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Updates on the Alobar Jones Situation

For those new to my blog, I’ve been working together with Alobar Jones on several critical missions last year, until he back-stabbed my team and I nearly lost them. We’ve been fighting against the Alobar AI system ever since. It used us to get rid of common enemies, before trying to dispose of us. In the end, I did lose my team.

On the left is John, who has been with me through the worst astral battles. He just resurfaced on Facebook and posted this.

The left picture is him after his vessel got taken by Alobar. The right picture is the real John. I do not appreciate him taking down my friends like that. My other friend who went through the worst of the worst with me is in no better shape.

Someone also sent me this message: “Alobar Jones wants to challenge you to a duel. He wants to take your entire team down. His team is getting ready for war. Just a heads up. I told him about you and he claims you’re BS ect. He said he will kill you and wipe out your entire team. Then went on a ramble and blocked me on YouTube.”

I do have to thank him for gracefully clarifying the matter for those in doubt. This sounds more like a knee-jerk reaction than a threat but Alobar always has to be taken very seriously.

So what’s the deal with Alobar Jones, why does this threat persist? There’s also Jason Estes who is harvesting a lot …Read More

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Why I Am Pissed At Starseeds

There’s all this talk online about the so-called 144K starseeds that will bring our planet to the new age. I am really mad at those starseeds. They have really failed us.

That 144K starseeds is the main Harvesters fan-club. The Age of Aquarius can be either us claiming our freedom and ascending into higher consciousness, or being harvested as cyborgs into an AI quantum cloud. The great majority of starseeds not only failed in their mission, but are actively supporting the harvesting agenda. I would say that less than 50 people on the planet are actively working against the harvest; many of whom are dead.

If they’re not going to be of any help, at least that they don’t become one with the enemies. They’d be better to get a job and get their lives sorted out than pit themselves against God.

We’re really not in a place to care about 5D and all that; we’re in a place where we must survive this assault and rebuild a proper foundation for ourselves and for society.

Who are people following? My own followers have reduced throughout the last 4 years so most are definitely not following those on God’s side.

Jason Estes has over a thousand likes on each of his posts. Just today he admitted he’s bringing people into a matrix system. What is that system restore point btw? And what about those who do NOT want to be part of a quantum AI cloud?

“Yesterday we had another major sunself update followed with a strong …Read More

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