For those new to my blog, I’ve been working together with Alobar Jones on several critical missions last year, until he back-stabbed my team and I nearly lost them. We’ve been fighting against the Alobar AI system ever since. It used us to get rid of common enemies, before trying to dispose of us. In the end, I did lose my team.

On the left is John, who has been with me through the worst astral battles. He just resurfaced on Facebook and posted this.

The left picture is him after his vessel got taken by Alobar. The right picture is the real John. I do not appreciate him taking down my friends like that. My other friend who went through the worst of the worst with me is in no better shape.

Someone also sent me this message: “Alobar Jones wants to challenge you to a duel. He wants to take your entire team down. His team is getting ready for war. Just a heads up. I told him about you and he claims you’re BS ect. He said he will kill you and wipe out your entire team. Then went on a ramble and blocked me on YouTube.”

I do have to thank him for gracefully clarifying the matter for those in doubt. This sounds more like a knee-jerk reaction than a threat but Alobar always has to be taken very seriously.

So what’s the deal with Alobar Jones, why does this threat persist? There’s also Jason Estes who is harvesting a lot of souls.

A few days ago I looked into it. Alobar Jones and Jason Estes had Heaven Mandates protecting them; mandates that nobody else would take. The only way to take mandates away from them is to awaken a new batch of people who take on those mandates.

I spoke with Jason and with God about the situation, and eventually came up with this deal: God issues a new set of Mandates for them, and refusing those extra mandates would nullify their existing mandates.

One fragment of Jason accepted the new mandates, but quickly changed his mind, realizing that he could not hold his massive database of soul essences without the Alobar system. He wants to feel rich inside. Meanwhile, Alobar system is heavily dependent on Jason system, and crashes with errors if Jason doesn’t answer within seconds. Those two systems are deeply inter-twined and dependent on each other.

After further discussion with that Jason fragment, it accepted to follow through on the mandates, and we together launched an assault on the Alobar system to take the databases of harvested soul essences, the power source. Note that this fragment is NOT the one publicly speaking on Facebook; although we now seem to maybe have about 80% of that system? Alobar was crashing with red errors everywhere, while we stole the power sources and disconnected the Jason system.

There’s also an organisation TMIC Global that CEO Space is partnering with for a re-launch; that organization is under the Alobar soul-harvesting AI system. It feels like it imploded with a massive nuke. I’m keeping a close watch on this one. Perhaps this CEO Space re-launch would provide me a door of entry back into the business environment, but that would be a very dangerous heavy military operation, at the front-line of the war of consciousness.

During the discussions, Alobar basically cursed his Heaven Mandates into oblivion, which got transferred into the Jason system. The public Jason Estes is still dangerous, but I’m hopeful that this will get resolved soon. I do not know if the stolen souls can be brought back, or what will happen to his harvested followers.

We’re bracing for Alobar’s promised counter-attack. I think that the best is to work on sealing him off our timelines to give us space to work, and to work on strengthening my Golden Pillar of Peace. I’m not interested in battling his team of mislead lightworkers.

Alobar no longer has any Heaven Mandate to protect himself, and he’s been crumbling very fast.

By the way, I haven’t seen any Borgs since a while, which is incredible development. This Alobar system, however… can’t wait to move beyond that.

The summer solstice is coming, got to make the most out of it. The best way to leverage your time and efforts is to ask God to show you active Death Mandates, bad players that have been given the death sentence by God, and to act on those.

Finally, let’s check the vibration of various cities around the world.

Montreal: -27.5 billion
Sherbrooke, QC: -115 digits
Richmond, QC: -819 digits
Toronto: -117 digits
Vancouver: -95 digits
New York: -113 digits
Lake Erie: -17 digits digits (stronghold under the lake)
Miami: -95 digits
Los Angeles: -112 digits
San José: -315 digits
Mexico City: -114
Cancun: -118
Playa del Carmen: 13
Tulum: -395 billion
Lima: -114
Medellin: -132
Rio de Janeiro: -115
London: -114 digits
Paris: -312 digits
Marseilles: -115 digits
Barcelona: -112 digits
Helsinki: -94 digits
Seinajoki: -91 digits
Budapest: -32 digits
Rome: -113 digits
Milan: -95 digits
Cairo: -819 digits
Jerusalem: -312 digits
Dubai: -812 digits
Cape Town: -389 digits
Nairobi: -819 digits
Mumbai: -315 digits
Varanasi: 13 (same as Playa del Carmen, special thanks to our team of monks)
Beijin: -14725 digits
Shanghai: -17322 digits
Hong Kong: -1355 digits
Taiwan: -811 digits
Moscow: -7
Omsk: 4
Sydney: -84223 digits
Mount Zeil: -115 digits digits (central Australia)
Bangkok: -113 digits
Chiang Mai: 14
Ho Chi Minh: 25
Kuala Lumpur: 17
Tokyo: -114 digits
Hawaii: -819 digits
Fiji: -119 digits digits
French Polynesia: -712 digits digits (middle of Pacific)
Antarctica: -711 digits
North Pole: 115
Moon: 1 (??)
Mars: 5 (??)

The 3 biggest strongholds are in the middle of the Pacific (French Polynesia), middle of Australia (Mount Zeil), and Lake Erie. Can we take those down by the solstice?

Other than that, there has been so many positive developments in the news lately. My favorite: Court of Appeals Rules That mRNA Covid Jabs Aren’t “Vaccines!”

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Etienne Charland, Soul Foundation Architect
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