Happy father’s day! Now let’s get down to business. Fatherhood is one of the concepts that has been the most attacked, to dismantle the family nucleus. Marc Dice explains it well here.

For father’s day… how about we meditate on the concept of Fatherhood? For men, bringing the Divine Father into your life, and for women, creating space to attract the Divine Father into their lives.

For the past few days, I’ve been doing very major clearings around LGBTQ+ and Dark Sophia. LGBTQ+ is a breeding pit of Succubus/Incubus demons, I found a Dark Queen deep down the Succubus pit, cleared it, then the monks washed the pit with their water. The pit is completely gone. This massive clearing creates a vacuum.

Fatherhood is the polar opposite of LGBTQ+ and Dark Sophia, and thus, is the perfect angle to restructure the vacuum.

I call for everyone to focus on restoring and cleansing fatherhood, particularly in the USA, Mexico and Europe, during the next few days.

On a separate note, shapeshifters have been very active the past few days. I just found a very impressive shapeshifter stronghold with giant stone golem, mounted black knights, mages and all kinds of other medieval-type units. They were organizing for their next wave of attack.

These were very powerful, I haven’t seen those mounted black knights around here yet. At least 5 of them can handle a small planet like ours on their own. They can turn the entire planet black with a single blast.

I cleared the entire stronghold, and we need to make sure those knights and warlords are completely gone. We may need to track them. They were planning to attack in about 3 days. Now their attack flopped but let’s be pro-active on this one.

One way that shapeshifters attack is by giving you stuff. This pattern happened to several people. They start giving heavily-corrupted stones or jewelry to you and people around you, leaving their stuff in your home, cluttering your space with backdoors. Then they infiltrate and attack once you’re weakened enough. They take the time to plan their attacks.

Following those backdoors led me to that impressive stronghold complex. After posting this update, I’ll do a 2nd round of cleanup. We really can’t let them go away. Those mages are extremely dangerous.

On yet another note, I was assessing the damage so far. Did you enjoy the Journey to the World video series? I’ve been without update from my video designer. He’s inactive from Freelancer website since August, when my support team flipped and we left for that emergency road-trip. He’s been killed in February, unfortunately. He did amazing work and was so young, his work will be remembered.

That’s why I haven’t released all the amazing video footage I got from that roadtrip. I guess it wasn’t time to release those yet.

As for my support team who flipped last year, there’s no sign of recovery for the near future.

Then, I just saw that my mother and sister have been taken out and replaced by shapeshifters. Unfortunately. There really isn’t much I can do here.

The losses are sour, but we’re moving forward stronger than ever. There is still a long road ahead! Let’s start with Fatherhood.

We now have a group of 11 monks meditating 5 hours per day for our group of donors. This is helping tremendously, and with 11 monks meditating together, the energy is getting very strong. I seriously cannot handle the weight of the corruption energies on my own, so if you need some help, donating to those monks is really the best option. I asked them to focus their meditation on Fatherhood for the next 3 days. If you want to join, most people donate anywhere between $50 and $250 per month. $200 pays and feeds one monk for an entire month. The group of monks keeps growing, so we may soon have 15 monks. Canada will be a very difficult project to work on, and if we have enough people in the group from Canada, they’ll focus on lifting the weight of the craziness in Canada while me and others can do tactical strikes. Or I’ll strike with fire while they strike with water.

Etienne Charland, Emergence Guardian
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