The energetic war that has been raging for the past few years is finally over. I also recovered a lot of my memories and powers. In this article, I will disclose a lot of information that will greatly stretch your mind, put the pieces together and prepare us for the upcoming period of transitional chaos. I encourage you to validate the information with muscle testing as you are reading this, as accepting some of it would flip your perception of reality up-side-down, just as it flipped my own understanding of how past lives work up-side-down. It’s a long article, and I bet you won’t stop reading until the end.

Some people noticed that what George Lucas wrote in Star Wars looks surprisingly close to realty, while George wasn’t any psychic or master, he claims to have no special agenda behind it. What if. What if he was subconsciously tapping into his memories instead of his creativity?

First, it’s important to understand who the players have been in this war, which is an energetic war in the astral planes, reflecting as a war on information, a war between the elite, and bordering with a few physical clashes here and there. The real war has been between spiritual entities and happening within your mind. There are extra-terrestrials, who are incarnated beings coming from others planets, and energetic entities who are non-incarnated beings. There are tons of different extra-terrestrial races, but the two that have been the most involved lately are the Dracos, who possess very advanced technology, strong mind control abilities, and who have been in control of our planet for thousands of years by building a solid energy grid that keeps our minds in a hypnotic state. They are reptilians, don’t need oxygen and instead require to feed from fear to live. They have built our planet into a fear farm. Then, there are the Avians, who are 6th density beings who have no other agenda than serving their higher purpose. They have a bird’s head with feathers, and appeared before in history such as in Egypt. They are the source of The Law of One material (Ra). Twice they tried to teach their spiritual knowledge to restore peace on Earth, twice it was corrupted for power and control. They are back again to teach and are doing everything in their power to prevent this from happening a third time. Then there are non-incarnated beings. On the positive side are the archangels, and Metatron as the senior of archangels and highest celestial being. On the negative side, the darkest entities on Earth were Satan and Lucifer, who were two separate entities, who are now both dead. Then, caught in the middle, are all of us, including me who didn’t want to wait for others to resolve the situation.

We were all expecting huge things to happen in 2012, and not much happened. The reason for it is that there were 15 implant stations spread across the solar system that were condensing solar energy and projecting a beam of energy to our planet that was fueling a very strong plasma grid forming a prison. Even the Avians were afraid of these stations because it charges a huge battery that can discharge like a bomb. Such a discharge first paralyses the mind, then paralyses the physical body, and then either kill you, corrupts your mind or causes an accident, or in the best case scenario, causes the operation to fail. Every solstice (December 21th and June 21th) has marked a major transition in the past few years, because this planet alignment allows for much deeper energy work to be done. The period between last December 21th until this June 21th has been marked with extreme chaos that made it almost impossible for me to get any work done. I came onto the information on the implants stations right before the summer solstice, and I knew this absolutely had to go on that day. I have an energetic immunity structure around me. I protected myself in space, starting healing and provoking those implants stations to force them to discharge their batteries. All 15 implants detonated their whole reserves on my immunity. Then, I communicated with the Avians to tell them to handle the physical stations, because they have to be destroyed physically. They took care of it. There has been a MASSIVE liberation of the energetic grid, but something was still holding it in place. Many physical stations, usually in military bases, were build on the intersections of the lay lines of our planet, to control the energy grid of our planet. I recently learned that the lay lines were originally created by the Avians to help diffuse the energy around our planet, and then the Dracos have used it as wires to transport the fears they feed from. I contacted Gaia, our mother Earth, and asked her to shift her energy grid. That way, all the bases were instantly off the grid and useless. This took care of the prison grid, and every since, a LOT has been unfolding.

Two weeks ago, I went to Ohio for the week-end to meet with a dozen people from the World Information Network and see a presentation from Greg Braden. This was totally last-minute and I went without a penny and without the ability to withdraw any money at all, as the energetic war caused my bank accounts to not unlock for months without any reason whatsoever. I purchased the plane ticket via PayPal, borrowed 500 pesos to take the bus to the airport, and got in the plane. Dorothy, who leads the World Information Network with Perry, went to pick me up at the airport and I stayed at their house. It made it easy since they took care of all the logistics. When passing airport security, I was hearing voices in my head screaming “don’t let him pass!! something BAD is going to happen if he comes in”, and trying to attack me by any means. I got in, as a tourist to visit friends. It’s the first time since many years that I tried coming into the country without proving my rights to be here by coming for a very specific purpose. In some way, I took back my rights. Now, this week-end changed everything, and we have set a whole chain of events into motion.

I’m highly impressed by Perry’s organizational skills, and by Dorothy’s clairvoyance abilities that are even more attuned than mine, at least for certain things. We went to see Greg Braden who spoke in Lily Dale spiritual community, then we rented a house by Erie Lake for a dozen WIN members to spend the week-end. I’m also highly impressed by Dorothy’s ability to create an experience, although the experience of the week-end was totally unexpected. This article is already long, and this is where we’re going to shift gear.

