everybody seems to be running out of money. Even with the World Information Network event, we’re expecting a small group because the majority have financial issues, and we’re expecting chaos to unfold in the financial markets around September. Some are calling this “the global reset”, where the ponzi scheme financial system is going to collapse. Many are afraid of this. Tons of people are committing suicide in Greece. Some advise not to travel by plane during the month of September.

In the midst of all this frenzy, I would like to propose a different perspective. The period we’re going to enter is not a global reset, but rather a trimming process. If you look at the cause of the chaos, it is caused by a rise of the energetic frequencies that cause the collapse of low-frequency systems. This is not random chaos. The chaos is exactly proportional to what needs to happen to allow the outcome to happen, which is, transitioning into a new paradigm of life of Earth. Those who are stubborn are going to have a very hard time, and more will continue to bring their dysfunction to the grave. When you lead your way into the emerging consciousness, however, your experience will be the opposite. It will feel like everything is opening up and lightening up around you. It’s like the carpet getting pulled: you decide on which side you want to be.

Here’s what I mean by a trimming process. We all want to live in a Golden Age of wisdom and prosperity. However, there is a lot around us that cannot transition into this emerging consciousness. Jesus said in the Bible: It is easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle than for a rich man to enter the kingdom of God. The Golden Age is at the other side of the eye of the needle, and a lot needs to be trimmed away in order to pass through it. This is what some call “the global reset”, and when you look at it this way, it is a very positive thing.

And for those who advise not to travel, here’s something to consider. God never says no. God never speaks through fear. If your intuition, or advice from an intuitive person, leads to a fear-based decision, you can 100% be sure it is not coming from spirit. If God wants you to avoid something, instead of telling you to not do it, it will always redirect you towards a better alternative. God never speaks in terms of fears or negatives, it always directs you forward towards the closest path to success.

It’s easy to study good material and speak good intents. This coming period is where we’ll see who backs down when fears kick in, and who keeps listening to spirit even when challenged. This is were the real leaders will emerge from the crowd. You have divine protection and will always have what you need when you need it. All you need is faith, trust in yourself and trust in God. You’re not alone down this path.

Etienne Charland, Emergence Guardian
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