I’ve been working 2 years on Dark Sophia. I’m getting tired of working on the same damn thing day in and day out. I think we’re getting near the end.

If you haven’t seen the movie Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness, go see it. It clearly explains what Dark Sophia is, and why we lost so many lightworkers. That movie was way above my expectations. It shows a lot of dark arts including mind-control, timeline-control and many others. The frequency battle at the end is just phenomenal. In particular, Dream Walking is what has been causing us so many problems with my daughter. The dark witch can crawl into the consciousness of all her other fragments during the night, to the point where the line gets very blurry between the Light Sophia and the Dark Sophia.

Except that it talks about parallel timelines but not the actual Multiverse, Ultraverse of Megaverse. Take all the action with the witch, add Thoth and the Ultraverse into it — there you got a real movie! Perhaps they’ll make up for it in the next movie.

Yesterday, we did really huge progress, and that may very well be the nail in the coffin for Dark Sophia. There is still a lot of work to do, so I’m putting the information out there and am calling for all the support.

Dark Sophia is only a very tiny fraction of a very tiny fraction of what it used to be. Still — that very tiny fraction remains very dangerous. What’s feeding her? 80% of all pornography, 83% of LGBTQ+, 83% of all family dramas, 75% of victimhood, 83% of love/unlovable drama, among other things.

She used to feed from the heart with an endless black hole pit, but that seems to be resolved. Lately, she’s feeding from the sexual area. Thus, we need to focus on porn and LGBTQ+. Every time someone connected to those grids has an orgasms, it creates a pocket dimension full of energy. That’s the raw fuel feeding the whole dark realities! The amount of such dimensional pockets has…. 16000 digits. Only 25% cleared so far; not enough to take off a digit.

As we looked for the most difficult part of that, we found Sophia’s core. There were generators taking all those useful energies and feeding it into her core. 16 layers upon layers to refine the energy. Nothing that goes in goes back out, so we had to blast the doors open permanently.

3rd layer was full of the most toxic venom and clouds I had ever seen. I wanted to skip that one but nobody else volunteered to take care of it… so I had to do it without touching it.

2nd layer was full of gunpowder. Each tiny grain has the energy of a sun. With CERN that they tried to activate a few days ago, they tried to open a portal to a pan-galactic demon. I identified 18 such pan-galactic demon. That gun-powder was enough to completely incinerate 6 pan-galactic demons and at least 25 major strongholds without a fight.

1st layer was full of ashes and fumes of pure corruption. It can corrupt absolutely anything. That core seems 80% responsible for all the energetic infections and corruptions we’ve been dealing with? 48% of all Shapeshifters are born here, made of pure corruption ashes. Clearing this will only weaken the shapeshifters by 15% though.

So, we need to finish clearing up what remains of that core, and any means of regeneration, or any hidden pockets, and clear up porn and LGBTQ+ that’s feeding it.

The core wound is “nobody loves me”, and that feeds everything else.

I haven’t been able to work on clients for a long while because I’ve been working on Dark Sophia day in and day out for 2 years; and didn’t have much income either. It’s time to put this to an end and close this chapter.

By looking at the hardest areas, we also got to the darkest timelines. Controlled by me. The exact scene in the movie Doctor Strange. He was the master controlling that reality and all the timelines around it, until yesterday. There’s a timeline control hub that has been secured and put into trusted hands (nobody wanted this job; needed someone with total neutrality). This should help stabilize timelines, particularly the darkest ones.

On a different note, we’ve lost several very valuable lightworkers recently.

Take a look at this video from James Rink of Super Soldier Talk. James had cut me out of his show when the serious drama started 2 years ago and I was warning about shapeshifters. Now, James has been replaced by a shapeshifter a few weeks ago. In fact, that interview is 2 shapeshifters chatting together.

I measure only 35.6% accuracy on the video, distortion 0.5%, cross-distortion 0.3%, cross-cross-distortion 0.02%. That measurement is pretty solid. Measure it yourself.

Core intent of “James Rink”: -75 billion. Core intent of “Ismael Perez”: -195 quintillion. Those number may be too far down for most people to detect or comprehend, and most fall for the polished false light. Core intent of the video: -92 billion.

We also lost another important lightworker in India. She seems to be some kind of zombie now? I don’t know more yet.

For now, let’s finish that Dark Sophia situation, shall we?

As for our army of 15 monks, that’s helping a whole lot. Out of their 5h of daily meditations, we took the peak 1:43 video, and someone made a clip of it on loop at a frequency of 15600+. You’re welcomed to use it!

You’re welcomed to join our group to receive the support from Shiva’s private army (at the Lord Shiva Temple).

Etienne Charland, Emergence Guardian
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