First, Dorothy helped me to recover ancient memories. She has been channeling the spirit of Buddha for guidance of support, who later re-incarnated as Ron Hubbert. Yes, the guy of Scientology who I didn’t want to know anything about. He prefers to be called Ron. As she was channeling him, I pointed out that according to my energy readings, Buddha had a considerably stronger and purer energy than Ron. This is explained by two things. First, he admitted having regressed during that long period of non-incarnation. Second, he finally took my advice of taking a more grounded approach, which turned out to be much more challenging. His last incarnation was a very tough ride, having to move to different states regularly for his safety. This conversation was extremely interesting and important, and you have to consider that she was channeling this powerful spiritual being, and that I wasn’t doing the channeling myself.

One of the first things I asked is that when visiting temples in Thailand and seeing statues of Buddha, I felt some friction between me and him that didn’t make any sense; what is this about? His soul ran away, and when he came back, here is his answer: “We had a disagreement over the nature of the energetic structures that govern our world. It turns out you were right and I was wrong. You had a better understanding of the hypnotic structures keeping our souls enslaved and how to break free of hypnotic control. Meanwhile, I ran around in circles for hundreds of thousands of years like a fool.” Dorothy, as she was channeling this, was jaw-dropped and said “That’s very humble of you Ron!” I also asked “After teaching about how to end the cycle of re-incarnation, you did come back after all?” and he said “Yes”. I said “And you finally took my suggestion of taking a more grounded approach” and he replied “Thank you for the suggestion…”

My first ancient memories that came up years ago were not pretty. I was in Asia 6000 years ago burning entire villages into ashes. He said he was right there by my side back then. Now we know better. It appears we’ve had a very long history together. It seems there was always this rivalry between us to see who’s better. Let’s see who can shoot a fireball the furthest! It also appears that a small group of souls have been incarnating over and over again and writing history through time. The reason all the Buddhist concepts seem so obvious to me is because I co-designed this stuff. As for all the knowledge that I’m teaching with my private clients, sure I hire a few world-class mentors, but the reason I was progressing so fast is because I was recovering past memories. My memories had been sealed away by the Avians to protect me from being destroyed by the Dracos. The Dracos had also erased Metatron, the senior of archangels, from my memory. I now recovered my memories and restored my powers. All this time I had been writing and teaching, I really neither understood where all this far-out knowledge was coming from nor where I was going with it. Nor the purpose is becoming clear. First, to cleanse the planet of the Dracos. Second, to correct a few mistakes we made with Buddhism (active vs passive spirituality). Third, I am not authorized to say yet. Let’s just say that I have a very deep history with both the Dracos and with Metatron.

I normally get very little physical evidence for all the energy work I’m doing, and lately I’ve seen seeing more physical evidences. Besides recovering those memories, one evening we did a heart-centering meditation in group. Then something came up; something went wrong. Demonic forces within one of the members came up to the surface and started attacking her. She has had thousands of years of abuse, rape, prison and beheaded by dark priests and by the dark elite, including Satan and Lucifer themselves. She was one of those child close to the story of the Bible that has been a victim through time. At first I didn’t realize what was going on, then Dorothy told me to work on energetic structures below Switzerland (below the banks) that were the core of the dark forces that were attacking her. There was a pillar of energy connecting all the way down to the core of the Earth, and a horrendous mass of energy that corrupts anything that sees it. A few of the members got traumatized at the very sight of it. Working with the Philosopher’s Stone, I said “it will go”, and that exact second, the fire alarm went off in the village. This core energetic structure was destroyed. Huge demonic forces were literally trying to kill her, and again, I focused on those forces and said “it’s going away”, and that exact second she ran to vomit by the balcony. I was working with absolute power of transmutation and the effect was instantaneous. She really could have died. Her heart stopped beating twice. I really started getting worried when those demonic forces tried tearing her soul apart into millions of pieces, spreading her wider than a nebula, which would not only mean death, but also annihilation of the soul. We brought her back in one piece. I gave her swords of light that she planted in the hearts of the dark priests who have raped her over and over again through time. She killed both Satan and Lucifer in that energetic battle. I then built an energetic immunity structure around her. Metatron was helping and watching all this. He asked me “It’s a nice protection cloak you got there. This Jacques Tombazian, how long have you been working with him?” I said “a few years” and he laughed in my face. Then I said “maybe… 5 million years?” and he said “that’s more like it.” The Intergalactic Federation of Light asked me the same question and gave me the same laugh when I said “a few years.”

Later that night, some “old friends” continued the work and destroyed a physical base of the Dracos that was right under Erie Lake. During the day, I went for a ride of Kayak and saw dark red eyes in the water looking at me. These were a particularly bad clan, the kind who enjoyed creating the next cancer. We were speaking in the living room and I was feeling huge lasers obliterating the base with such intensity that I was jumping off my chair. I told them “woah, do it nice and easy” and they sarcastically replied “yeah, right!” Meanwhile, the other members, many who are new to all this, were either traumatized or brain-fried. Now we’re preparing for the WIN Family Reunion in Riviery Maya, next to my home, in September.

