Lately, did you have problems eating correctly? I asked the question on Facebook and tons of people said YES. I may have a solution.

First, what are the issues with eating? The main problem is energetic infections in the food. If you eat food that is energetically infected, at best it gives you a big headache, at worst it corrupts you or throws you into bad timelines. A lot of people will simply not feel like eating energetically unstable food.

For some reason, healthy food is often more infected than junk food, so for the past 2 years, we very often could only eat pepperoni pizza, 4-cheese pizza, Burger King or KFC. For a long time, we could not eat anything at home and had to eat junk food from outside restaurants. This got very expensive over time.

Many people suffer variations of those problems that they’ll describe in their own ways; some have been eating too much burgers and junk food instead of their healthy diet. Some have a hard time controlling quantities and eat too much. Some have been literally 3 days straight without eating anything at all. For my daughter, she barely eats anything at all, and if she eats, it’s nothing nutritious, and this has been going on for 2 years.

Adding to that, our food supply is more poisoned than ever. Not only physically but also energetically.

If you had issues with food — what’s the solution? Drum-roll…… Isagenix!

Isagenix are powder shakes that are extremely nutritious and healthy. There are various brands of such products, HerbaLife being very popular, and many of them are in fact bad for health. I believe Herbalife contains L-Carnitine to liberate fats, but also clogs your natural ability to generate it. You lose weight as long as you take it, but as soon as you stop, you may gain weight for the very first time in your life like it happened to me! Someone else warned me that the same happened to her son. Isagenix, on the other hand, is very healthy. It makes my mind sharper and I’m better able to function.

Someone enrolled me into it 5 years ago and I loved it, but then dropped it. 5 years later, with all the food problems, the idea came back to my mind and I got back into it. And guess what? It’s energetically clean! My daughter loves it and can take it everyday. It’s at least 75% of all her nutrients.

We also really got tired of always wondering what to eat over and over again. Breakfast is generally fine; then we replace one meal, and there’s just one meal per day to figure out. It saves us a lot of time, it saves us money, my daughter is finally eating something, and it’s giving a chance for our health to improve. This Isagenix meal is cheaper than any restaurant.

It solves a few other problems. Food prices are soaring right now and will continue to sour. This makes a very affordable alternative!

There’s also some serious economic turmoil coming. I would recommend you to prepare a plan B for income (if not a plan A). I’ve been unable to work on my business for 2 years for being saturated with energies to transmute, and only being able to work on my family and very few high-end clients. What will you do if your main income source disappears?

Isagenix also provides an opportunity to generate a new income stream, without requiring much time so that you can keep doing what you’re doing. I definitely could benefit myself from that extra income stream that doesn’t rely on my ability to work.

If Isagenix is working so great, why did I wait before sharing the solution to the food problems? I wanted to really test it for myself and my family, and see whether it would remain energetically stable. It’s been great for two weeks now. Also, I wanted to clarify how the affiliate system works and get my account in order. I had to cancel my Mexican account, re-open an account in Canada while purchasing the cheapest product, purchase an affiliate account for $29, purchase an international sponsorship for $49 to be able to get international referrals and to be able to purchase from Mexico. I just got my affiliate account up, running and active. The only drawback with the affiliate account is that it requires purchasing around $200 worth of products every single month to remain active; but it can save you more than that in food.

Isagenix is available in Canada, USA, Mexico, Puerto Rico, all of Europe, Japan and Australia. If you want it in another country, one option is to use a forwarding service like MyUS that gives you a US address and forwards your packages internationally. If I travel to Thailand and want to maintain the affiliate account active to receive commissions, I may have to use that.

> Use this link to sign up to Isagenix

One person in my up-line has been in the business for 20 years and created a website with lots of information about the products and the revenue-generating business: If you have questions about the products or the business, he’s a very good person to ask. You can contact him directly on Facebook: Philip Sasso.

This is not something I want to push, but if healthy food has been a problem for you, you might want to look into it. I think a lot of people will love it like I do, and it should solve a lot of problems. One more problem is that due to lack of healthy food and lack of sleep, demons feed from that and get a deeper grip. Finding something healthy to eat breaks that cycle and weakens the demons. I found it to weaken the food energetic infections overall! There are many days where our only two options are going out to grab a pizza, or making a quick shake; and the healthy shake is the cheaper option.

If a dozen people love the product for their personal usage, and just 3 people decide to take it as a business to generate income, this can generate a pretty decent income considering that these are products that you consume every single month. I know it will be a lot more than that, and thus I decided to create the affiliate account for myself.

So what do you think? Is this the solution for you?

> Use this link to try it out!

Etienne Charland, Emergence Guardian
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