When I asked who had problems with food, at least a dozen people immediately responded. But when I posted a solution? The response has been… weird. Non-existent in fact. I did major clearings around money consciousness for the whole group around me and on everything that got triggered.

The majority of people who get into Isagenix go with goals of losing weight, building muscles, and looking healthier and younger. Their most popular products are the meal-replacement shakes, and apparently their collagen products are also very popular to make the skin look younger. I can confirm that their products are excellent and are what they claim to be. You can try them out here.

Tuning energetically, the first response I sense is dislike for network marketing. Why support the old paradigm of sending all the marketing money to Facebook, Google, centralized media, and Amazon? We’ll eventually need to move past that paradigm, and there really is nothing wrong with giving that money to individuals instead of large corporations. Through the advertising money that they save, it also allows them to provide more value for the dollar. If the product is good, there is really no disadvantage to purchasing it from a network company instead of from Amazon.

Almost the only feedback I heard back was “I’m already taking supplements” or “I’m already taking meal-replacement protein shakes”. Supplements are great (some of them), but do not replace meals, nor provide a balance of all the nutrients you need.

There are some who make healthy shakes with all their supplements in it. That’s very healthy. It does take time to make. Do you take the time to do that 3 times per day? Even if you do, it supplements certain vitamins and minerals, but not all, and not necessarily in the ideal proportions. Isagenix shakes are like 16-in-1 supplements that can save a lot of time. There is value in having a greater range of supplements, proportioned to what your body need, without having to mix everything manually.

Additionally, a lot of people who do healthy shakes have the problem that the healthy food that they mix are energetically infected. We’ve been having that problem for 2 years now. That’s one big problem: healthy food is more targeted by the energetic infections.

As for protein shakes, these are not meal replacements. These are training supplements to build muscles. Isagenix has their own brand of protein shakes, and that’s something else. You can supplement meals with it, but not replace meals. In fact, if you take too much proteins, it turns into body fat.

Losing weight, building muscles, recovering your health and having your skin look younger are good enough to try Isagenix products. For me, it’s about having increased mind clarity.

If not, here’s another point I want to bring to your attention. There’s a big food crisis coming. Millions of tons of food are lost in Ukraine, most of the world’s fertilizers come from Ukraine and Russia, and tons of large farms in the US mysteriously burnt. Amazon just stopped selling bags for long-term food storage.

Food prices have already sky-rocketed in the countries south of Ukraine, prices have already increased a lot in the USA, but the worst is yet to come. Sure, you can pack canned food in your basement to prepare, but how about having a reserve of healthy meal shakes? You do 21 full healthy heals with one bag or 840g. It can preserve for over a year. Having a reserve may not be a bad idea at all.

Then the big question on many people’s mind is money. If you subtract the cost of food and/or restaurants that it replaces, how much does it really cost you? It won’t be as much as you think. Poor people think “why I can’t”. The average class thinks “how can I make it happen?” The rich class thinks “how can I make it pay me instead of paying for it?”

There is also the option of making the product pay you instead of paying for it. Less than 1 person in 10 manages to pull that out; but all it takes is a decision. You have to decide to be in the 5% to gets paid for it instead of paying for it (just like pro sport players get paid for playing instead of paying for it). My wife got into Mary Kay cosmetics and although she’s having a hard time to get things done most of the days like me, she’s doing very well because she made that decision, ranking first or second in her team.

The first product I recommend is IsaShakes to replace meals. Their cleansing/vitalizing powder to add into it is also really good, which they also use for the cleansing days. Lots of other products are also very interesting. Some people build their entire affiliate businesses just selling collagen products, so these must be good too.

>> Try out Isagenix here

So far, I have not seen a single argument against Isagenix — nor have I heard much feedback at all. There is really nothing to lose.

If you have doubts of questions, I really want to hear feedback from you.

Etienne Charland, Emergence Guardian
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