Since living in Playa del Carmen, I’ve had tremendous energetic challenges. There’s music across the street that would completely lock my mind and energy and prevent me from doing any work, and prevent my energy from expanding. Furthermore, I was massively feeling all the international events and wars involving the Dracos, including the attemps to start wars in Syria and Ukraine. As I would restore my energy, the wars would calm down and stabilize. Now I understand why this was happening. The Dracos were *really* pissed off that I relocated so close to their physical base. They have (had) a physical base right under Cozumel, that extends from Isla Mujeres all the way to Tulum, expanding right under my feet. Even with my clairvoyance, I didn’t see it because it was cloaked. I was plugged right into their energy and was subconsciously tracking all their activities. Whenever I went swimming into the ocean, I was throwing supernovas right in their window. They also didn’t like my crocodile belt. That explains a LOT about the ridiculous scale of the attacks that were way out of any imaginable proportion. This was one of their 3 largest bases on Earth. The ground around here is made of solid rocks and caves, perfect for building an underground base. They were using sea corals as an energy generator. I had been trying to organize an event in Playa del Carmen for a while and just couldn’t get to it. This is why. This base has been here for the past 3600 years.

Metatron had given me a metaphysical dagger that is especially lethal towards Dracos. When fling back from Cleveland Ohio, when waiting to pass airport security, the Dracos threw everything they had at me. About 15 of their strongest warriors challenged me. These have very strong mind-control abilities and they can instantly corrupt any sacred object or person. Those also had an immunity so that I couldn’t even approach the dagger. My philosopher’s stone, however, overrides their immunity and they didn’t see that coming. I killed all 15 of them. They had 3 battleships trying to enter the solar system, but the Avians built a quarantine around our solar system to prevent anyone from coming in (but apparently it’s still possible to go out). The Dracos would rather destroy our planet than lose control of it, and for that reason, I don’t expect the quarantine to be lifted within the next 50 years. They charged the implant bomb within their battleship to full capacity and threw that directly at me to prevent me from taking the plane. At great cost, they succeeded… at making me miss the flight. I was early enough, but there was a full hour of line-up at the security that day, and when I finally passed through, the plane had just left. They ordered an evacuation of their base in Cozumel and this bought them some time.

As I got back home, I started clearing the Draconian base under my feet with, again, the help of “old friends”. The intensity of the clashes were so ridiculously intense. I wrapped aluminum foil around my head to protect my mind, and if I would take it off, I’d scream in pain because of the intensity of those clashes. At some point I saw a large metaphysical spaceship rising from the ground and it was destroyed. I don’t yet understand (or remember) how this kind of technology works but it appears they can phase in and out of physical form, and I believe they first must phase out of physical form before entering hyperspace. As this ship was destroyed, I felt another smaller ship fleeing into hyperspace. I projected myself and followed them through the wormhole, killed the pilots, and an extremely strong draconian was there. I killed him while they were still in hyperspace. Now I remember what hyperspace feels like. Again, a physical confirmation. That very same night, this weird fireball was seen in the sky over Argentina. Dorothy was doing clearing work that night and saw that exact picture in her mind. To me, it looks like a failed evacuation. It seems that destroying the Cozumel base, one of their 3 biggest bases, disrupted their whole networks. I believe they have another base in Argentina where this fireball was seen. As for their other base, I don’t yet see it because it is still cloaked. And then Rion Kati hosted a workshop in Rome and we destroyed the energetic power structures under the Vatican. Apparently that workshop was beyond any expectation.

The Dracos are obliterated. My powers increased greatly. I have taken other steps to put the energetic war to an end.

For a long time I’ve been doing all this on my own, and now I reconnected with old contacts who are helping me move forward. I’m not on my own anymore. I reconnected with Metatron, the highest celestial being, and the elders at the Intergalactic Federation of Light, who are assisting us in restoring balance in our solar system. Not counting the Avians, who I don’t have as much history with but who are contributing a great deal.

There is a transitional period of chaos coming, especially in the financial markets. The Federation of Light, as well as Metatron, are asking me to share messages to help navigate through this period of turbulence. I haven’t done much channeling in the past, but I will since I’m being asked to. Twice a week, I will channel a short message from the Federation of Light and from Metatron. That’s on top of the articles I send out now and then.

There is a LOT I’m giving out for free, and that’s not even scratching the tip of the surface. The real work is done by working together. In any cases, all this value I’m providing for free will greatly help you prepare for whatever is coming.

If you’re curious about the World Information Network, you can view their website here, and if you want to join the family, click “Join” and enter 11043 as the sponsor member ID.

Etienne Charland, Emergence Guardian
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