We have done very major progress this week. First, here is something that can help you. I recently got randomly contacted by a monk in Varanasi, India. I realized that Varanasi is in pretty good shape! One of the last strongholds of Light on Earth! Southern India is corrupted, Nepal got taken by dark forces, China fell off the cliff, but Varanasi is standing right there. We did some work to solidify and purify the stronghold.

These monks have been helping me a lot and it has made a major difference to stabilize the energies. They did a ritual for me with 5 monks, and again with 11 monks. He offered to do meditations for me every morning by the Ganges sacred river by sunrise. That river vibrates at a frequency of 85 million on the Hawkins scale. That’s dope support.

They can do a meditation and ritual for you too. I can tell you that these Varasani monks are strong, and when doing it in group, it really sends a major burst of Light in your direction. When I send bursts of Light, I go with fire and lightnings and it can cause chaos. They’re right by the Ganges sacred river and send a lot of pure water energy. It’s great to stabilize things.

For all the years that I’ve been doing this work, I know that few people in my mailing list take action even on small things. Out of 2700 subscribers, I expect 20 to take this offer. I gain nothing from it, it costs very little, and it’s literally the best money you can invest in these times.

For $100, 5 monks can do a meditation and ritual for you, and send you the video. It includes buying material for the rituals, donating to the 5 monks, and donating food to the poor. For $200, 10 monks will do the meditation. For $300, 15 monks will do the meditation. For $500, 31 monks will do it. It’s also something you can do weekly.

If interested, contact him via email at satyamtiwari06808@gmail.com or via Facebook as Maharishi Pandit Shyam Bihari.

Now, Varasani is very close to Nepal, and Nepal was in very bad shape. Western part of the country vibrated at -58000, whereas the metropolitan areas vibrated below -25 million.

We did a major offensive on Nepal, and I’m pleased to announce that it was a major success!

Strangely, the dark forces evacuated instead of fighting back, so we had to pursue them.

We’ve cleansed out the entire dark grid that was stuck over Nepal, that was anchored in Antarctica, Chili, Northern China, and the Inner Earth, as well as extensive networks of portals. We pursued the dark forces and eliminated them, collapsing their sub-Universes.

We also explored the corruption in the higher realms, at the source of the Rays of Creation, and saw tons of prisms and deflectors to distort, corrupt and manipulate the rays. We’ve done very major clearing up there. We also saw Thoth’s brother up there, and to my surprise, he melted pretty quick. Total success across the board, at the source of creation itself. I’m very curious to see how it will reflect into the physical reality.

Many areas of Nepal went from a vibration of -millions to a vibration of 800 and above. Most of the monks were not too corrupted, but were trapped in bubbles. They have been freed. Some are badly injured though.

Nepal has armies of monks who can take things from here on.

This is a major victory for anchoring a new grid on the planet.

This operation marks a clear turning point. There is no way that the dark forces can win at this point, it’s only a matter of how fast they leave.

The survival rate of our population still remains the same though, between 15% and 36%. My job is to do everything I can, not to tell God how he should be doing things. So let’s keep focusing on what we can do and let’s move forward together.

Again; if you’re struggling, and even if you’re not, these monks can really help you. It’s a ridiculously good offer when you understand the energetics of it.

Etienne Charland, Emergence Guardian
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