Following our alliance with the monks of Varanasi, from June 16th, we will have 11 monks meditating for our group 5 hours every day of the month. They’re sending all the videos daily to a WhatsApp group. They send very strong stabilizing water energy, and with 11 monks, it will get really potent.

I’ve been getting several questions.

What are the benefits? We’re drowning in corrupt energies and chaos. They help wash away the corruption to open the path forward. They can help with physical and spiritual healing. Just connecting with the Varanasi area, it transfers a lot of the attacks and chaos around you onto their stable area where many thousands of monks meditate. Having the energetic crashes and timeline collisions fall elsewhere where it can be handled is really helpful! In our group, I want mostly people who are aware of what’s happening energetically around them, and who can appreciate some relief in that area.

What is it they can do that I cannot do myself? Even if we’re defeating the dark forces, there are big storms approaching Europe and USA that will escalate for the next few years. War, famine, and God knows what. I can clear attacks and cast Juggernauts, but absorbing a tide-wave like that? It’s just too much for me to handle. Canada is in too bad shape to even touch it. They are in a stable geographic area and are thousands of monks meditating. That is key. These monks can handle the bulk of the waves of chaos, giving me enough space to work my magic.

I also found that their work complements mine very well. I’m good at destroying things and creating with fire and lightning. It tends to create quite a bit of chaos as dark energies collapse. The scarcity unmanifestation method is particularly explosive. They are great at stabilizing with water. Water is strong against fire and weak against metal. They wash away the chaos, but can get stuck on rigid metal energetic structures. I can easily disintegrate those structures, which causes chaotic collapses, which they wash away gracefully. That’s good team-work. They got to realize that helping us isn’t as simple as meditating for a few hours, and I’m glad these guys are up to the challenge! I’m saying this after being stuck for 2 years unable to move forward with the business. It’s damn time to move on to the next chapter.

What deities do they pray to? They are 500 to 1000 monks at the Lord Shiva Temple in Varanasi, so that’s self-explanatory. They also have good knowledge of Vedic astrology, and have a different science than ours. When we’re talking about God and the elements (water, fire, metal), healing the chaos and opening the energetic space, beliefs and religions really don’t matter. Whether you’re Christian, Muslim or Hindu, it all comes down to the same basic elements. They bring themselves at a frequency of 8 million on the Hawkins scale when they meditate, also the energetic chaos can bring that down quite a bit temporarily. Here’s a trick: to bring your healing power to a whole other level, think in terms of infinity. Infinite God, infinite love, infinite water, infinite life, infinite transmutation, infinite protection. When you really tap into that infinity, it doesn’t matter whether you face 5 demons, 5 billion demons or 5000 entire Universes. Lord Shiva that they pray to is only there to facilitate that connection, but they’re the ones doing the work.

Why do monks charge money to meditate? They need to eat too. Let’s do the math. $2200 for 11 monks. 5 hours of meditation per day, let’s say 2 meals. That’s 22 meals per day, and 660 meals per month. Just counting meals alone, that leaves $3.33 per meal. They purchase materials for the rituals, donate to the poor, donate to the temple, plus transaction fees. The more we donate, the more monks they add, so they do not get anything more. I think that this is more than reasonable. In an area that knows a lot of poverty. The money will be a huge stabilizing factor for their environment.

What are people saying about it so far? “Love it, and give me more peace and back into meditating daily.” I’ve heard nothing but great comments so far, and it’s only getting started. We’ve been adding more monks, the effect will compound over time, and this week they’ve been focusing a lot on issues of mine. Once my personal problems are stabilized, and they’re improving greatly, they’ll be focusing more on the rest of the group.

If you want to be part of our group contact Maharishi Pandit Shyam Bihari on Facebook or by email at to donate whatever you want. Most people donate between $50 and $250 per month; and donate more once they see the results.

Since you’ve read this far, here’s a gift for you. Law of Polarity. Normally I’d give this trick only to clients, but it’s simple to do and everyone needs it badly. Look in your energy field, how many “problems” are there? A problem is just one side of a coin. The Law of Polarity states that for a problem to exist, the solution must also exist, and it’s the other side of the same coin. Visualize all your problems as coins, and flip them. The other side may appear dark with a question mark. That’s OK. Flip all the problem coins so that all the question marks are facing towards you, so that you can only look at solutions. As you look at them, they will start to clear up. You can visualize the violet flame on the coins to accelerate the revealing process.

This insight came after praying “God, if you want me to be your humble servant, you must provide me what I need to move forward.”

Etienne Charland, Emergence Guardian
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