I wanted to wait a bit longer before getting back to the topic of Isagenix due to the intense energetic backlash that followed; but they’re 15% OFF right now from August 11 to 15 (due to a live event happening now).

I spoke about Isagenix already here and here as a solution to food problems; and also as a potential solution to the incoming food crisis.

The Isagenix prorducts have an energetic vibration between 8000 and 12000. It’s hard to explain why it is so high! This plant-based product vibrates at 25000! 

Here’s the feedback so far: “I am loving the isagenix products, first they actually taste good to me unlike most shakes. The extra minerals give me more energy (not like life changing cuz I was doing OK, but a noticeable difference). Don’t need to eat as much and digestion is better. I’m gonna do the body challenge they have and see how ripped I can get!”

I had the exact same experience myself. Others have also stated that it tastes much better than other products they tried in the past.

Now, in regards to all the emotional baggage that got thrown back. I know that many of you got burnt by MLM companies in the past. Let me make this clear:

If you get into a company to try to make money, instead of to get a product that you really want, then you’re getting off the wrong foot.

You should only ever refer a product or service IF AND ONLY IF you would personally use and purchase the product yourself regardless.

When it comes to affiliate marketing, it is typical to get 10% to 50% of sales as commissions. There are products that give much better affiliate rewards than Isogenix. But guess what?

I have never made any recommendation of product or service based on their reward.

If I recommend something, it’s because it can genuinely help you. How much money did I make by promoting the monks in Varanasi? Absolutely nothing. That’s not the point.

To be clear, the only way I will get any rewards whatsoever is if many people genuinely see enough benefits to purchase month after month — I only win if you win.

I spent a lot of time reviewing a whole list of nutritional products over Facebook. The conclusion is that the majority of products are either harmful, not really useful, or energetically infected. We found very few products that passed the test, and nothing that compared to Isagenix. We did fine some individual products that were just as good as some Isagenix products, but not a complete range of products.

In terms of pricing, all the other products I reviewed were in the same price range as Isagenix, often a bit higher.

I will also offer you this for free: I can muscle-test which Isagenix products your body needs the most (or for your family), or validate other products that you take. Contact me on Facebook if you’d like a free assessment. I did several such assessments, and indeed, in some cases it’s very good to verify! There are cases of food intolerence to certain products, or that certain products must be used together.

There was an issue that was raised by Hock Yeoh in regards to the long-term effect on the liver. Isagenix recommends adding a spoon of Cleanse for Life to each shake. If you just do that, the liver is 85% fine. If you do the weekly cleansing day as they recommend, your liver is 95%+ fine. Isagenix is a complete system. Just keep in mind that there’s a reason for the cleansing that they recommend.

I think that the issue is in regards to high-density nutrients that can cause heating of the liver. It needs to be cooled down and cleansed. All high-density nutritional products have that issue; perhaps only Isagenix recommends a solution for it. If you look at the ingredients of CFL: turmeric, licorice root, bilberry, Super plant botanicals including peppermint and aloe vera, vitamins and plant-derived trace minerals. It’s all good stuff to increase your natural vitality.

For most people, here are the products I personally recommend.

IsaLean Shakes
Plant-based shakes (unavailable in Mexico…)
Cleanse for Life
Shaker bottle (or this sample pack)

IsaLean Pro Shakes (if you do fitness)
Collagen Bone Broth (or IsaGlow marine collagen in Mexico-only)
Collagen Elixir (apparently sells a lot, for skin regeneration)
IsaFlush (cleansing)
Ionix Supreme (anti-stress)

– Various snacks for cleansing days

About Xango Juice (mangosteen). I haven’t tried this product yet due to the elevated price, but when I had dengue fever in Thailand (after coming back from Laos), eating fresh mangosteen was the ONLY thing that would make me feel better!

Overall, all their products are excellent, I haven’t seen any that weren’t great. Their products are limited in Mexico and you got a lot more choices in Canada, United States and Europe.

Finally, do take a look at their various starter packs such as this. (The affiliate rewards are a lot better when purchasing packs, but I’m not recommending it for this.)

I think I’ve gone around the topic.

Enjoy 15% OFF until August 15th here.

You can contact me on Facebook to get a free assessment on what products your body needs.


On a separate topic, forwarding a message from my friend Hock Yeoh.

Discovered something very important while discussing about nutrition with Etienne Charland. I suggested that Vit B Complex injection be given to a case of concern because the injection has the B12 and another component that is not available in B co tabs. Then he tested and said it is only 12 % safe. What?? I can’t believe it, so I checked and he is correct. And I found out that lately, in the recent timespan of a year at most, big Pharma had added stuff that are detrimental to human health in these BComplex vials. So we are warning not to take the Vit B complex inj- of any brand.

Etienne Charland, Emergence Guardian
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