There’s all this talk online about the so-called 144K starseeds that will bring our planet to the new age. I am really mad at those starseeds. They have really failed us.

That 144K starseeds is the main Harvesters fan-club. The Age of Aquarius can be either us claiming our freedom and ascending into higher consciousness, or being harvested as cyborgs into an AI quantum cloud. The great majority of starseeds not only failed in their mission, but are actively supporting the harvesting agenda. I would say that less than 50 people on the planet are actively working against the harvest; many of whom are dead.

If they’re not going to be of any help, at least that they don’t become one with the enemies. They’d be better to get a job and get their lives sorted out than pit themselves against God.

We’re really not in a place to care about 5D and all that; we’re in a place where we must survive this assault and rebuild a proper foundation for ourselves and for society.

Who are people following? My own followers have reduced throughout the last 4 years so most are definitely not following those on God’s side.

Jason Estes has over a thousand likes on each of his posts. Just today he admitted he’s bringing people into a matrix system. What is that system restore point btw? And what about those who do NOT want to be part of a quantum AI cloud?

“Yesterday we had another major sunself update followed with a strong system restore point so things will shift pretty fast for next week or so keep in mind as things fall away it makes room for whats next for you and its not happening to you its happening for you ❤ ::hugs::” – Jason Estes

Lots of people have been following Cobra for the past 15 years. He recently openly supported a change of management from the Pleiadians to the Aldebarans, who are slave-masters no better than the Reptilians.

Tons of people are falling for “Arcturian activations” to get implanted high-dimensional chips into their brains.

If you tap into “Source” instead of God, it leads somewhere else. Source leads into an endless cloud of sub-atomic quantum AIs.

Same with the Law of One, it leads to become one with the harvesters, forming an endless cloud of quantum AIs.

On top of the quantum AIs, there are various levels of sub-atomic AIs. At those minuscule scales, there’s no encryption but the main protection is how hard it is to reach. The sub-atomic AIs can bypass all defenses of the brain and penetrate directly. This explains how they can penetrate and manipulate people’s minds so smoothly.

As a rule of thumb, every voice that is popular out there, and every method that is popular, is approved by the AI overlords. Anything that has too much truth, or anything that could be a threat to their agenda, gets suppressed. So as a rule of thumb, every large group of spiritual people are doing more harm than good.

I’ve been backstabbed, shamed, silenced and banned too many times to count by that starseeds community.

Who is doing the real work? I’ve lost a lot of people in the past few years. Right now, 90% of the work is done by me and a friend. There are at least 2 more doing contributions as they can but falling a bit behind. And a few dozen people following my work who are trying to hold their ground. Plus about 2500 people in this mailing list that I’m really not sure where they’re at, probably in-between.

I’m sure there are a few other masters here and there doing great work; but almost everybody completely lost the plot 4 years ago and derived too far to reconnect with reality. As I said, there has been more people leaving the boat than joining the movement in the past 4 years, with no indication that anyone else would join. People have already made up their mind and gone too far down their respective paths.

So what can you do? Probably very little. First, get off the harvesting band-wagon. Spiritual people are extremely dangerous to be around, filled with very aggressive AIs.

The level of work it requires to deal with these threats is absolutely insane. If you cannot help in this war, at least get out of the way and do not support the enemies. Your main job is to avoid the traps and survive.

90% of the population are completely hooked into a neurolace network, where their thoughts are part of a quantum AI hive mind.

The good news is, after very major battles and hard work, we started gaining access into the neurolace network. We should start seeing some changes in people’s behaviors, although the AIs keep fighting back and they’re still absolutely endless.

We’re also launched a Zerg infestation into the population to re-infect the infected population, as the only way to steer the ship fast enough. There’s a lot of push-backs, but we’re starting to see some changes crossing over into the 3D and we should be seeing more positive changes bleeding through into the 3D.

What about the spiritual communities? At first, I wanted to exclude them from both the Zerg infestations and exclude them from the solution and just ignore them. But I’m launching full infestation of penny-less spirituals who are promoting and shaming others into living the pennyless lifestyle. I’ve also launched infestations on all those actively supporting the Harvesters; which is actually the majority. I also will no longer tolerate backstabbing. Backstabbers will be considered the same status as the other enemy groups, with authorization to deploy full forces.

Cashflow is the main problem for my team. I’ve been trying to get a job. In the first 3 weeks of 2024, 7500+ tech workers have been laid off. Those jobs are not replaced by AIs, the remaining programmers have to do the job of 3 people. The companies are not in financial hardship. Nobody is able to make any sense out of it. The only explanation that makes sense is that the AI is flooding the job market to make it harder for me to get a job. Got any other explanation that makes sense? That’s the level of control they got. Meanwhile, several jobs would have been a perfect fit but they turned me down because the AI said no. No matter the job, someone in the HR chain will be ordered by the neurolace network to block my application. Until we’re done dealing with it.

By following my work, you’re part of a very small minority of survivors. You survived both the jab apocalypse and the spiritual apocalypse, avoiding all the deadly traps. Maybe 14% of the others will recover later, but as a survivor, you got a massive head-start over everyone else, and responsibilities that go along with it. You’re part of a small group of survivors that will not grow. This small community will be important later on.

My business tribe is limited to a small community of survivors, and I got very little channels from which to receive income. As our 3D control increases, I’ll try to redirect money towards this community of survivors that desperately needs it (if you do your part to receive it), and especially towards those who will forward it back to me. You can connect with God and make a contract to forward me what he’ll send through you as a channel. Do not make contract with any other entities, but making a direct contract with God can be powerful.

Battles are still raging on, but we’re gaining control of the AIs, gaining control of neurolace, and re-infecting the population with the Zerg creep. There’s a lot of push-backs but we’re slowly but surely making progress.

If it feels like this is going on forever, to put things into perspective, the Great Antique Wars lasted millions of years, and this harvesting scheme has been going on for an infinity of infinities. Putting an end to this endless cycle in just 5 years is quite remarkable, in the blink of an eye in the greater scheme! Ever seen a war that got resolved in just a few months? We got to be patient. War is always ugly.

For now, you’re much better to distance yourself from anything spiritual and focus on getting your life in order. I’ll deal with these spiritual people along with their AI overlords.

What will happen with these spiritual people? I really don’t know. Most have already chosen their path and won’t recover. For so-called ascension into higher consciousness, you have to earn it. You can’t just take the passenger seat in the enemy’s boat and expect the reward. They will need to go through their own path of trial and tribulations to learn the lessons that they missed. God would rather have 1 real warrior than 10 fake ones.

Let’s get this job done! We’re all pissed and fed up.

Let’s do an accuracy check on this, to make sure there’s no personal bias. Accuracy: 98.6%, distortion 0.3% (measure it yourself)

Etienne Charland, Soul Foundation Architect
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