There are very few coaches following my newsletter, as over the years, very few could handle my energy, but lately, there’s a very dangerous trend that I’m seeing. Let’s talk about this.

I’ve observed the coaching industry for spiritual growth and business growth very closely over the years, and been to many events before 2019. What I found is that, for the most part, the people there were incompatible with my work. In order to have success in the material world, they all have a 15% Luciferian contract corruption that could be resumed like this.

They place money first and God second, if at all.

The people who follow my work do not respect that formula, and have had for the most part a difficult time integrating into the existing matrix and earning money. Leading to most of my client-base being in a difficult financial situation.

Because the Luciferian-contract route is the easier path that all successful entrepreneurs use, these people were not ready to place God first and money second to work with me. Thus they did their own things while I did my own things.

The easy path, however, is over.

Over the past 2 years, a lot of coaches have fallen corrupted, leaving only a few good ones left. But now, of the ones left, even my favorite ones, almost all of those who operated in that Luciferian matrix have fallen with 95%+ corruption on all consciousness layers EXCEPT the conscious layer so they think they’re fine, they sound fine, they keep giving great content, but they serve as hooks for an AI machine.

The honey-moon is over.

I’m trying to find coaches that have less than 30% corruption, and it’s very difficult to find any! We have just gone through a long list. If you want me to check some, post them here.

I measure consciousness levels in 9 layers above and 9 layers below. The 5 first layers above are: non-conscious, subconscious, conscious, super-conscious and ultra-conscious (then ultra-ultra-conscious, ultra-mega-conscious, etc.).

Most coaches nowadays have corruption levels like this. Notice how their conscious layer is voluntarily left off so that they look fine. There are a few who have 75% corruption instead of 95%+, but same story.

9: 95.3%
 8: 95.3%
 7: 95.4%
 6: 95.4%
 5: 95.3%
 4: 94.6%
 3: 25.3%
 2: 95.8%
 1: 95.9%
 -1: 95.3%
 -2: 95.8%
 -3: 95.7%
 -4: 95.8%
 -5: 95.7%
 -6: 95.2%
 -7: 95.8%
 -8: 95.9%
 -9: 95.7%

After analyzing dozen of coaches to try to find some below 30%, I’ll list those that we found.

Etienne Charland: 21.4%, 18.3%, 16.4%, 15.3%, 12.6%, 11.4% 3.4%, 2.6%, 2.1% / 2.4%, 2.5%, 4.6%, 4.8%, 5.3%, 5.6%, 7.2%, 7.9%, 18.5%

Alobar Jones that I’ve been working with lately: 15.3%, 15.6%, 14.2%, 13.6%, 12.1%, 8.4%, 2.7%, 2.1%, 4.8% / 4.2%, 4.6%, 4.3%, 4.7%, 4.8%, 15.3%, 15.8%, 24.3%, 24.8% (he’s actively working on clearing those out as I showed him those layers)

Jason Estes: 95.3%, 95.8%, 95.7%, 95.3%, 95.4%, 25.3%, 14.8%, 25.3%, 14.8% / 25.3%, 25.6%, 25.7%, 28.3%, 25.3%, 25.7%, 25.8%, 25.9%, 25.9% (he’s still standing on one foot… worth keeping an eye on)

Yukia Azorah Sandara: 15.3%, 15.6%, 17.2%, 16.3%, 15.4%, 14.8%, 15.3%, 15.8%, 14.8% / 15.3%, 15.6%, 15.7%, 15.8%, 15.4%, 15.7%, 18.3%, 18.6%, 17.9% (one feminine warrior still standing!)

Juliet Tang: 15.3%, 15.6%, 15.7%, 15.3%, 15.3%, 15.6%, 15.3%, 15.4%, 15.6% / 14.2%, 14.6%, 15.7%, 15.8%, 15.9%, 16.2%, 16.6%, 18.4%, 18.9% (she has the same 15% Luciferian contract as everyone else… Why didn’t she fall like everyone else??)

Kevin Trudeau: 18.4%, 18.6%, 17.2%, 16.3%, 15.4%, 14.2%, 13.5%, 11.6%, 14.2% / 13.5%, 13.66%, 14.7%, 18.4%, 19.5%, 20.3%, 24.3%, 28.4%, 29.7%

Corey Goode: 18.4%, 18.6%, 15.3%, 15.7%, 18.4%, 16.4%, 14.7%, 18.4%, 19.7% / 20.3%, 20.4%, 21.4%, 21.8%, 25.3%, 25.8%, 26.3%, 26.8%, 27.9% (he’s not a coach but really he’s coaching the disclosure community in his own ways)

That’s the end of my list after going through a long list.

I would say that less than 1% will recover within 2 or 3 years. I measure 98% accuracy on that statement. We just have to accept it and move on.

Who is left? I’m here, but can only take very few clients at $30K, and clearing them is really a LOT of work. There’s a very small team of people I work with. There are a few healers doing their own things in a non-commercial way who are still standing strong. But for the most part, whatever support you get will hurt more than it will help you.

I was considering assisting a free training from my previous business mentor, but we came to the conclusion that it wasn’t safe to attend.

Other people shared similar experiences: “Yesterday I went to a free training with a coach I always loved, and for the first time I hated it. I thought I was in the wrong place since moment zero! I wonder if is this.”

Another one: “Absolutely, I’ve just escaped a hideous dark Sophia coach allegedly spiritual, but very much inverted. I hope I have obliterated all the entities she’s sent for me.”

You’ll hear more and more of these stories.

There are coaches who dedicate their businesses to selling Sophia and Thoth attunement.

What does this mean? It means you’re on your own.

This can only lead to a catastrophic collapse of the coaching industry.

The corruption mostly comes through the Luciferian contract of placing “money first and God second, it at all”, that allows you to function within the Luciferian matrix and gain material success. Cutting that contract is a big part of it.

This collapse also comes as we work on raising Hanuman Institute. This may very well be a necessary step before the environment is ready for it. Very heavy lifting!

This also brings the question: what kind of support will this require from the Hanuman Institute? How can I best help you? How can I best help you help others?

I do not have the answers, but the answers will come in time.

For now, the only solution is directly between you and God. Cutting the Luciferian contracts, Sophia contracts and Thoth contracts is an absolute must.

There are times to save others, and there are times to just jump off the boat. Now is the time to jump off the boat 100m from the waterfall.

On a separate topic, it just came to my attention that the Varanasi monks have been vaccinated. This doesn’t seem to affect us much though. They appear to have transmuted 87% of it! They’re the very first ones I’ve seen who managed to have success in this area, and I believe they can transmute 80% of the remaining effects within a few days if they really focus.

If you do need support and can’t rely on coaches, then these monks may be the best option for now. You can join the Varanasi Project here.

I also really have to ask myself what more I can offer you. The industry is collapsing. There is a big vacuum. What will it get filled with?

Etienne Charland, Emergence Guardian
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