Several clients took my advice and contacted the monks of Varanasi in India, got 5 or 11 monks praying for them, and reported huge results right away. This partnership with the monks has already shifted the timelines. The timelines with 15% survival rate are gone, and we now mostly have timelines with 26-35% global survival rate, with considerably higher quality of life.

This partnership is benefiting everyone. They have an army of five hundred to a thousand monks at the temple to handle the load, located at Shri Kashi Vishwanath Temple, also known as Lord Shiva Temple.

Now, they say that they want to assign a group of 5 monks to meditate daily for my clients. Let’s scrap that. Here’s what it takes.

I’ve been trying to relaunch my business as Hanuman Institute, and this has been completely jammed for years. Maybe it’s time to move forward with this.

Hanuman Institute is an ascension hub to provide the knowledge and services needed to guide through ascension. It is a container available in service to God, to be shaped into what God wants and needs.

We need 11 monks to meditate daily on Hanuman Institute and on those who are following this movement, to open a collective path towards ascension.

Instead of paying $200 to have 10 monks meditating for you one-time, you can donate what you want to have 11 monks meditating for you everyday. The more you give, the more you receive. Energies always work that way.

They say they want to do a meditation for me next week with 100 monks. Let’s ask them to do it for all of us once a month.

Interested? Let’s collectively donate enough to the temple to make it work.

Contact Maharishi Pandit Shyam Bihari on Facebook or by email at to setup automated monthly payments.

I will donate at least $200 per month to them ($500 in the first month) and I do not profit from this. This is entirely between you and the monks in Varanasi.

Some of you can donate more if you see tangible results. I also know that many of you need serious help and do not have financial resources. This is the chance for everyone to get help no matter your financial situation, as it is by donations. Just remember that the more you give, the more you receive back.

For more personalized help, you can also donate $100 to have 5 monks meditate for you, $200 to have 10 monks, $300 to have 15 monks, or $500 to have 31 monks.

Contact Maharishi on Facebook or by email.

In the future, I may in fact require all my clients to work with them, because right now, the energetic load is just too much for myself. If they do their part, then I can work my magic.

I also expect some bad agents to sign in to try to put bars in the wheels. We’ll have sniper teams ready, or I’ll handle them personally.

By the way, if you don’t know Varanasi (I didn’t until this month), look at the pictures on Google Maps. It’s a gorgeous city! Definitely on my travel plans. I’ll have my personal travel guide when I get there.

As for Nepal, we had surrounded the dark forces with 16 pillars of Light, and now this entire zone turned into a giant pillar of Light. The monks are activating big times. Joining forces.

Activating Project Varanasi.

Etienne Charland, Emergence Guardian
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