We’ve got huge successes to celebrate! As a celebration, I’m giving 60% OFF the Powerliminals Pack until August 17th. More on that at the end.

We identified the source of a lot of pending problems. It is one of the last AI strongholds led by Kosol Ouch: UniMatrix (self-proclaimed arch-mage of the Omniverse). We launched yet another offensive on UniMatrix, tried to disintegrate and hack it. Status report: 0% damage!! Completely bullet-proof with unlimited ability to regenerate through timeline loops and manipulations.

We launched a 2nd wave of attacks, and the Omniverse Dragons started chasing after Kosol Ouch who then got arrested. Status report: UniMatrix 97.5% functional. Not bullet-proof anymore.

We launched a 3rd round, and I vowed to purchased them down to the end of times. Our leverage: they’re not part of the future, it doesn’t belong to them. I asked every counsel across the Omniverse to get involved. It burnt down to the ground. UniMatrix status: 0%.

Kosol Ouch seems to be part of an aliens group called Aliyankendavores who are masters of the AIs. I’m not sure what remains of them, need to do further analysis.

I’m still unsure what are the effects of this takedown. I’m looking at the Saturn/Macca Black Cubes and the network is disintegrating. At least parts of it.

I’m not seeing changes in regards to jabbed people, but I got the feeling that it’s depleting remaining fuel and that there may be a big collapse in 3 days. We’ll see. I can’t see past it.

Sophia says that there might be a bigger threat, not AI, that hasn’t yet been identified.

On top of that, it came to my attention that my daughter Sophia got switched with a corrupted one about a year ago, shortly after my support team flipped, right after we dealt with the astral pit situation. It has been a very difficult year indeed! I found her soul back, extracted the corrupt one, and we proceeded to a walk-in of her original soul fragment. The walk-in seems to be a success, although there will be a period of adaptation.

As for our new hellhound dog, he’s been difficult to handle, but he’s eaten thousands of demons. We really haven’t had much problems with roaming spirits and shapeshifters since the dogs are here.

I really could take a little break.

Now, to celebrate, the Powerliminals Pack is 60% OFF for the week until August 17th!

Powerliminals are nearly-silent audios with very high frequencies that you can play on loop in the background to transmute and raise the energy of your house. They have been playing on my computer 24/7 for years, and are one of my secret weapons.

Furthermore, with the Powerliminals Player that I re-released recently for Windows, Linux and MacOS, you can stack 20 or 30 audios at the same time at various speeds, stacking up the energies! With this software, it will take very little CPU so you can leave it in the background 24/7.

The majority of grounding/healing videos have problems of energetic infections so we have to be very careful. My powerliminals currently have less than 1% infections. Some remain slightly unstable, and it can vary day by day, but for the most part, they’re very stable and can definitely be added to your safe toolkit.

And if you know me, I never do promotions or discount my products. The Powerliminals Pack has always been sold for $197, and for the very first time, you can get it for just $77, including the software.

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Etienne Charland, Soul Foundation Architect
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