The past few days have been very busy! I’ve stayed awake all night the whole week. There are many major good developments.

We’ve been staying up all night for the whole week because of attacks from the Pleiadians. They had “petland” parallel realities with full control of Earth. In those timelines, Earth is mostly inhabited by Pleiadians and Reptoids, with 12% human population who are more like animals with no education. They are Pleiadian pets. They also eat humans. Thumbs down.

They did not need to control our timeline, since they already had the reality they wanted. All they needed to do what to weaken our reality so that theirs get the upper hand during timeline merges. In fact, Earth is their main stronghold in those timelines, and their reality was 60/40 strong compared to us in their favour! I dealt with that. They’ve been eroding our realities while we sleep.

We launched Operation Pleiadia. First, we helped to evacuate all good Pleiadians outside of Earth before the beginning of the operations. Then, we kicked everybody else out and blew the sh*t out of them. After a certain rank, all commanders have clones, and they kept dispatching clones to replace everyone we took out. They also had many timeline manipulation centers, on our moon, on a moon of Saturn and in many other places. They were a pain to deal with.

We’re also noting that the jabs injected into our population is Pleiadian tech. Which faction? The larger faction that most people are channeling. The same ones saying that we won the war and to just hold tight and sit back while they do the rest. They’re offering a free ride as pets in paradise. Who is in?

We’re launching Operation Pleiadia. Here are the details.

1. Evacuate all good Pleiadians

2. Deploy the Orion Great Fleet into our solar system. 1.5 million ships got the green light. They’re forming a grid and are 100% passive, knowing the delicacy of the diplomatic situation. The grid is dissipating conflicts like a heat sink.

3. Take down key Pleiadian commanders

4. Destroy all cloning facilities

5. Destroy all timeline manipulation centers

6. Kick them out of our solar system. We got 180000 Pleiadian ships trapped in quarantine.

7. Wipe out the Dark Pleiadians faction down to the last one

8. Give an Ultimatum to the Pleiadians — we’re here

9. Establish the Earth Agency to defend our rights

Yesterday, we identified a darker group of Pleiadians who are masters of timeline manipulations. They’re behind the group Octogon in Switzerland. They can manipulate timelines to insert themselves in control of any organization in the world. They’ll alter reality for the highest bidder.

I’ve been battling them all night until 8:30AM!! At first, it was too easy, but then they kept regenerating and creating new timeline streams indefinitely. I was exhausted and was about to give it a break, but then they killed me and my friend in a few timelines in our sleep: heart explosion and brain hemorrhage. We had to finish the job clean, so we did.

Which brings us here. We give 48h to the remaining Pleiadians to withdraw all their operations, or they are next in line.

The entire Pleiadian sector has been frozen in time, and will remain frozen for the next 56 years. We are aware that many Pleiadians have nowhere to go right now. We accept that they settle on the moon and Mars. Saturn is restricted territory. If they cause trouble, we’ll deal with them later.

Because of the multitude of foreign alien groups seeking to take advantage of humans and enslave us, we’re creating the Earth Agency to stand up for our rights and independence.

All foreign groups who want to meddle with Earth must first pass through the Earth Agency.

The goal is to regulate Earth affairs with full transparency and integrity. We all accept criticism, but not attacks and insults.

Try to cross-path us without our approval and you’ll suffer the same fate as the Reptilians, Royal Dracos, Order of the Black Sun, Pleiadians and many others.

The council is formed of:

– Etienne Charland, leader of the Orion Federation
– Alobar Jones, leader of human astral traveler teams
– Zulu Guardians, South African tribe
– Native American shamans and native shamans around the world
– A group in Russia
– A group in Australia
– Silver Legion is being considered if they clean up their operations

Each main concil member is responsible for holding the grid of this new Earth Agency, and a set of dynamic living laws that can adapt to situations. We each have our own army to support us, and by working in sync with each other, we’re exponentially stronger.

We got plenty of “staff” who are just as competent as us and who can take decisions. As main council members, our job is mostly to hold the structure and integrity in place.

Before closing, I want to mention a few more things.

I’ve been working hyper-intensive the past few months to deal with those threats. My only income has been a single client who has sent me $5000 per month. I didn’t ask for anything from the community, and I’ve also been supporting the Charland Academy in Pakistan at the same time, as well as maintaining the group of 15 monks in India. I’m also at a place where I need to buy a house very soon — even though I haven’t focused on finances at all for a while.

The work that I’ve been doing has been impacting all of you massively. If you recognize the value and importance of the work, donations are very welcomed to cover for all these months of very hard work. You can send donations here. Sooner or later, we need to come to a place where a dedicated team of astral warriors are paid to do this work full-time.

We’ve been on a big wave of constant success ever since the Varanasi monks have been supporting us. In case you don’t know, we have a team of 15 monks in Varanasi, India, who are meditating 5h per day to support our group of donors. It has really helped to create a massive tidewave of success. They meditate 5h daily even in the middle of the craziest storms. The steadiness of their work is admirable. You can join our group and get that support here.

Finally, another resource that has been of huge help is Isagenix products. Eating had been complicated with all the energetic infections, and Isagenix meal replacements really simplified the issues. It provides tons of vitamins and minerals that are missing from normal diet, and increased my energy and focus by about 30%. In the current context, that extra 30% can really be the difference between life and death. I spoke about it in the past, and although few people took action, those who did really liked it and continued with it. Besides having a gentle gradual effect of boosting their energy, the other comment I kept hearing is that it tastes great compared to other things they tried. The main products to look for are IsaShake and Cleanse For Life. Take 2 big spoons of IsaShake with 1 small spoon of Cleanse For Life daily. You can sign up to Isagenix to try it for yourself here.

Overall, the extra boost from the Varanasi Monks and Isagenix really helped get the upper hand for the series of wins leading up to this victory.

I’ve also completed all Soul Alignment Readings and am ready to take more orders. I’ll soon be continuing on the series of Juggernaut Attunements.

Things have never looked better for Earth as they are right now.

Etienne Charland, Emergence Guardian
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